Fundamental 2 : of 3 Ways Into Discovering Your Purpose for your Online Business

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Fundamental 2:


Communicate and surround yourself with likeminded positive people.

Look out for these types of people:

-         Communicate with likeminded people

-         Positive

-         Open

-         Compassionate

-         Motivating

-         Uplifting

-         Inspiring

-         Honest

-         Challenging

-         You need to re construct your life and surround yourself with people like this, who will lift you up to the highest point, your greatest place, believe me I’m telling you from experience that this is possible, no matter how difficult or low you are you can achieve unbelievable dreams.



I had to leave a close friend of mine and take them out of my circle of friends as I was constantly being surrounded by negativity and being hurt. It was such a difficult position to be in and understand. Friendships like that aren’t real, they’re not based on truth, love, kindness, compassion and aren’t full of possibilities and adventure. It’s a painful experience to have this realisation and detach your self from someone close to you, but if someone is miss treating you in some way then the best thing to do is leave them as otherwise you will be pulled down too.


‘You have to find out who you are, in order to know what you need.’


Taking your time to understand and evaluate yourself and your environment will benefit your future greatly.

Check out my final Fundamental tomorrow 

All my love,

Rachael Iris

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