3 Dope Reasons Why I Started A Digital Marketing Business

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I would give you 3 dope reasons why you should start a digital marketing buisness but you'd probably would let it slip through one ear and out the other. 

So I won't preach to you. I'll just share with you why I did. 

undefinedI never was really good at sitting in around in an office all day. Not being able to come and go as I please was for damn sure not my fortey. Matter of fact I could hardly sit still long enough to finish any assignment I was given.

As an employee, I would be comfortable rating myself as "below average". There are many better employees out there for a company to choose from. If they knew me like I knew me, I would be the last pick of bunch if you know what I mean. So NO i'm not the hiring type and I'm proud of it. 

To be honest I've never been good with authority. Being told what to do, for any reason, just didn't sit well with me. I prefer to be in on what I do or don't do with my time. It has to be on my own terms

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against receiving sound counsel, suggestions, or advice from mentors and/or people that have my best interest in mind. I just refuse to be "ordered" around and forced to do things I don't desire to do. 

Because of my sentiment and disposition to the employment world I set out on a mission to start my own digital marketing business (aka Online Marketing). 

Find out the 3 dope reasons why I started a digital marketing business in the video below.

Are you comfortable being an employee?

Not sure? 

Don't waste time trying to figure it out. Lets chat. Reach out to me a http://www.justiceearth.net/. I will help YOU figure it out.

Peace, Love, and a Life of Freedom,

Take Care,

Justice Earth xoxo 

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