Rap Funnels by Chris Record - How To Make Money Online Using RapFunnels

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Chris Record talking about the release of his new rap funnels


00:00:00: Check this out. If you guys are jumping on right now, you're catching this live. Congratulations in the comments right now. Let me know if you're watching live. If you're watching the replay, let me know. I'd love to be able to hear that. So let's kick this thing off today. I'm going to talk about rap funnels, a brand new concept, so that I've been doing for awhile, but it's brand new to most of you and literally let me give you a little teaser. I'm going to talk about some rap videos that I've done over the last year that have gone on and generated six figures, even seven figures and the entire process behind it. Now, this is not to inspire you to go out and make your own rap videos. If some of you want to do that, that's fine, but here's the thing. I have an entire set of unreleased rap videos.

00:00:42: I might even play some of them for you today that I'm about to release these rap videos, promote several affiliate offers, but I've done something very different this time. What I've done is I've actually taken these rap videos and I'm building out funnels and what I'm allowed, I'm allowed you to be the one to promote the funnels and make money, so imagine being able to promote a rap music video, and if a visitor of viewer basically clicks the link, that's your link, your affiliate product, and they go through when they buy something. Now, what if this was turnkey? What if this was fully automated? What have you had a way to be able to promote music videos, viral videos, even boost them with little $5 a day ads and make passive income from home without having to make the music videos without having to build the sales pages without having to do anything except you upload the videos to a fan page and if you don't have one, you can build one and we place a little $5 a day ad.

00:01:34: So that's it. There's going to exciting presentation. What I've got is I've got my computer, the screen here, I've got the white board, I've got you guys. We're going to have some fun and it's going to be value packed. Also, I want to let you know that I'm going to release the first ever announcement for the first group of 100 people. Now what this is is I'm going to do a case study, a test group of 100 new spots for people that want to participate in these rap video funnels, so if you have any like excitement about this, you want to promote these rap videos and get paid. If you'd like to make a thousand, 5,000, 10,000, whatever it is that you'd like to make extra money. By sharing my rap music videos, I'll show you how you can get paid. Also quick like little teaser bonus announcement if you will, a spoiler alert.

Traffic & Conversions rap by: Chris Record

00:02:16: If you are a Lifepreneur all in member, congratulations because I've already included you in the test group. So as you guys know, recently we launched life per manure, a brand new prelaunch offer. It did incredibly well. Hundreds and hundreds of people came on board. They're so excited. Well, if you are a Lifeprenuer all in member and you're watching this, congratulations because you are already part of the first Beta test group for the rap funnels. I'll be announcing that in the members area to you shortly. Now, for everybody else watching, stay tuned because I'm going to share what the concept is and how you can get involved. So with that being said, let's go over to the TV. So what are these rap video funnels? Well, there's a variety of different rap songs, if you will, that I'm making songs about ecommerce and shopify songs about funnels, click funnels, songs about consulting, a crypto currency, any kind of trending topic, you name it.

Shopify rap by : Chris Record

Crypto/Bitcoin rap by: Chris Record

00:03:08: So let's kind of take a look at this. In fact, let me make this a little bit bigger on the screen for you and I'm gonna show you something really cool with this. Okay. This is like literally these rap video funnels have three basic elements, right? Element number one is the music video itself. Okay? Over here on the left, you simply promote that music video. Now, how do you promote the music video you uploaded to your fan page? You boost it with some ads, you share it, and what happens is it starts going viral. I'm gonna. Explain how to do that. Second, the viewers, what they do is they click a link in the description and they go and they buy whatever offers being promoted. In this example, click funnels, rap video, promoted the click funnels offer, and then step number three, you earned passive commissions.

Click Funnels Rap by: Chris Record

00:03:50: You earn literally with clickfunnels, 40 percent commissions, so you're literally earning like $40 a month every single month per subscriber that ends up joining because of your music video. And in fact some of them even buy the $300 a month plan and you're making like triple that. So that is pretty powerful. Also, when members joined services like click funnels, they tend to stay on a lot longer, so it's pretty exciting. So anyways, it's a simple one, two, three step system. You're going to promote these rap videos, the viewers are going to click and they're going to buy whatever offers being promoted and you're going to earn commissions. So here's an example, right this video right here, Russell Brunson posted it from his fan page. This video, I don't know if you could see it in the small square in the bottom left, but it did one point, 1 million views, okay?

