Be The Change!

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Have you ever heard someone say..."It's business. It's work. It's politics." I want to know, What does that even mean? For years these comments confused and perplexed me. Until I realised. We are a very excusing species. And we do it with everything. At home, at work, in careers, business, and especially in politics. The idea that we have to be a certain way. Ruthless, cunning, lie, work cultures. Why?

It is both an excuse to act in a less than desirable way and a fad.

Why does Law have to be stiff, perplexing and written and fashioned in such a way that the average person has no clue about its meaning? Shrewd, cold, watch your back suit attired Business Men and Women wheeling and dealing behind Corporate Boardrooms? Act one way here, and another there. Bringing parts of yourself to work and leaving your passions, dreams, spirituality, and true self at home?

We segregate and separate ourselves internally and pick what we decide to bring to the world. Because that's the way it is. Right? Well, I want to know, Who decided?


Presenting perceived notions of how we need to conduct ourselves in the society is damaging and reformatory. And it is outdated.

There is no Business self, Work self, or Political self; There is just self! And being your authentic self in the world is both freeing and revolutionary.

The world wants the Authentic You! The real unadulterated unmanipulated you! And it needs it at Building Sites, Corporate Boardrooms, Offices, Centres, Meetings, Relationships, Life.

But what is an authentic self?

This, was my dilemma. I didn't know.

I didn't know who I was! So I got caught up in the world's "made up rules" on how to be. Someone else's rules. When you don't know who you are, you are susceptible. Susceptible to systems, doctrines, beliefs, cultures and perceptions of others.

Percolating beliefs emanated throughout society by stronger, powerfully positioned people, institutions, governments that gave and sometimes forced their perceptions and views, with a tainted and underlying strive for power, control and money over many lifetimes.

But it's not about them any more. It's about you. And it's about me.

Knowing yourself is a very intimate, mystical and vulnerable journey that brings you face to face with the true self within. And coming out the other end with clarity. You stop running, hiding, excusing, blaming the world for where you are what you've been dealt, and take responsibility for your part in it.

You rise with awareness and with that a new shift in how you are in the world. You become clear on what is important to you, what integrity feels like and where you and the world are in relation to that.


You become the change. You are authentic. Real. Your authenticity is you, and you bring it wherever you go. You don't get swayed by gambling, alcohol, toxicity, addictions, sensationalistic news and current affairs. You know who you are.

You don't have to get drawn into nonsensical parroted conversations because people don't know how to relate. You speak your truth where you see fit. And humbly take your position when you don't. You are clear, and you know where you are going.

It is probably the most willful and responsible action you can take. And the most rewarding. It certainly was for me. Because really, what is the alternative? Swaying loosely to the will of others and the world, telling you how you should be? Feel? Live?

So...Next Time you hear...

"It's business."
"It's work."
"It's politics."

Will you be part of the excuse, or smile with the certainty and knowledge of who you are?

Rocking the status quo, and creating a shift in human consciousness toward Connection, Well Being and Community.

Be The Change!

- Sotir Ivanovski

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