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“Lifting Myself and Others to Achieve Greatness”

Are you spending a long period of your life fulfilling a dream that isn’t yours? Are you feeling frustrated and want to change your life? I did and I am.

Have you heard of the forma School Teacher Jack Ma, who has been reported as starting up the world’s biggest online shopping company?  Jack was being driven by a dream, the founder of Alibaba online shopping platform. He started this from his apartment and now it is worth over 24 Billion dollars.


  • He says Alibaba or other online E-Commerce will become a ‘Traditional Business’.
  • Alibaba wants to serve 2 billion consumers and create 100 million jobs over the next 20 years!
So how can you be driven by your greatest dream? What is your purpose?

We have heard the term ‘Purpose Driven Life,’ not really applying it to ourselves.  We loose sight of 'Being Driven By Our Dream,' being so busy with our children, fulfilling the 9 - 5 job and finding ourselves on what seems to be a never ending treadmill.  Not having time to even think about purpose and all that palaver!

undefined Well it took me being off work ill, in fact it started to become a recurring pattern which I hated, because my job had become the love of my life. It sustained me as it were. My job and I had become one and I didn’t like to let my team down, by being off sick again! 

One day I went to the dentist for a tooth operation, my dentist was off sick! So they gave me a pack of antibiotics to take for a couple of days.  I took two tablets as prescribed and after 20 minutes of taking it, I went into a fatal anaphylactic shock and almost lost my life.

 Everything came into perspective that week in hospital. People say your life just flashes by you and you see it all clearly, the things that are important and meaningful to you.

For me, it was my family and friends, those who I’ve wanted to help and didn’t, unfulfilled dreams I once had. Yes I had dreams, but they were long gone during my rat race of a life no longer a priority. They all became as light as day from that moment on! I was going to change, had decided to find the strength to make that all and important decision, no one else could do it for me.

Does your life need to change, be meaningful and to be driven by your dream once again. Do you need more time with your family, to travel and see the world providing help to others in your situation?

We all have ‘signature strengths’ as noted by Martin Seligman.

"We have intrinsic talents and strengths which could be anything from perseverance and leadership to an ability to entertain others."

"The most underestimated is the meaningful life - devoting oneself to an institution or cause greater than oneself. Acts of philanthropy over fun. Kindness is a gratification, it calls on your strengths to rise to an occasion and meet a challenge."

This reminds me of a song:  ‘Give and I’ll Give It Back to You’

A new found purpose can bring that passion in your life.

You too, can learn as I am, learning a new skill to achieve my dreams. I have been fortunate to have found a programme where I can learn the ‘Digital Online Business’ and earn at the same time. It’s like an online apprenticeship, which is great for me, because I can continue to run my existing business. I want to help you too, to reach yours.

Our learning and commitment to the vision will take time. I am not in it for the quick get rich scheme, but the long term foundation building prospects that will come from being committed.

Be extraordinary, making changes, being pragmatic and stay true to your dream.

Comment below and let me know what drives your dream, what do you do?


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