Can You Retrain Your Brain to Attract Anything You Desire?

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If you believe that in giving thought to what you want you will attract anything you desire, wouldn't you retrain your brain to create your reality?

Over the years, I have been applying methods and techniques I have been learning through books on personals growth. I have attended workshops and webinars, and they all have been of great value and inspirational. 

I thought I had mastered all my limitations until I started my online education. I was committed to making a difference in the quality of my life and a strong desire to give value to others. However, after a short time, I kept sabotaging my efforts by making excuses on why I couldn't do what I said I wanted to do. 

Nevertheless, I promised myself to stop making excuses and to find a way to do what I wanted to do. The 'why' was very strong, so I went ahead, and in searching, I discovered Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself book by Dr Joe Dispenza. 

I had all the information, thanks to the personal growth books and workshops, but I wasn't quite sure what to do to overcome my limitations. The book is giving a clear explanation of how anyone can create a life of new joyful experiences. 

As there is a process to follow, I am writing several blogs, based on his book. I will often refer to Dr Dispenza's comments and passages with the intention to consolidate all the necessary steps to move forward to creating a new state of being.

In my previous blog, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Book Review, Dr Dispenza says that if we want to change some aspects of our reality, we have to think, feel, and act in new ways. We have to 'be' different in terms of our responses to experiences.

To observe a new outcome with a fresh mind, we have to create a new state of mind, we have to 'become' someone else. But how?

To Change - Be Greater Than Your Environment, Your Body, and Time

You will learn, in this blog, how you can overcome your environment, and lay some groundwork for the two blogs that follow — your Body and Time.

During our lives, we have been growing accustomed to living in a routinely way, thinking and feeling the same way. To change we need to overcome our environment.

Your brain, according to neuroscience is organised to reflect everything you know in your life. Your mind is a record of your environment.

To break the non-supportive habits, you have to think more elevated than the circumstances of your life, release those feelings of resistance you have memorised in your body, and live in a new line of time. The concepts and techniques that Dr Dispenza suggests will help us to attain greatness in our own lives, once we master them.

Our Memories Make Up Our Internal Environment

Have you ever thought of how you acquire the habits of thinking and feelings over and over in the same way?

Dr Dispenza tells us that our brain is organised to reflect everything we know in our environment. All the information we have been exposed to throughout our lives, in the form of knowledge and experiences, is stored in the brain's synaptic connections.

Hence, all of our personal experiences with people and things at specific times and places are literally reflected within the networks of neurons(nerve cells) that make up our brains. That is our external environment.

When you think from your memories, you can only create past experiences, your brain think and feel in familiar ways, and since your mind is equal to your environment, your senses plug you into the same reality and initiate the same stream of consciousness.

The quantum world shows that the environment is an extension of your mind (and that the mind and matter are one), then as long as your mind remains the same, your life will stay in the same existing condition.

We can't expect something different if we think the same thoughts, perform the same actions and experience the same emotions every single day.


Your Brain is Hardwired to Match the Usual Conditions

Every time you respond to your familiar reality by re-creating the same mind (that is, turning on the same nerve cells to make the brain work in the same way), you 'hardwire' your brain to match the usual conditions in your personal reality, be they good or bad.

If you repeatedly activate the same nerve cells, then each time they turn on, it will be easier for them to fire in unison again. Eventually, those neurons will develop a long-term relationship.

The more you fire the same circuits by reacting to your external life, the more you will wire your brain to be equal to your world. In time, you will begin to think 'in the same box,' because your mind will fire a finite set of circuits that create a particular mental signature. This signature is called your personality.

You have formed the habit of being yourself by becoming, in a sense, enslaved to your environment. You have allowed yourself to give up control of your destiny.

We Must Change The Way We Think and Feel

How we think, feel and behave is, in essence, our personality. The quantum model of reality tells us that to change our lives; we must change the ways we think, act and feel.

We must be higher than our environment and our present circumstances if we want to change.

Is it Possible to think Greater than your Present Reality?

Dr Dispenza reminds us that many history books are filled with names of people who had a concept in his or her mind of a future reality that existed as a potential in the quantum field.

People like, Martin Luther King, Jr, William Wallace, Marie Curie, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Edison, Joan of Arc had a common thread, they all had a dream, vision, or objective that was much larger than they were and began to live as if those dreams were already happening.

Those great individuals in history were decisively committed to a future destiny without any need for immediate feedback. Their minds were ahead of their present environment because their environment no longer controlled their thinking. They had a clear vision of exactly what they wanted to happen.

The events that they were embracing were completely unrealistic, and so were their dreams. For the ignorant and the cynical might have been a nonsense. It existed in a reality beyond the senses.

Can you, too, Change Who You Are by Thought Alone?

Neuroscience has proven that we can change our brains - and therefore our behaviours, attitudes, and beliefs - just by thinking differently (without changing anything in our environment)

Through mental rehearsal (repeatedly imagining performing an action), the circuits in the brain can reorganise themselves to reflect our objectives.

We can make our thoughts so real that the brain will match as if the event has already become a reality.

There are four elements to change our brains

In Evolve Your Brain book by Dr Joe Dispenza, he talks about a study, done by Journal of Neurophysiology, in which people mentally rehearsed one-handed piano exercises for two hours a day for five days (never touching any piano keys.) Those people demonstrated almost the same brain changes as people who physically performed the same finger movements on a piano keyboard for the same length of time.

The study demonstrates that not only we can change our brains by thinking differently, but when we are genuinely focused and single-minded, the brain does not know the difference between the internal world of the mind and what we experience in the external environment.

Whether we physically or mentally acquire a skill, there are four elements that we all use to change our brains: learning knowledge, receiving hands-on instruction, paying attention, and repetition.

Learning is making synaptic connections. Receiving instructions the body involved to have a new experience, which further enriches the brain. Moreover, when we pay attention and repeat our new skill over and over again, our mind will change.

The group who physically played the scales and chords grew new brain circuits because they followed this formula.

The participants who mentally rehearsed also followed this formula, except that they never got their bodies physically involved. In their minds, they were easily able to conceive of themselves playing the piano.

To Break a Habit, Mental Rehearsal is Important

Through your own repeated rehearsal of a better way to think, act, or be, you will 'install' the neural hardware needed to physiological prepare for the new event.

When you change your mind, your brain changes; and when you change your brain, your perception changes. The more you conceive an image of your behaviour in a future event, the easier it will be for you to execute a new way of being.

Can you believe in a future you cannot yet see or experience with your senses but have thought about enough times in your mind that your brain is changed to look like the experience has already happened ahead of your physical event in your external environment? If so, then your brain is no longer a record of the past but has become a map to the future.

When we manage to think differently, would it be possible for the body to simulate those future events? Is your mind that powerful?

I certainly believe our mind is mighty, the more we develop an image of our behaviour in a future event, the easier it will be for us to execute a new way of being.

When I started my online business, I only wanted to get good at advertising; as I got going through the training modules, I noticed that the first modules were focusing on our mindset. Now I understand why.

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I hope this message has been beneficial. Please share your thoughts about mind power and how you use them in your daily life in the comments below.

With much appreciation


P.S. In my next blog, I will cover 'Conquering Your Body.' How there is a synchronicity that takes place moment by moment between the brain and the body.