Choose A Proven Business Model

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Choose A Proven Business Model

Its imperative that you choose a proven business model.  Apologises, for those we have already done this but if your just starting out or you are researching the industry then this part is imperative.

Why is is it so important?

Its extremely important because it is one key factor that will help you succeed with your online business.

You come across a product or service that seems great as you like what you read about it.  You read about the benefits of the product or service, such as the commissions it pays out, how it can help you and others etc. so the overview of WITFM - Whats In It For Me

What about?

What about the actual business model that runs in the background.  You can come across a great product or service but if the business model that runs in the background is not proven or its flawed with mistakes and there not that many people using it, then chances are the product or service is not as great as it turns out to be.  As a result your business will either probably fail or not succeed.

What You Need To Look At

You need to look at:

The benefits that you get in the product or service -

The education, training, commissions
The value that the product or service brings is worth more then the price.
The business model that runs it all in the background
The number of members that use the product or service
Are they like-minded positive people or negative people
Read testimonials of actual people that use the product or service
Have any of these people been successful?
Are you able to test drive?
Is there a 30 day money guarantee?
Is there an application process?
An example of a product or service that has a proven, scalable business model is……

….….The Six Figure Mentors


The Six Figure Mentors is an excellent example of a proven, scalable business model because it ticks all the points listed above and you also get a lot of out.  So with The What's In It For Me, look no further.

Here's a sneak peak at what you get:

Benefits - First class education, training, commissions and so much more in back office.          Way more value is provided then the actual cost (application fee, membership free, monthly fee*)
The proven business model is setup in such a way that it takes care of everything for you in the background so you can go of and do other things and more.. (Test drive to find out more)
Number of members I can tell you is in thousands and/or more
There are loads of testimonials from members
There is private community full of like-minded positive people
Everyone in The Six Figure Mentors that I work with on a daily basis have all been successful.
You can certainly test drive so then you get much clearer picture of what you will be dealing with on a day-to-day basis
The application fee and the test drive fee has a 30 day money back guarantee - another money back guarantees can be found in you back office and in the terms and conditions of The Six Figure Mentors
Yes, there is an application process - To see if The Six Figure Mentors is a good fit for you and to see if your good fit, to answer any questions that you have and to give you the chance to see that have attracted something into you life that is potentially life changing

Is The Six Figure Mentors Right For Me?

Only you can decide that I would highly recommend that it is, as you’ve read to this point..Apply and Test drive - only $29.95.  You have got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Six Figure Mentors - Proven, scalable business model.

To Your Success

Jonathan Edwards


By reading the following you agree that Jonathan Edwards is not responsible any changes to the prices, products or services mentioned above.  Nor is Jonathan Edwards responsible for any changes made to or made within The Six Figure Mentors.  You agree and understand that Jonathan Edwards is only an affiliate of The Six Figure Mentors and that the product and services of The Six Figure Mentors are not his own.  Jonathan Edwards is only an affiliate and as such only works with products and services that he knows, like and trusts.

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