❤️Being Imperfect is just Perfect!❤️

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Give me a chance to explain this better:

What people love the most are people who they can relate to. Real people with real hang-ups and making Real stupid mistakes! Who is the winner of Global best watch Talent show? In the end, there are 3 left and they are all good!.Damn good, Remember?.

So guess who the public is voting for, Right, they always vote for the person who is real and honest and being authentic.They feel sympathy for this personality. Did you have noticed that? I am sure you did at one time.

We attend to not like the braggart or the arrogant one. We all like the real deal. The open one, The clumsy The not perfect one, because we can all see ourselves in this one.

So, therefore, don’t be afraid to show who you are and show your true colors of who you are and which mistakes you made in your life because we all know that there are no perfect people in this world!

You what? Yes nobody’s is perfect. Then we come to the second issue of this matter If really nobody is perfect right?

Ok, you got it! And this may be a shock to some of us.

If nobody is perfect than YOU and ME both are not perfect either:-)

The case is: We love people who are true/ real and honest and mean well with us, which is much more important.
So we can all relax now because being IMPERFECT is just PERFECT!  

Please be kind to your self and give your self the same credit that you give to others
Thanks for being part of my journey.

P.S. If you understand now that People want to see real authentic People
Then you must realize that you can do this with the best education and me who is going to help you. You are good enough. Do not doubt. Remember nobody is perfect!

Start your, Journey, today and let your self-shine again:-)

This link will take you to my website. So feel free to have a look and you never know maybe we meet each other one day in the Caribbean and having a glass of cool drink and a good laugh:-)

All my Best and Have an amazing day!

Ingeborg Braas


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