00:04:36: Right there in the middle of the thumbnail, one point, 1 million views on a music video. And that's what's powerful is because music videos have a chance to go more viral. Now look at this quote right here from Dave Woodward, who is the affiliate manager with over a million views and tons of new members signed up. This clickfunnels rap is one of our highest converting ads ever, literally. So if that doesn't give you like the social proof, what does? So here's the thing, in a world where there's a lot of noise, right? There's people trying to sell stuff left and right. Why not stand out, rise above the noise, and do something completely different. So what I'm looking to do is I'm looking to partner with several of you on these rap videos. What? I'm not encouraging you to go make them. In fact, it can be difficult, right? Uh, you could go out there and you could go invest a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of energy, and maybe it doesn't take off.

Entrepreneurs Got Choices rap by: Chris Record featuring Billy Gene

00:05:27: Instead, what if I do that heavy lifting? Okay, I've already written the raps. They're all about businesses. They're all about affiliate offers. We're filming the videos. What if every single time that I released a video, I can put it on a sales page for you, and then you could promote it with your affiliate link with permission. Now, let me be clear about this. With permission line, you see my content that I create is copyrighted to me, right? So you can't just steal other people's content, use other people's content just because you see my music video that I created. You can't just take right because of the music gets auto detected. I have the DMC a takedown notices. So what I'll do is I will give you permission to use the video. With my permission. I will give you the materials of what to do. I will teach you how to place the ads.

00:06:10: I will teach you what interests you want to choose and everything. It's a women's situation. Here's why it's a win win even though you're the one making commissions, like in this example, 40 percent with click funnels, even though you're the one making commissions, I'm getting a viral exposure if you will. Right? So I'm sitting there getting a lot of attention, a lot of I ran, a lot of exposure to my brand. So that's why I'm willing to do this as a win win together. I will help give you materials to help you make money and then you'll help give me exposure in return. And we got a lot of really exciting videos coming up. Let me give you a couple more examples here. So affiliate marketing on this dashboard right here, jv zoo, this is a company that has a lot of affiliate offers so you can sign up to be an affiliate here.

Rap Funnels - How To Promote High-Coverting Affiliate Offers Using Rap Videos

00:06:53: This is like my affiliate dashboard. You can see over there, $424,000 in commissions from promoting these offers. So this is significant money that could be made potentially in affiliate marketing. So, um, I'll get you set up with sites like jv zoo and clickbank and other sites, and eventually, uh, you might even start promoting your own offers. Like, look at this. I started promoting my own three point $9 million dollars there from those offers. So as you can see, millions of dollars in sales and sales and commissions have been generated just from these types of videos. Now I didn't start with viral rap videos. I started with like cool, like scenes, car chases, police chases, all kinds of stuff and graduated in, uh, music videos. I've been doing this for awhile. I know what works and I know how to make money from them. Here's like another example.

00:07:42: Uh, when we moved away from those big companies in our own merchant, five point $8, million dollars in sales from running these types of viral videos. Here's another example right here. Shopify rap, four point 3 million views on facebook right now. You could literally go, look, you can go to Google and type in shopify rap Chris, record facebook. You can literally go see for yourself. I'm not posting fake screenshots or anything. You just go shopify, rap, Chris, record facebook, you'll go see four point $3, million views. Now how do they get so many views? It's because what I do is I boost these videos with little $5 a day ads, so these little $5 a day ads to various different terms. So for this example, I might top, you know, take shopify rap. I might take the keyword shopify, put it into facebook ads and say, I will spend $5 a day to show this video to people interested in shopify something.

00:08:37: That symbol right there will help get the video. Thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of views for the price of a cup of starbucks coffee. Okay? This doesn't have to be complicated. So what I do is I start boosting it. Then after a while in the comments, people start engaging. They started tagging their friends, they start liking the posts, they started sharing it on their wall and what happens is it starts getting viral exposure, what they call organic exposure, and the more organic it goes, you don't have to pay for those views. So you might spend a few hundred dollars advertising a video, but then you might get the longevity of all these people sharing. You might get thousands of dollars worth of advertising. So you're getting a multiple for every $100 you put in. You might get a thousand dollars worth of advertising, but people don't share sales videos. That's the thing.

