5 Tips to Making Your Online Business a Success

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Most people who decide to say goodbye to their 9 to 5 job in favour of starting an online business are almost always well-intentioned, but usually lack a true understanding of what it actually takes to be successful in business.

Of course it is good to dream big and set big goals, but surprisingly many people at various stages of their business development either don’t or can’t get what’s fully required to reach their goals.

Sure, earning a million dollars within the first five years is an admirable goal. However, do you know what it’s going to take to get there?

With all that in mind, here are five tips for business success that if followed will make you and your business stand out and help you reach your goals:


1. Be Yourself!

This is No. 1 for a reason… Your business is an extension of you, no matter how big or small it is. It will succeed or fail by how others perceive your brand, and ultimately how they feel about doing business with you. All aspects of your business should respect your true values.

Authenticity is the key. You’ve got to be you, whether it’s the smooth, sophisticated type or the person with rough edges and a cheeky attitude. Only you know what works for you and your target audience; but the one thing that can guarantee failure is not being authentic, people will see right through you every single time.


2. Over Deliver

Set benchmarks for yourself with your products and services, and try to exceed them, simple!

Over delivering means going beyond the call of duty at all times to become not only a viable business, but a market leader that all others admire and envy.


3. Focus on Serving, Not Selling

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar (1926-2012) 

In this century, more businesses will have to adapt their techniques in order to earn customer trust and therefore, sales.

Learn how to identify your target market’s problems, concerns and issues to better create and position your offerings as the best solution in the marketplace.

Don’t even think about how much money you can make. As a business person, real money always follows from demonstrating the benefits of your services and products to the ideal customer.


4. Move to Meet Your Customers

The world is transitioning from a sales-based economy to a trust-based economy, largely in thanks to social media.

Dominant companies could once count on brand loyalty from customers to guarantee steady profits, even if their products and post-sales service were severely lacking.

Not anymore. Today, there is truly global competition across many industries, and the smallest glitch or weakness shown by businesses are quickly exposed, spread virally by consumers through the Internet, and exploited by ruthless competitors.

Social media marketing provides a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


5. Be Grateful Every Day!

An attitude of gratitude is fundamental in your life and business. It is so easy to forget the people who gave you advice, encouraged you, or simply sat and listened to your crazy ideas.

Part of what makes success stories stand out is paying attention to little details, and calling or emailing your mentors to say ‘Thank You’ really goes a long way.

It doesn’t matter if a former employer, or business coach has retired and isn’t part of the scene anymore. They’ll appreciate your gesture that much more, because it will remind them that they helped someone achieve their goals.

On a more practical note, keeping contact with key members of your inner circle gives them reason to continue following your progress and helping you even more in the future.

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