20 Tips that will make your business thrive

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1.       Create a business that is open to communication. Feedback from the customer, employees, mentors, consultants is absolutely essentials to establish that you have the correct systems, products and contents in place to help your business grow and profit.


2.       Become a leader. You are only as good as your team, every one of us has the potential to lead given the opportunity. Taking your business in a new direction, teaching your team a new skillset or trying a new idea to implement within your business are just some of the many ways you can lead and inspire others to do the same.


3.       Advertise effectively. You could spend £10,000 a month on advertising, but you may as well flush it down the toilet if you don’t u don’t consider these three main facts:


·         Who are you advertising to?

·         What do they want?

·         Where do they hang-out online?


Then in addition to these facts use multiple marketing techniques to find out which one best works for you and your product, whether that’s paid or free advertising you won’t know unless you try it.                    


4.       Delegate to others. Trying to manage advertising, marketing, product development, sales and so much more is just far too much for the most of us to take on and the overall content that you will produce will suffer as a result, try and share the work load by employing experts in different areas or outsource to a company to complete a task, you will see that in the long run this will save u invaluable time and money.


5.       Master the skill of good time keeping. There are so many ways to do this, write down a to do list, calendarize you schedule, be organised, have an end goal within a particular time limit and most of all be self-motivated, this is the biggest attribute you can have to keep yourself on track, know yourself and the times that you best perform throughout the day.     


6.       Develop your brand identity, this is one of the most important parts of any business, take Apple for example when you think of the bests phones, tablets, software Apple will probably come to mind this is because they have built up a powerful and authentic brand identity.  


7.       Analyse your competition to see what they are not providing to the customer and then offer that service, this goes hand in hand with knowing what is hot and what is not within your niche.


8.       Provide value. Instead of thinking what can I do to get money of this person, think about problems your customers are faced with and then what solutions can I then provide to help them.


9.       Have a plan. Having a well thought out plan in place can save you a lot of time and money, but don’t spend too much time on this stage, sometimes it’s best to plan a little and then put it into action. Industries will constantly change and so must the businesses within industry, therefore so will the plan.


10.   Track what’s working and what’s not. By adding a piece of tracking data to the end of your links and promotions you can see which content people are responding best to and ultimately where your leads and sales are coming from.


11.   Try a limited time promotion, your customer base will respond to this as they will want to take advantage of your offer, this is a good tactic to attract both old and new customers.


12.   Complete or do your income producing activities first. It is easy to get side tracked or distracted with all sorts of tasks, but your main focus should be bringing income into your business. So, do that job that you have been putting off and avoid procrastinating altogether.


13.   Raise product prices. This might seem a bit counterproductive but actually studies have shown that people associate quality with price when they are not fully sure how to assess the quality of a product in particular market.


14.   Having realistic goals will motivate you more than setting the bar to high, they will be easier to attain and build your self-esteem. So, try walking before you run.


15.   Get a mentor. Having a mentor can be beneficial for a number of reasons, leverage their experience and cut the learning curve, remember they have been where you want to be. Communities such as Six Figure Mentors can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and insights that will take your business to the next level.


16.   Leverage what is at hand. Those around you have so much to offer, leverage their expertise and skill sets to grow your business without investing more.


17.   Have strong back offers. Even if a customer is drawn in with a particular product or promotion, make sure your back office is full of additional products that are congruent with what they are looking for. This will increase your overall sales and have the customer coming back for more.


18.   Follow up with your existing customers by email, provide them value and useful content rather than bombarding them with offers and promotions.


19.   Develop a positive mindset. Your thoughts create emotion which creates action. Don’t linger on the negative, focus on what is going to get you where you want it to be.


20.   Have a budget that is realistic and that you can sustain for at least six months. Set aside a fixed amount for such areas as development, marketing, overheads, distribution every month an remain consistent, becoming successful won’t happen overnight it takes time, money and effort.

Follow these simple 20 tips and watch your business go from strength to strength                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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