00:09:26: If you just upload a direct sales video promoting that product, people don't go viral in there. They don't go, oh my God, this video is awesome. They don't tag their friends, they don't joke about it, right? It's just a sales video. So what happens is you're only paying for views, but with viral rap videos, what happens is that you're getting organic and vitality from each one. So with that being said, I'll come back to that in just a second. I want to format it. But with that being said, I want to show you kind of like what it looks like as an example. So we talked about a couple of wraps, right? We talked about click funnels, rap.

00:10:03: we talked about shopify rap we talked about. We haven't talked about, but I'm going to talk about it consulting rap.

00:10:13: Okay, so we're going to talk about a few types of things, right? Each one of these follows a basic same type of premises. Okay? What you're going to do is you're going to take this video of each one of these videos I release. You're going to get permission, okay? You're going to basically come through our program. You're going to get access to the system that I'm using, the same system and everything, and what you're gonna do is you're going to upload this video to your facebook page, and if you don't have a facebook fan page, you can create one in just seconds, like literally in just seconds. In fact, why not create one right now to show you how simple that this literally is. Okay? So you can go here. You can create a facebook fan page. All you do is you go to facebook up on the top right, there's a little arrow that you can click to to draw down, right?

00:10:57: So in the top Arrow, you go up here and you go to create page and there's going to ask you a business or brand or community or public figure. Okay. Business or brand and community or public figure. And then over here you're just going to choose a 21. It doesn't really matter if she choose anyone and you're going to give your name and give your page a name and you might want to give this one like entrepreneur network, whatever it is, and the category doesn't even matter. Just put like marketing or something like that. And then you can put in this kind of stuff if you want and go through. Okay. Put an address right now. I'm just doing one. I'm just going to put a little thing right here. Sorry if I'm making something up. I uh, I wanted to just do something fast.

00:11:36: This page already exists. Sorry. Entrepreneur Club network. So you've got to get a page that doesn't exist. Entrepreneur Club network. A accelerated. Sorry, I'm just doing it live and going quick. Okay. Nevermind. It's not wanting me to set it up right now. The entrepreneur network, if it's given me a hard time, I'm not going to do it. The name is invalid. We have suggested, oh, it's all caps. The entrepreneur club network. Okay, sorry about that. The name was invalid. It was all caps. You just go in here and you create a fan page and you're going to go and you're going to upload a profile picture. You're gonna, upload a cover photo. Those are pretty simply, just use the upload thing. I'm just going to skip them for right now, and just like that, your fan page, you're going to have a profile picture and the cover photo you can use canva to do basically to put those together really quick.

00:12:29: Now that you have this, one of the first things you're gonna do is you're going to go up here and you're going to create a post, but you're going to create it with the video. Upload a photo or video. You're going to upload a video and you're going to post it right there. So you're going to create a post and you're literally going to put it right there. Okay? So what's gonna happen is you're going to describe it, you get to say whatever kind of copywriting you want, such as, hey, have you seen this amazing a rap video about click funnels. This is awesome. And if you guys want to sign up for click funnels for free visit, whatever, right? Something like that. You to say, oh my God, this video is awesome. Uh, all about all about sales funnels and internet marketing. If you guys want to get your free trial of clickfunnels, click here.

00:13:10: So happens is you're using my resources with my permission. You're uploading it, you're posting the link. But there's another step here at kcls symbol. This was, it just takes minutes. There's another step. Okay? So this right here is the video, instead of the video going directly to the clickfunnels offer, we tried that. So what happened was when we run, um, video direct to offers, they don't convert as well. For example, on the shopify rap, we ran it direct to a shopify affiliate offer. It didn't convert as well. That's introducing this second page here that you want to run to. The video is going to go to a what's called a bonus page. Now this bonus page is essentially going to have like, you know, whatever it is, like let's just say there's three bonuses that you get for free when you sign up for click funnels and now when you have a free bonus page, you can give something away for free here, or maybe three things for free.

00:14:05: What happens now is instead of saying on the video, sign up for click funnels, if you want to, you know, get a free trial. Now you could say, Hey, if you love this video, you'll love, here's a here's a free sales funnel you can use in your marketing, and then they go to this page where they get a free offer. They get something for free, a bonus people love free, and over here it says, if you sign up for clickfunnels using this link, you get this bonus, this bonus, and this bonus. Well guess who's linked? That is, that's yours. So you're able to use my videos with my permission and I'm making a dozen more right now. It's pretty awesome. You're able to upload them to social media, just that simple, and then you're able to go over here and you're able to go into a creative bonus that you give away for free.

