3 Steps to Successfully Deal with Objections Anytime

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Become a winner by dominating the technique to deal with objections

Deal with objections the right way, and your success will improve substantially. The cruel truth is that most of your lost sales are due to a lack of an appropriate technique to deal with objections successfully.

When starting my career as a vacuum cleaner rep, the most challenging part was to be invited into a potential customer's home. Once inside, unconsciously, we did almost the impossible to come to a closing, being fully aware of the time it would take to find the next customer.

We, who belonged to the best sales reps, had a closing rate of around 50%. In today's digital marketing world, a reasonable closing rate, actually the best of the bests, only reaches 30%.

Of course, the initial targeting influences your closing rate. As a vac sales rep, we only visited districts at specific social and financial levels. But once you hit the correct people in your marketing, it's all about converting your audience into purchasing customers.

In my previous blog post, we went through the sales process, from defining the customer's needs to closing. It all follows a "closing-proof" path if there are no objections from the customer. The truth, however, is that objections are more a rule than an exception.

By using a professional objection technique, you will even provoke customers to launch their objections. Dealing with objections is a fundamental part of your success. Your closing rate will improve exponentially if you do it correctly...continue reading!>>

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