Loneliness to empowerment and gratitude

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As the year 2017 comes to a close, I like to spend time reflecting on the year and looking forward to a new one. During this period of reflection, I opened up my favorite book Awaken The Giant Within, by Tony Robbins.  I've read the book several times and now like to open the book to any page and read.  

The page I landed on was talking about the ten emotions of power, which is interesting because while I was reflecting on the past year and feeling a bit lonely, hurt and angry because of the death of someone I loved dearly.  At the bottom of the page, Tony identifies Ten Action Signals and the Ten Emotions of Power to combat the signals. 

Tony masterfully explains that negative emotions are a call to action.  With the three action signals at top of mind, hurt, anger, and loneliness I took action! 

Loneliness is a call to action by contribution.  While I was at the local market, I noticed a young woman with a large grocery cart full of groceries and four children gathered around her.  One was in wrapped tightly around her chest and crying. I briefly smiled at her and went to do my shopping.  As I was leaving, she and her family were still there and the young one was really crying.  I approached her with curiosity (the power emotion for hurt) and asked if she was waiting for a taxi.  With a sigh of desperation, she said yes. I immediately offered her a ride and the faces of the children lit up as they too were frustrated. 

Hurt is a call to action by excitement and passion.  As I helped load the groceries into my car and buckle the children in, I felt excited!  These children had so much energy and were so interested in why a stranger would help them.  The Mom was grateful as she explained that times were tough for her family and I was saving them $15.00 in taxi money. 

As I drove away I was smiling and could clearly identify the power emotions of contribution, excitement, passion, and curiosity. Reflecting on the past year now, I feel empowered by my actions.  I still feel grief for my loss but have a sense contentment and gratitude.  

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