00:14:48: Now, some of you might be saying, well, what do I give away for? I got great news for you. You don't have to give away anything for free. I'm going to go ahead and give things away for free on your behalf. I'm going to provide you with a bonus page that you can use with my bonuses that they can get if they sign up for click funnels, so now you've got an amazing marketing piece that nobody else has. You've got amazing bonuses that you're able to give away on top of the offer and you're able to just simply put in your affiliate link. Then from there, they actually go to the offer. In this case, it's clickfunnels and you are in 40 percent commissions, but it's even better than that because not only do you earn 40 percent commissions, but they have lots of different products that the person might buy, so you can potentially earn hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars from a single customer that actually drive through here.

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00:15:39: So put simply one video viewer could potentially be worth thousands of dollars for you, but the reality is not every single viewer is going to buy something, so you've got to get a lot of views. You've got to get a lot of exposure. Now what happens is that first you get a lot of views, but not a lot of clicks to your link, right? So a lot of people are watching the video, but not a lot or clicking the link, but don't worry. It's going to change. As the views go up, and as it starts going organic, you'll start to notice the clicks, the clinics, the clinics, the clinics, the clicks, the clicks, the clicks, they start trickling in. Then as this goes even more viral, once it gets into the hundreds of thousands or the millions, you just noticed that these just go crazy because at that point it's social proof.

00:16:22: People see this video going viral. Facebook starts showing it more, it starts getting organic reach and now the clicks just aren't coming in like crazy. They start flooding in. So what happens is people click this link and they go over here to this bonus page and this bonus page converts better than the direct offer and here's why. People would rather have things for free than pay for things. So if you come over here and say, here's a free gift just for coming here, and on top of that, if you ended up doing a free trial with clickfunnels will give you these three bonuses as well, and these bonuses are exciting. They're hyped up, they're like, they're fun, right? So that's how cool it is. I'm giving you permission now, not all of you are doing a test group of 100. I'm going to take 100 people on top of the life for newer members and let's be clear about that.

00:17:05: Again, if you are a Lifepreneur all in member, you already have access to this. That's how cool it is. If your life and they're all in, you've already been added to the group. I'm going to be rolling this out to you. This is what we've been working on behind the scenes, so check this out. If you become part of the first 100 people that are part of this test group, I'm going to give you some videos to promote. You're going to be able to promote these. I'm going to give you some ad copy, some example ads. I'm going to show you how I'm running ads to my own videos. Then you're going to get access to a bonus page that you can use to be able to sell that offer. You're going to log in and you're gonna. Add your affiliate link and you're going to be able to do the promotion.

00:17:40: From there. They're going to click the affiliate link. They're going to go over to click funnels and they're going to buy that offer. That's the clickfunnels one, and we're gonna do the same thing with shopify, so we're going to have a video all about shopify that you can use. It's going to go to our shopify bonuses which are massive, and then you're going to use your shopify affiliate links. So when people sign up for shopify, you earn those commissions and you guys we've earned. I'm like literally because of our 90 day econ challenge that I did last year, that generated millions of dollars, so these aren't like small little checks, right? These systems like what's the difference between an amateur affiliate and a professional affiliate and amateur affiliate likes the idea of just getting one sale here or one sale there and that's cool. I love the idea of small wins as well, but when you have access to a system that has been proven to generate millions of dollars online and you get access to that same system and you get coached by somebody who's generated millions of dollars online, you get shown the right system, the right sales funnel, the right ads, the right everything.

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00:18:41: Then you have an advantage over everybody else and nobody's doing this. Go show me right now something this innovative goes. Show me the list of people out there that are literally promoting viral rap videos that have invisible sales offers attached to them such as shopify, such as click funnels or what about consulting? You may have seen recently that I promoted and did a lot of work with Sam Ovens for his consulting.com offer. Well, we put together a consulting wrap. Okay. This wrap is awesome. Barely anybody's heard it. It's a phenomenal wrap. Putting together music video. This is going to be huge. I think it's going to be the biggest music video I've ever released and this video is all about being a consultant, Internet marketing and everything and it's fun. It's playful, but it sells the consulting.com program. How would you like to be able to use the video, use our bonuses for consulting.com that we're putting together for this and you be the one to make commissions.

