5 things a leader does every day, there is a leader in all of us.

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If you have been following my writing by now you know that there is a leader in all of us. Yes, you too are a leader.

What makes you a leader you say?

Let me break down why you are a leader and there is no one like you.

  1. You are unique in many aspects: just the combination of attributes that you have. Your fingerprint. You can be recognized by your dental structure. Your DNA can be used to specifically identify you. You may have some similar traits like others do but you are unique.
  2. You are uniquely gifted: you ever wonder why some people are naturally good at some things and others are not? Some are naturally good at math while others have to invest extra effort to be as good. Some can easily pick up music while the rest of us have to learn hand coordination. In fact, that also is a problem.
  3. Unique temperaments: the way we react to situations is different. It's easy for some people to be beaten to a pulp by circumstances but they get up immediately and try again. Some respond to risk differently. They dare not try something new. 

Those are some I could remember but that is not a conclusive list. Those attributes combined together naturally make you a leader in your domain. When you find what you are passionate about and you realize you got the necessary resources to apply yourself in that area then you have found your domain.

Your domain is your area of influence. No one can walk your path or compare to you. You are lone by yourself in this path.

Therefore this means your worst mistake is the mistake of not being your best you. That is what happens to the lot of us. Sadly. 

Now that we have that settled. We want to see what leaders do each day to develop in their domains. To grow and serve others with their gifts and skills.

All leaders must do these things every day.

  1. Keep the vision in focus: all leaders need a vision and they must make sure each day that they have a look at the vision and do only activities that take them closer to it.
  2. Income generating activities: leaders must perform income-generating activities every day if they are going to grow and be impactful. They need to grow their financial resource each day.
  3. Community: leaders must find other leaders who are walking to their destinations and are succeeding and learn what they are doing in order to uniquely apply it to themselves.
  4. Study: leaders are learners. You have to persist in growing through learning every day. The infiniteness of the knowledge out there magnifies the finiteness of our mind. You don't know all there is to know so strive to be better at what you do.

Becoming better at what you do takes time and persistence. You only fail when you give up. In this arena of online business, it is very important to be able to lead by example then others will follow.

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