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Is there an afterlife? If so, then is there heaven... or a hell?

I know of no other source who addresses these topics more thoroughly than Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). You may learn more about him at my blog post:, and/or go online to 

His story is contained in dozens of meticulous works which have become legendary, perhaps because no one, before or since, has written anything like he did on such extraordinary topics. Having read and studied much of what he wrote for close to thirty years now, many of the ideas contained in the ELYSIUM'S PASSAGE novels have been drawn from Swedenborg's witness and philosophy. 

Provided, one is open to the existence of such places and domains, or more correctly, states of existence, then some of his representation might make sense. Within Swedenborg's cosmology, if  one's divine consciousness is low, one will tend to behave in evil ways, and if high, behave in loving ways. These inward states, he suggests, exist within a polarity of lightness and darkness, good and evil that exist in states we call heaven and hell. Accordingly, these inward states manfiest along a continuum of higher to lower domains of existence. In the words of an ancient Hermetic adage, "AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT."

Rather than go into detail on these ideas, I have extracted a short excerpt from ELYSIUM'S PASSAGE: SURREAL ADVENTURES, the yet unpublished second book of the series. There is a great deal of discussion on the topic of heaven and hell throughout the series, but this selection illustrates a condition of what we refer to as hell and how it may be experienced for someone such as Nero. This is someone who many might consider to being grotesquely evil, within and without. So what happens might seem rather surprising, especially if the concept unlying it is true. 

I will comment further at the end of this dialogue excerpt with a few questions to consider on the topic. 

From Chapter16, Surreal Adventures

And yet the analogy is true, nothing remains hidden when one’s entire life is disclosed so all the repressed pain, guilt and regrets of the past are finally acknowledged, forgiven and forever released. But it’s no one’s business but yours.’

‘Sounds like that would be one bloody hell of a gestalt,’ I said.

‘Well quite literally, it is for some in the lower regions. It’s whatever it needs to be to bring whatever clarity might be necessary to bring dissolute souls towards a higher level of consciousness. This review may seem to be only a few minutes or a few millennia, depending on how attached one is to the pain of their past.

That’s why for some, it may seem like a judgement because they can’t seem to stop judging themselves. But in reality, no one is being condemned, except by themselves. That’s the part they must get past before they can move onward and upward. Shame is the lowest vibratory experience one can dwell in.’

‘But I don’t understand,’ I said, ‘why would anyone want to remain in Hades wallowing in suffering and pain when they could exist in Elysium’s happy state of existence? Don’t they know that?’

‘I’ll give you an example,’ Rhom said. ‘Remember Nero?’

‘Of course, Rome’s most the heinous emperor; they don’t come much more sadistic than that, except perhaps in our 'enlightened’ 20th Century. 

‘Well, you may find it interesting that it was only a few hundred years ago when he was finally able to extricate himself from the lowest of the low regions. But no one was holding him there except himself. That’s why it took so long; not one could do it for him. He just couldn’t seem to get past all the shame and guilt of his past life as he kept reliving images of all the Christian women and children he had torn apart by the beasts in the coliseum. Before he departed earth, it was just bloodlust entertainment. And then, after he passed on, it became hell... in fact, very much so!’

‘So what became of him; how did he make his big break?’

‘That’s the interesting part. He may still be languishing there if it wasn’t for the efforts of a very bright spirit who approached him from her celestial state. Somehow she was able to penetrate through the darkness of his hopeless despair in the lower hells where he had condemned himself. She appeared to him as she was within, still the beautiful young maiden she was when she was thrown to the lions so he may amuse himself in watching her being shredded and devoured. One less traitorous Christian to be concerned about, he thought.

Finally, she was able to tell him how she had forgiven him and longed for his release into the higher regions where his soul could find release in love rather than fear and self-loathing.’

‘If true, that’s amazing,’ I said, ‘if not rather unbelievable.’

‘It was amazing,’ he said, ‘if not rather unbelievable to him too. He kept telling her he was the lowest and most despicable creature that ever lived, and that he didn’t deserve to be released from his hell, much less receive her attention.

