#Digital Marketing: 6 Things I Have Learned, 1 of 6

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Digital Marketing:  6 Things I Have Learned, 1 of 6.  

Who, what, when, where, how and why?  I didn't realize the significance of giving some serious, meaningful thought and action into the answers to the questions of the 6 things I have learned when I first began this journey.  But if I could go back, I would begin with why?

And if you are anything like me, you are thinking, Why? That's easy to answer!  I want out!  I want to be free of the control of corporate politics, cubicles, and all that goes with it.  I will be retiring (or am retired) and I have no control over my own income.  I want my time back, my life back, my inner spirit back!  I want to be free to speak, choose, get up, go out, breathe without reprimand or getting my hands slapped as if I was a child in school.  I am sick and tired of the whole dang world controlling my life and becoming more and more miserable every single day! I am taking my life back, that's why!! I get it!  But I am not talking about why you want to do digital marketing, or why you want to be in control of your own income, or why you want to work at home, or why you want the freedom to work when and where and how you want.

So what more is there to consider?  If you can choose you own path, work where and when you want, and have more control of your income, then you are possibly saying as I did, sign me up! Others are doing this, so can I!  

So sign up I did for tons of different things.  I have tried this thing and that thing and answered everything online I could find.  I took tests, applied, paid money (lots of it), and bam, bam, roadblock after roadblock. I didn't understand why.  Well, wait a sec. The entire time, in the back of my mind, somewhere way in my subconscious, I really knew why because I was always thinking, I don't want to do this.  I am not comfortable with this, for one reason or another. Some of it was because it went against what I thought to be right, some of it was because it seemed like a dead end and was, some of it was because it was not legitimate and done with integrity, and still other reasons were because I signed up for something that I truly did not have any desire to do.

My guess is that all of us that want to do digital marketing have a lot of these same reasons for wanting, same reasons for failing in common.  So when did it change for me?  When I began to think about the answers to the Digital Marketing: 6 Things I Have Learned in a different way.  As my mentors have spoken about many times when you provide value all of these things will come.  I was waiting for the value to come to me.  I was not thinking about how I could provide value to others.  

So, I began by getting a notebook and paper and using it for everything.  I now call it The Plan.  I began by writing bullet points of who, what, when, where, how and why.  Then I headed a page or two for each of the bullet points.  I started writing things under each on the applicable pages so I could figure out where I could provide value.

Since we are working on why for this particular blog post, under the word why you might start with the following:

  • What is your individual story?  Get it out.  Write it down!  Think about what really made you unhappy and what really makes you happy.  What are the real emotions in the why you want to do this?  Write down your own personal, deep-down, real reason!  What happens in your life that gets you thinking about why you want to do this--good and bad?
  • If you were laid off, how did you feel when that happened? For me it was, but I ___ and I ___and ___!  What are the blanks for you?  What are the good things that you do or say that bring value to the people in your world? Write down the answers.
  • If you want to change careers, why do you want to make a change?  Is it the actual work, parts of the work, or the surroundings or situation related to the work that makes you unhappy?  Think about the good and the bad.  Write them all down.
  • What do you do in your life that makes you want to get up in the morning or would make you want to get up in the morning?  Take the time to really consider this and write down your answers.
  • What do people say you are good at?  What makes you smile inside and want to do better when you hear people say these things to you? Think about jobs or projects that you might have done in the past where people frequently commented on the work you did and your spirit was always lightened. Think about everyone in your life not just working relationships.  Write down all these things.
  • What hobbies or interests, outside of income producing, do you have?  Jot these down also.
  • What is not work but fun?  Where does your heart go to when the time you have is your own? Make a note of each.
  • What do you know that others may not know?  This is important, very important.  We all have things, dig deep. What things do you know that would help, assist, support, interest, or otherwise benefit other people? We all having something.  What is yours?  Write them all down.
  • What talent, life experience, education, knowledge, trade, or passion do you have that would be helpful to share with someone else?  Make note of each.
  • Once you have all of these written down, take some of this information and look it up online (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and see if you can find other people that are doing this and making a living or earning extra money (or just having fun, if that is your goal) online? 
  • Then, begin to think about what creative way you can communicate that information through digital marketing? Use their ideas, not to duplicate them but to get ideas for your own journey. Again, write all this down.

And don't worry about getting all this written in stone.  It is all a work in progress.  For me, ideas come up as I get more confident that I can provide value and as I gain experience with different digital marketing areas.  

This began my journey to why and my hope is that it will begin your journey to why also.  Your real reason why!  Your reason why is different than my why or my mentors why.  What are the answers that get your heart beating, your mind focused, your soul fulfilled? As you work through these questions and emotions, you get to the place where you begin to feel motivated, energized, ambitious and hopeful. Then the good stuff happens!  The negativity and doubt begin to fade into your past and you begin to feel and express joy, gratitude, kindness, cheerfulness, and confidence. Now we are getting to the real why!  Because you can provide value, because the world needs what you have to offer and because you deserve to be able to find your own path, your own way. We must express joy, gratitude, kindness, cheerfulness, and confidence to find the happiness that we and the world need! With that, you can fly! Together, with our differences and our diversity, we all have something great to offer each other and we all can help each other strengthen our wings to soar! For me, this was an awesome thing to learn, life-changing actually! What a difference we could make in the world if we could provide value and get extreme joy and happiness from it, our way, on our terms!  

Once the question why was determinedly considered and answered, the other obstacles began to fall into place.  Surprisingly, however, they were no longer obstacles but stepping stones.  I will talk about that in my next blog, 2 of 6, Digital Marketing: 6 Things I Have Learned.

Until then, please look upward for the courage and strength to lift your wings.  Let's learn to fly!



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