Objectives To Getting Started - Part 1

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Objectives To Getting Started - Part 1

There are many objectives to getting started online.  These objectives range from not understanding the industry to being very sceptical and many more reasons.

Over the next few blogs I am going to look at what I consider to be the three biggest reasons that people do not start an online business.

Objective 1 - I am Not Technical

Lots of people who came across Internet or Online Marketing, see the word Online and the automatically assume that they need to be good or experts at computers, the Internet etc.

Not The Case

The reason that this not the case is because due to to easy-to-use tools that you can leverage online.  You don't need to be technically minded.  If you can copy & paste - YOU CAN DO THIS! or if you can drag & drop - YOU CAN DO THIS!

The online tools that you can leverage now, especially the tools available within The Six Figure Mentors, allow you with ease to:

Lay solid foundations for your online business
Create your own website
Host your own website
Setup your Auto-Responder
Add content and products to your site.
Now, please don't be scared.  Trust me, none of the above list requires any technical knowledge.

All you need to be able to do is to copy and paste or be able to drag and drop.  Its an easy as that to get started.


Because that's all that's needed to know & it's all possible due to the online tools available to you, you just need to leverage them.  All to the tools that you need to get started are available to you via The Six Figure Mentors.

If you can Copy & Paste or Drag and Drop.  Dive in!.  Test the waters. Apply and Test Drive The Six Figure Mentors.  Get access to your back office where you will find all tools and resources that you need to get started & then you can see for yourself that you do not need to be technical to do this.

Remember if you can copy & paste or you can drag and drop.


To Your Success

Jonathan Edwards


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