How Do I Get Freedom In My Life?

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Human Time, Capitalism and Online Business

This is a profound and essential question that probably every human being puts to him or her self every now and then. But what does freedom really mean? What value does this concept hold for you?


Along with the question of freedom you would probably question the meaning of life. Adding meaning and value to your life is key when you reach a certain point whether it be early on or later in life. A point of choice. A point where you either choose life or settle with drifting with the current, so to speak. 

A standard upbringing teaches you to go to school, get a job, work to be of value to society and provide for your family (maybe pay off your debt). But could you aspire to more?

Some Philosophy

The concept of choosing life was THE pivotal point for philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. He thought that every human being reaches a point in life where there is an opportunity to “choose life”. To make a choice to live life to the potential that one has, and that life offers. 

Another (but contemporary) philosopher, Martin Hägglund, talks in his recent book, This Life – Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom, about how we as humans are limited by our life span. And so our freedom is limited as well. Freedom has its natural limitations, so to speak. And it does not make sense to talk about freedom without limits. So freedom does not mean being free of limitations.  

Time Is Freedom

Being free is recognising yourself in how you spend your time and in the obligations and relationships that you are dependent on. The risk of tragic loss – the loss of your own life or the loss of what or who you love, is not an option that can be eliminated, but an innate part of on what you choose to spend your time. The limited time you have in this life.

The Time of Your Life

You cannot have joy without sorrow. You cannot have life without death. You cannot have meaning without uncertainty and vulnerability. 

So if your life and freedom are limited, the question remains: How do I spend the limited time that I have in this life?

Contrary to other living things, humans produce a surplus of time. Time that we do not spend eating, sleeping and satisfying our natural urges. The spiritual freedom of man consists of a choice of how to spend his time surplus. Writing a book? Painting a picture? Composing a piece of music? 

The Future Work Market

Over the last 200 years the world has seen the rise of The Industrial Age and Capitalism in turn giving rise to a certain emancipation of “the worker”. With the influence of labour unions the workers’ time has been given value in the form of a salary, free time and legal rights.

And in later decades we have seen The Information Age, introducing automation, almost unlimited information, new markets and the yet to be seen consequences of the internet. The internet may have the potential of bringing new kinds of freedom for people. 

This is important because this development acknowledges the fact that human beings create “surplus time” which we like to fill with creativity and other meaningful endeavours. The quest for money alone cannot provide humans’ desired meaning in life. There has to be a “Why”. 

Limitations of Capitalism and Growth

So the question arises of what consequences the emancipatory effects of online business will have on the work market. On your life – and mine.

Capitalism has done wonders for wealth and abundance, even if the distribution of it leaves something to be wished for. And it is important to acknowledge this status to capitalism. But it seems that capitalism may have kind of outlived itself. Even if the thought alone may seem controversial. And that some new paradigm has to take over the role of bringing about the changes wanted and needed to further human development. 

According to Martin Hägglund capitalism ends up alienating the human being of its own time by subordinating it the dogma of growth. Simply put capitalism values growth higher than the surplus time of people. You can witness this when society tells you that you are (only) truly valuable when you have a job – when you work – when you become a tax payer; a loan taker. When growth is put forth as a goal in itself for the economy. It is a paradox that capitalism doesn’t value the surplus time that capitalism created for humanity – and which holds the true value for the individual. This is an unstable situation.

This could be a main reason so many people today dislike their employment, feel stress, feel dissatisfied in their lives. And this is why online business has the potential of becoming the foundation of a new emancipatory paradigm. Providing a way to freedom for you and me.

Freedom Through Online Business

There is a gold rush arising, and has been for a little more than a decade, on the internet. Online business is boosting. Today almost anything that was formerly sold physically in stores and shops can just as easily – sometimes even easier – be sold online. And new exclusively online products surface every day. Right now the potential seems unlimited. 

This development is changing the world. How much of your shopping is done through the internet? How much time do you spend online? Some of the largest companies in the world are online companies. More and more startup entrepreneurs are so online.

An online business has the potential to market to the world. And it is more often than not set up with automated processes that let the business run 24/7 365. That means that if you only tend to your business on a regular basis you can work when it suits you and your calendar. YOU are the master of your (surplus) time – not your employer. That is the new emancipation.

Free Yourself

The really big news is that this world is for you to tap into. You can be an online business owner. 

You could scavenge the net for resources, information and knowledge about how to be successful online. It would take some time and you might have to evaluate the information you find whether it is helpful or deceitful.

Alternatively, I want to present you with another option. You can follow this step-by-step online education (initially 7 part video introduction for free) which gives you all the skills to start an online business. It comes with coaches who are leading online entrepreneurs themselves, a great tech service and an extensive network of peers on different levels who are there for you every time you need them. The education system is called The Six Figure Mentors. Check it out.

You Attract Success

The journey of becoming an online marketer is also a quest for personal development. Naturally enough given the emancipatory mechanisms we talked about in the above. Not only can it be difficult to grasp the comprehensive change that is caused by the internet. The possibilities of a new kind of work life. The freedom offered, and the conscious alterations you have to consider implementing in your life from now on. It is also a rather deep psychological endeavour where in the process of setting the goals for your business you will need to assess your personal values as well. Comfort zones may have to be challenged.

It is truly enlightening.

The good news is that when you learn to focus on your true goal, you will get help from your surroundings. You may want to consult the works of people like author Wayne Dyer or the idea of The Law of Attraction to dig deeper into the workings of attracting all the things you want in life.

Also, I am ready to help you, should you need a helping hand.

The Thing Is

You are shaping the future work market in your process of creating your online business and getting the freedom in your life that you deserve.

We are still only just seeing the beginning of the big change from industrial and information society to something new and exiting. Your new work life of freedom and flexibility.

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