‘Because of the extent of his incorrigible guilt and shame, it took Nero a very long time to grant his own discharge. It was only because she loved him so intently and for so long, that he was finally able to accept himself, just as she accepted him. It’s a rather involved love story; all I will say for now is that after all the years of self-inflicted torment, he could scarcely be happier as they continue on together as lovers in the higher celestial regions where they still remain.’

‘That’s a great story,’ I said, ‘but that may disappoint some who would prefer him to be eternally damned.’

‘I’m sure there are many who would prefer this for him,’ he said, ‘but certainly not God the Source of unconditional love. It’s never about exacting reward or punishment but about experiencing the natural consequences of what freely resides within the soul. And then comes the big ah-ha moment!

‘That’s when one may move further in, further up as you often hear Mo and Eli say. Leave the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth to those who can’t accept love… at least until they do. We do what we can to help, but in the end, it’s really the fettered soul’s choice.’ [1]

‘So obviously,’ I said, ‘the life review process doesn’t always bring release to every soul.’

‘Not necessarily, at least not right away,’ he said. ‘As with Nero; not everyone is able to accept their freedom while overwhelmed by the inertia of shame, the lowest level of consciousness.  God has no need or desire for anyone to suffer, yet shame often causes many to believe their transgressions must be paid for to appease a wrathful God to whom they feel guilty.

‘Over several thousands of years, religion has done much to advance this abominable belief. For the countless souls who choose to believe in judgement, restitution must be sought. It’s most pathetic when beliefs twist and distort divine love into something it could never be. Until the phantom of the ego-mind is released, condemnation remains because that’s what the ego does.[2]

‘As we know, this hellish state of being can easily be camouflaged to appear glamorous on earth with the illusory props of deception that often involves the indiscriminate power over others. In the end, however, they can only deceive themselves after being released into the environment of their spiritual state of consciousness. It is there they experience the outward manifestation of the inward darkness of what they have allowed themselves to become.

‘Again, I say released, not sent. All identify with their kind, even if happens to be a den of other self-possessed thieves and murderers. In this state, they can’t help but torment each other in their illusory hells since what they have created for themselves an extension of their chosen state of spiritual existence. No one casts souls into the hells of their own creation.’

‘So why would anyone do this to themselves? I asked.

‘As I said, it’s the outward manifestation of their inward state of being; where they have chosen. It’s what they inwardly attracted into their being and where they will remain until they wish to be restored to their former glory when they knew who they were.

‘As with Nero, there is always hope since it is not possible for a soul to be abandoned. Whenever souls in the lower domains acknowledge the Light, sanity is gradually restored as they embrace the wholeness of their true divine Self while turning away from the darkness of hellish affections towards the Light of Love.

‘Since your life review won’t be about judgement, but enlightenment, there is nothing to be concerned about regarding its earthly passing, or should I say, it’s a new beginning. For now, though, we suspect you still have a lot of living and loving to do on earth for some time.’

‘I hope so, but tell me, is there any assurance this Magical Mystery Tour will have some lasting impact on my life, or might it later be forgotten as being nothing more than a nostalgic sailing venture to the islands?’

‘Look around you, Sebastian, and notice the vibrant colours and how much more brightly everything glows than what you experienced before? These images will be infused into your mind’s subliminal consciousness, providing you with an exquisite overlay of impressions by which you may view life. I suspect you may see what others don’t see, but wish they could.’

[1] George MacDonald (1825-1905); a poet, author and minster lived in a time and place where such notions were scarcely tolerated in an age of guilt, hellfire and damnation. Such books as Lilith and Phantastes centred on how all souls would eventually be delivered from darkness to light. His writings inspired many authors, including Lewis, Tolkien, Chesterton and Twain.
[2] Of course Rhom was aware of the contextual meaning Mo, Eli and I had given the ego term. Since I was never religious, I wasn’t that comfortable with terms like fallen and sinful.  

I'll leave you with a few questions to ponder on what might be evoked in this selection:

1. Was Nero being punished? If so, in what way and by whom?

2. What was the nature of his torment?

3. What is the role of God in all this?

4. What was Nero's role and responsibility in his redemption?

5. What does this say, if anything, about the nature of God and the Universe? 


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