Is It Ok If Conformity Is Important To You?

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How long have you been following the crowd assuming that if the majority of people are doing something in a particular way that it must be the right way?

When was the last time you made a decision to do something purely and simply to satisfy a person or group of people so that you didn’t feel out of place or felt you were doing something wrong?

Or having the courage to take a risk that most others wouldn’t think twice about ?

Well let me tell you something you are not the first…

We go through our entire lives taking actions by conforming to the large majority to feel comfortable so that we 'fit in' and the desire to go along with the norms of a group of people so we can be accepted and not feel like an outcast. 

Statistics prove that 1% of the population earns 96% of all the money thats being earned globally, whilst the rest are working typically 9-5 jobs, trading their time for money having to depend on someone else for life's nessesities and not knowing why. while this statistic may be shocking and hard for some people to believe, it is true. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we must very smart, gain lots of qulifications such as university degrees with lots of experience and have to work really hard in order to live a comforable meaningful life, but that isnt so.

Earl Nightingale mentions in the strangest secret 1950 about a survey that asked 20 people why they got out of bed in the morning and went to work, 19 out of 20 had no idea and most reponses were 'everybody has to work' thats the reason they do it cause everyone else is doing it. Would that be a good reason to quit? Why do we continue to act like the 96% of people that are struggling their entire lives to make a living working 40-70 hours a week with no free time? yet the 1% that are earning 96% of all the money are working a fraction of that time, maybe not at all. there is something wrong with the system...


What is conformity?

Conformity is the tendency to align your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours to gain social acceptance with group norms in order to 'fit in'. The tendency to conform often occurs in small groups or whole societies, simply by following what others are doing to feel we are doing something in a correct manor. conformity can also be defined as yeilding to group pressures, group pressure may take different forms such as bullying, teasing critisism etc.

Conformity has influenced our lives in the way we are as human beings, the way we act, walk, talk and conduct ourselves to the way we dress and make decisions in our everyday life. It's in our nature as human beings to be socially accepted in our environment. We spend most of our time emulating others who we assume know what is right but more than likely don't know any more than we do. Yet we continue to make these assumptions that if people in the millions are doing something in a particular way that it must be the right way, so we continue to conform rather than actually keeping an open mind and studying what the people in the 1% catagory are doing to earn 96% of all the money thats being earnt.

Where Did We Start Conforming To The Crowd?


Take yourself back to your early childhood maybe your first day at pre school, all you ever wanted to was play and have fun with all the other children and whist developing basic skills such as speech reading, writing and becoming familiar with certain subjects such as our language, mathamatics and as we got older more other interesting subjects. In order for us to absorb all of this knoledge at such a young age with very short attention spam required some kind of disipine, usually from our parent or guardians and in some cases our school teachers during lessons.

Ever remember being in that classroom gazing out the window daydreaming about going over the park after school to climb that tree during a lesson whilst your teacher was explaining something important? you would all of a sudden snap out of it when your teacher would yell at you telling you to 'pay attention' then you were back in the room!  you may have been daydreaming but really you were just exercising a phenominal mental faculty which is our imagination. unfortunetly we stop using this faculty at a very young age because we are taught to follow instructions , follow what the people in our class are doing and this begins to have an effect on our subconcious mind which convinces us to be like all the other children.

At a young age it is very important for a child to be accepted in his/her environment with other children so that he/she makes friends and builds relationships. So in order for them to do this requires conformity so that other children accept them so and do not bully them for being different.

Once we finally reach high school and college we are at a point in our life where its time to start thinking about our career and what we want to do for a living. We may discuss this with our friends and family about a career, most of the time we make our choices on what other students are most likely to go with in order to feel normal and have some reasurance that we are making a good move, rather than making our own decisions and following our passions

We are given options of various different subjects to study and are advised on what qualifications we will need in order to get a postion in that particular career. We study very hard, finish our schooling maybe go to college or univerity to get further qulifications, we then go and apply for our first job but unfortunately we don't have the experience for the job we want, so we apply for other jobs hoping that something else comes up until finally we take the first job that gets a response which isn't our first choice but we take it as it's 'a job at the end of the day'. We accept circumstances as they are and do not make definate desicions on where we want to be.

Conformity has brainwashed us from a very young age throughout our childhood and schooling which has made us unaware of our individualtiy and talents. We are taught to follow order, and if we want to be successful to study really hard, pass all our exams to get a degree, go out get a 9-5 job and work for somebody who we will work very hard for to make rich, while we will struggle to pay our bills and keep our head above the water. Unfortunately school never taught us how to earn money but once we have woken up to the realisation that the system has failed us we can make a descion to learn how to make money without doing what the 96% of people are doing which is trading their time for money, conforming to the majority of people.

wake up today and take a look at the options you have in order to escape the system society has trapped you in from your childhood. Start an online business today, leverge your time by setting up multiple streams of income which will enable you to live life on your terms and be your own boss.


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