6 Keys To Freedom

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The constant strive for money, longer lunches, weekends, extended holidays, travel, driving a dream car, getting your dream job, or perfect partner all symbolize our innate desire for freedom.

But is this what freedom is truly about?
Yes and No.
Here are the keys to freedom.

6 Keys To Freedom:

1) Internal Freedom
The first freedom is internal. It is the feeling of unlimited expanse, extending out in all directions and is not subject to life and the world. It is our natural state. That feeling that draws you to majestic mountains, the ocean, and rolling green hills, is the recognition and wanting of our own expansion. It is a euphoric feeling that loves being uninhibited, uncontrolled and uncapped. Daily meditation, personal development, and gratitude assist greatly in achieving this. Feeling and expressing our internal freedom is a direct experience because we are the ones who can feel it.


2) Freedom from the body
Freedom from the body means that your body is in its best possible shape so that it does what you want it to, whenever you want it to. Just like an engine or automobile, we need to look after our body. Otherwise, it will break down. Looking after your body is essential if you want to experience lasting freedom. This includes eating clean, healthy food, drinking plenty of water and doing daily exercise. Looking after your body is essential, simply because you will not get another one. Your body is a remarkable expression of creation with incredible abilities and capabilities. No matter what state you are currently in, or how old you are, your body can heal and change faster and quicker than you ever believed possible. 


3) Freedom from the mind
IF you can sit and be in complete ease, for absolutely no reason, regardless of what goes on outside you, then you are amongst one of the rarest people on the planet. Being free from mind chatter is mastery. It doesn't mean you can't think; rather it becomes a choice when and where you wish to use your mind. This is usually something that happens overtime, not overnight. It is a journey that one undertakes throughout a lifetime. Through daily meditation, ongoing self-development work, engaging your will and focus throughout the day you will gain extraordinary results. Each step builds on the previous one, culminating over the years leaving the mind chatter somewhere in the background.


4) Freedom to express
Freedom to create and live a life designed by you, doing things that give you joy and purpose is a universal trait among all human beings. Just look around you! Everything we see has emerged from someone's desire to express, and experience something they were passionate about. Passions come in many forms, writing, cooking, building, music, art, homewares, gardening, anything that moves you and compels you to express.


5) Financial Freedom
Financial freedom is by far the biggest drive, particularly in the western world. It typifies what freedom is all about. Financial freedom gives us choices, choices to buy, live and work anywhere we want, doing whatever it is that we want.People usually get conditioned into believing that where they are and what they have is all they can have. However, the newly emerging digital economy and entrepreneurs coming onto the market suggest otherwise. In fact its never been a better time to up-skill your self and dive into what you are passionate about.


6) Freedom To Choose
Freedom to choose is uniquely a Human trait. And it links to our first internal desire for infinite possibilities. Choosing gives us the freedom and acknowledgment that we want to create our lives by our design. Be with people and places we want to be in and that match our values and visions.

Your desire for Freedom is REAL because it is essentially, YOU.

And being YOU is a necessity.

- Sotir Ivanovski


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