How to Get 10X Times More Leads With This Simple Marketing Idea

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Learn How to Get 10X More Leads with Six Figure Mentors Elite Plus Member JoAnne Mbonigaba Freedom Mompreneur by Design

JoAnne, Here, Are you a business owner looking to more leads on your website? If so in today's blog post, I'm going to show you how to get 10X or more leads with this simple marketing idea!

This Simple Marketing Idea is Using a Lead Magnet!!!

Using a “Lead Magnet” as part of your marketing is the fastest, more cost-effective way to generate new leads (which you can then nurture and convert to profitable customers !!).

What is a “Lead Magnet”?

A “Lead Magnet” is something which makes leads flow to you rather than you having to chase leads. It is usually some sort of information that your prospect wants. It could be a free report, an MP3, a cd, or some sort of checklist.

How to Get 10X More Leads With This Simple Marketing Idea

Rather than featuring your company name, logo, and a bland offer for a free consultation (which we all know is really just a sales presentation) in your ads or homepage, may I suggest you feature and offer your “Lead Magnet”. People then go to your website to get a copy of your “Lead Magnet” in exchange for their email address. This tells you these people are interested in what you have to sell and more importantly, gives you a way to follow up with them and build a relationship until they become a customer.

How to attract future prospects who would be predisposed to do business with you……..
Most businesses miss out on customers because they only advertise to people who are ready to buy immediately. But think about it: when making a significant purchase, don’t you take the time to do some research? You consider your options. And although you may not be ready to buy today, you are ‘in the market’ and will likely make a purchase soon.

Well, a “Lead Magnet” gives you the opportunity to attract people who are ready to buy right now… AND… people who are planning to buy in the future. This can make a huge difference to the number of inquiries you get from your advertising.

For example, say you saw two ads, one ad offered you a free consultation.and the other ad offered you a free downloadable PDF on the 10 things you should avoid when purchasing or choosing X? Which of those two ads would interest you if you were planning to buy in the future? Which one of those ads would you click on if you were looking to purchase X tomorrow?

See how that looks from your customer's viewpoint? And many people just like you would make the same decision which would mean that those people would be joining your marketing funnel - many more people would choose that option for the free PDF and clearly signaling to you that they have an interest in what you are selling.  This would lead to more people you could communicate with, build a relationship with, and sell to in the near future. After they grab the PDF you can still offer them that "free consultation" and you would also likely get more yeses after they receive the immense value you deliver from the PDF and if not, you have their email address to continue to foster a positive relationship with them!

The Beauty of this simple marketing strategy

The beauty of a strategy like this is it can easily become a system. You create the “Lead Magnet” (write the report, record the CD etc.) once. You write an ad for the “Lead Magnet” or adjust your homepage to offer it. And as you run the ad or drive traffic to your homepage, the leads (inquiries) just keep coming — like bees to a honeypot.

So, if you want to generate 10 times more inquiries, try offering a “Lead Magnet” in your advertising.

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To your success,

10X The Leads You Attract To Your Business With This Simple TacticJoAnne, Freedom Mompreneur by Design

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