How to get everything you want!

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What can we do to attract the perfect life?

Following is a brief summary of some of the main ideas from The Law of Attraction book, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.   Esther allows the entity Abraham to speak through her.  "We (Abraham) describe ourselves as teachers."  Their main website is

Esther (Abraham) suggests that we can get anything we want through the use of affirmations, as long as we believe what we're saying!  Quoting:

Jerry: Could you give us some words that we could use to help attract a variety of things, like perfect health ... ?

Abraham: I want perfect health!  I like feeling good.  I enjoy my good-feeling body.  I have many positive memories of feeling good in my body.  I see many people who are clearly in a state of good health, and it is easy to see how much they are enjoying their good-feeling bodies.  When I think thoughts like these, I feel good.  These thoughts are in harmony with a healthy body.

Jerry: What about perfect financial prosperity?

Abraham:  I want financial prosperity!  There are so many wonderful things that are readily available in this wonderful world, and financial prosperity opens the door to so many of those things.  Since the Law of Attraction responds to my thoughts, I have decided to focus predominately upon the abundance that is possible, understanding that it is only a matter of time before my thoughts of prosperity will be matched by the flow of financial prosperity.  Since the Law of Attraction will bring me the object of my attention, I choose abundance.

Jerry:  And great relationships?

Abraham:  I want great relationships.  I so enjoy nice, clever, funny, energetic, stimulating people, and I love knowing that this planet is abundant with them.  I have met so many interesting people, and I love the discovery of fascinating characteristics in the people I meet.  It seems that the more I enjoy people, the more people whom I enjoy come into my experience.  I love this time of spectacular co-creation.

Jerry:  And continual, joyous growth?

Abraham:  I am a growth-seeking Being, and it is exhilarating to remember that expansion is not only natural but inevitable.  I love knowing that joy is simply a choice.  So, since my expansion is inevitable, I choose to have all of it—in joy.

Jerry:  And that will attract these things?

Abraham:  Your words will not bring you immediate manifestations of what you are asking for, but the more often you say them, and the better you feel while you are saying them, the purer or less contradicted your vibration will be.  And soon your world will be filled with these things you have spoken about. ... Words alone do not attract, but when you feel emotion when you speak, that means your vibration is strong—and the Law of Attraction must answer those vibrations.

The key is repetition and belief!

Jesus is quoted in Matthew 21:22, "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."  So Abraham's affirmations may not work immediately, but they will work if repeated with feeling and belief!


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