Get Organized: One Sure Fire Way to Succeed in Business

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I am in awe...

I volunteered to assist fifth and sixth graders understand electricity and build an electrical circuit.

Their energy can be infectious, and they have the power to 'out-energy' any adult.  Instantly, I observed some magical gifts in action.  One of the students impressed me with the way he organized his work.  He followed the instructions as did the other students.  The method in which he organized and approached the problem left me in awe because working on a flat plain limited his vision of the problem.  The young genius assembled his wires to support the board so that he could work with a board that was propped up at a 45-degree angle.

The importance of being organized in business is one sure fire way to succeed in business.

I admire people who are organized because organization makes attacking problems easier to understand.  No matter what skill set a person attains or have acquired, organization is key to systemically approaching problems.

No longer are the days to just throw spaghetti on the wall of the fridge to see if it sticks to determine whether it is done.  The new way of attaching problems is using a methodical approach to solve problems.

Systemic thinking and acquiring organizational skills is key to running a business, to running a home, to running your life...

Some would say that throwing the spaghetti is a process.

That's correct, it is a process.

It is a process that requires a follow-up process unless you like the starch from the spaghetti to remain on your wall or fridge.

It takes more work.

Trust me, a systemic organization has a flow.

Organized systemic organizational skills allow things to flow because the problem can be analyzed at much deeper levels or at different angles.  It eliminates the need to constantly go back to fix the process and reduces the impact of fear.

The goal is to have a process that is seamless and allows me to get to my goal.  This is what made me stand back and watch the 6th grader work and acknowledge his organizational skills.  It was admirable.

The goal of the assignment for the 6th grader was to get his light bulb to illuminate.  Initially, it did not.

He was confident in his set-up and knew the energy source was not supplying power to his circuit.  He did not question his set-up, nor did he tear it apart and restart.  There was no need to sabotage what he had systemically built.

Immediately, he knew there were flaws in the physical system.  His process to think through the problem from the beginning helped him root cause issues with his system.

To his surprise, there were no screw drivers available for him to tighten his wires to the power source. He needed additional tools to get the light bulb to illuminate.

There are times when my light feels dimmed.

His process reminded me of how I have skills to go back within myself, to look at skills I have acquired, or tools that I need to progress.  I must go within to assess the tools in my toolbox to keep striving forward.

Thinking about the next chapter in my life can cause my light to dim from the amount of energy I expend to fetch and dig for the next thing.  But know, as I dig around in my toolbox, I emerge with a glow, a raised hand and a tool to acquire in this digital era to excel me into another phase.  This allows me to tighten my connection to my power source, my mind.

This is the type of organization that leaves me in awe because it is from an energy source I have tapped into.

An organized system that uses the laws of nature to prop me up as an individual is a gift.

I can use my gifts to move forward into a life that flows in pastures, prairies, or streams in which I have visualized as a young person.  I do not have to tear my life apart to start something new.  I look at what I have accomplished and know that I have built a successful internal system to complete and accomplish goals.  Sometimes, I look at my life from a flat plain, but today, I am propping myself up to see my process from a 45-degree angle and know the laws of nature will help me flow.

I invite you to do the same.

Stand back and admire what you have accomplished thus far.  It has been heroic.

Thank your universe and thank self.

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