Match and Un-Match Friends

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undefinedHaving a large group of friends can be so fun

But in order to have a strong healthy happy friendship got to have a good match of their wants, likes, and sense of humour just like finding a life partner to marry Or  a Soul Friend.

Yes indeed...

lets say you have 10-20 groups of friends then after few years of being friends each of you starting and slowly coming out they're true attitudes some are just kinda go with the flow (which is so much easier) some are just a little bit dominant!  Hmmmp.

So Then if you're group of friends wants and likes didn't match? 

You know what's gonna happen the 10-20 groups of friends will drastically decrease into 1-5 left.

whats? Why?

Because at first our friends that we've meet from schools, work colleagues or in the public transportation we didn't   grew up together and we are all raised in different parents. So finding a good match of true friends can be a little bit crucial but as long as you have faith on you true friends will actually showed up heavenly.

On my own experience  that's what I have realise in the past few years that now I finally found my mind match group of friends. And having a 3 or 5 of true friends are actually enough to be happy. I realise that finding a Match Friends are very important.

So finding a true friends is just like finding you're true passion of you're life or living you're dream life.

Oh! The girl with a Silver Earings is Me.

So if you have semilar experiences please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading

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