Greatest Books For Entrepreneurs

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Hi there, today I wanted to share which books helped me to succeed in business and are great for every entrepreneur-mind to read.

Quick overview about the books I’m going to recommend:

  • How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie
  • Eat that frog by Brian Tracy
  • Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

In my opinion, knowledge is absolute key if it comes down to handle life,business and relationships. It’s a fact, that people who know more, do better and overall to invest in yourself is probably the best way towards happiness.

How to win friends and influence people

Probably the best book to start of when it comes down to know people.
This book will teach you a lot about how people think, what they really want in life and how you can make them feel better to win them for you. It sounds weird to win someone for you but at the end of every day we have to win people for us starting with little things like a debate on which movie we are going to watch tonight. It’s really impressive how Mr. Carnegie describes things and how you then feel when you get aware of what you actually do. So if you really want to follow a good piece of advice here, read it or have a look at YT, where you’ll find it as an audio book.

Eat that frog

If you want to be the most productive you, then you have to go trough this book.
It’s mind blowing how easy you can handle your daily tasks with different strategies this book offers. It all starts with eating your biggest frog (task) at the start of your day. Get yourself aware, where your time goes in and what’s holding you back from being productive. At the end of this book you’ll find a list of the most important steps to follow and it really works, give it a try!

Rich dad poor dad

Robert Kiyosaki is the man when it comes down on how to handle money the right way. He really shows you how your mind was programmed on this topic and how you can influence your future money behaviors. Probably the best book on how to escape the “Rat-Race”, beautifully described on a breath taking story about his own dad (poor) and the one of his close friend (rich).
If you’re really serious about becoming an entrepreneur, then you have to read it and all of his other books too, which build on this first one.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed about my suggestions. If you have any experiences with those books though, feel free to share your thoughts with us, it would be a pleasure to hear what you’re thinking about. I’ve build up my own business online and without this books, I think that I’d never brought it so far. Have a look at my page if you’re looking for an opportunity in this area.

That was it for today, hope you have a great day!



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