Lifestyle Change of a Young Entrepreneur

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Lifestyle Change of a Young Entrepreneur, after moving to Spain

Hey guys I'ma give you a little insight into how a lifestle change of a young entrepreneur (ie me, Danny) occurred. This blog post will be a touch lengthy just to get the foundations right and then from here on out they'll be short, to the point and full of that sweet, delicious value. Some of you may already know me but for those of you who don't I'm a 26 year old Australian. Ever since I was a young kid I KNEW that a 9-5 job was never in the cards for me, it makes me shudder just at the thought of being in that sort of position. Now I'm not saying it's a bad thing but it just isn't for me. I like to think of myself as a serial entrepreneur, just always looking for opportunities for business and growth. So in Australia I used to have bakeries with my parents, however in the Spring of 2014 my parents and I decided to move to Spain to setup an Australian restaurant and to grow it into a franchise. I was keen to do so because it would whet my entrepreneurial skills furthermore as well as force me to learn another language, live in a new country, so on and so forth.

Once we arrived my dad and I got straight into it and were on the hunt for our first location. After 2 weeks or so we had found the right spot for us and it happened to be situated near a Spanish tapas restaurant that too was on its path to becoming a franchise throughout Spain. Around 4 months later or thereabouts we were ready to open to the public and at this time the tapas restaurant had already been open for approximately 3-4 years. They really set the benchmark for us in terms of how many customers they had filling their many tables and the consistency throughout the week. 7 days after we opened we had to make some HUGE changes but I'll get into that in next week’s blog post. So as restaurateurs do, the owners of the tapas restaurant would frequently come to our restaurant to have lunch and I can only imagine keep an eye on their competition and in this porcess I had become to befriend the two Spaniards.

Lifestyle Change of a Young Entrepreneur   

me the day we signed the papers for our first location

As weeks passed I was quickly learning the unspoken language of restaurant ownership and just looking around the area where we were situated there were about 4-5 restaurants in throwing distance and it really helped my parents and I learn this vernacular, by which I mean, the demographic of people within our location, the eating habits of the people, why some days were busier than others and so on. However, the pinnacle of what we wanted was to be like the Tapas restaurant owners. We could see with each passing month that flew by (since opening the restaurant time just flies for us) we as well as the tapas restaurant getting bigger and bigger and each time they would come into our restaurant to have lunch I would converse with them and get a bit of an insight as to what they're doing to see if I can take some quality info from it.

One day they had informed me that they had finally decided after opening 4 restaurants under their own steam that they will be listing the business as a franchise, I was really awestruck just thinking that, that's exactly where we want to be, the whole reason we moved to Spain. So I would always keep a close eye on them (without being weird hahahah) they're basically "rockstars" in my eyes. But as the months rolled on and opening new restaurants expanding as far as even Mexico I could see that the stress and intensity was taking its toll on the husband and wife team. The woman had put on a lot of weight and well the guy was always a bit of a chunky lad, they're always glued to their mobiles yelling at contract workers, suppliers, employees, etc. It was then at this point, after experiencing what we already had during the ownership of just the ONE restaurant that we have, I thought wow, this is where I'll be headed if I want to continue this dream my parents and I had together. We came to Spain with the notion that once you go through the hard work of getting a franchise setup you then can kick back and enjoy the royalties (to put it bluntly), y'know, enjoy a lot of free time, travel, spend more time with the people we love and I can buy some cool toys, but watching this Spanish couple made me realize that this truly won’t be the case or at least not for another 10 years or so. This couple still have to come into work every day to their offices albeit in a brand new Porsche Panamera and have just recently gone on to buying a Hummer H3. I just knew that there has to be another way to reach that point and even surpass it through other avenues. I turned to the internet and was mesmerised by these entrepreneurs who now are my mentors and their names are Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. If you wish to know about the new journey that I have well and truly set off on, check out the cool little link at the bottom of the blog and if you’d like to leave a comment please feel free to do so. I love feedback whether it be good or bad, there is always something else that can be learnt from others (just be gentle hahahaah).
I truly appreciate so much that you’ve taken the time to read until the end of this blog and I promise that the next blogs won’t be so damn lengthy but to set the foundations right, you gotta do it right, right? Take care guys and speak with all y’all next week.


Danny Sirvent

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