00:19:39: How would you like to make commissions for this? It's what. Here's what it is. It's fun because for the price of a cup of coffee a day, $5 a day, you could be running an ad and at least seeing if you get some traction, you know, just let it go at $5 a day. It's affordable and if you want to speed it up and you want to get more views to your video, then do another $5 a day ad or do multiple $5 a day. Ads. That's what I do. What I'll do is I'll launch multiple, like little starbucks coffees if you will, all launch multiple little ads and then what I'll do is any ad that's getting a really cheap views, I keep that one running and any ad that's like over a penny, I freeze it. So what I do is I take only views that are at a penny or less and I'm going to show you how to do that.

00:20:22: I'm going to show you how to be able to run ads right here for a penny or less so you're getting a lot of organic views and then eventually you're gonna get the trickle, the flow and the flood and once you get the flood, you're gonna. Start seeing some results over here. Eventually you start seeing some purchases and once you see purchases, then you're able to reinvest that money back into advertising and making the video go viral. So let's say you're doing five a day, it's been almost a month. You've spent $100, you're not sure if it works, but then someone clicks and buys. Okay, and now you've made let's say, $200 in commissions on something. Well, you've just doubled your money early on, so now that you've gotten that small, when it's time to scale, now that you have belief that it's going to work, you play some multiple little $5 a day ads and you start to watch it and measure those and then you go and go and go, and then when you start to get sales with one funnel and you've got it down, then go take the next rap video and do it again.

00:21:16: Take the next rap video, do it again, or maybe you're on $5 a day ads to each one of these. And these are only a few. I've got so many music videos that we're getting to ready to release. So with that being said, let me skip ahead and let me show you. For those of you right now that want to learn a little bit about this. Let's go back to the TV screen here. So rap funnels. So first of all, let me give you that domain name right now that you guys can go to. To be able to register to be part of the first group. If you want rap funnels.com, that's it. Wrap funnels.com right there. Wrap funnels.com. Okay. When you go to [inaudible] dot com, you're going to come to this page right here. It's a playful like fun little page and it says, now accepting applicants for test group one, start earning commissions by registering below so you can see right here, it's simple.

00:22:10: Step one, choose a rap video from the preselected options downloaded to your computer, then upload it to your favorite social media site. Step to use our penny views strategy to start driving video views to highly targeted audiences. Step number three, track monitor and track the stats so you can see how effective the advertising is. Step four, convert use are high converting sales pages to turn viewers and buyers and earned commissions. Step five, repeat, choose another rap video and repeat the process. That's what I just broke down. rap funnels dot com. On the bottom, you're going to see a link register here for free and you're going to register here. This is going to be a live webinar where I'm going to break down the entire process for you. Wrap funnels, promote high converting affiliate offers, using exclusive rap videos and one cent views. I'm going to break down this entire thing.

rap funnels 3 step process graphic

source: rapfunnels.com

00:22:57: There's lots of descriptions here you can go through and you can read all this to learn a lot more about it. You can learn about the done for you system and everything, but this is going to be rolled out to live attendees, viewers first because we've already got one group, our first group that we already have is Lifepreneur prelaunch members who are all in any Lifepreneur members who went all in with us during the prelaunch. They're already going to be included in this of your part of life and our prelaunch. You don't have to do this. You're already going to be included. If you are not yet a life prenuer all in member and you want to be part of this, then make sure that you attend this Webinar to learn how. Okay, so I'm going to come back to this.

00:23:34: I'm going to come back to wrap funnels, but I have something else very exciting that I've really never shared before that I want to, um, that I want to share today. Okay, so we're going to do that right now and we're going to kind of segue into this presentation. We're going to get to another part. Let's go back to the TV screen. Let's make this bigger. Let's go through. So one of the flagship products for life for Noor is a product called digital agency builders, otherwise known as dap Dab. I'm going to refer to it as DAB that stands for digital agency builders. This is going to be the system that is going to give you a website that is going to help you upload your affiliate links. It's going to give you the affiliate offers, the bonus pages, a lot of really cool stuff.

00:24:20: This is going to be your system for making money online. See, there's, there's lots of things out there. I wanted to centralize everything, put it under one umbrella, make it very easy for everybody. So our flagship product is called digital agency builders. I'm going to give you a quick overview of what that is and on the on the Webinar, when I talk about rap funnels, I'll share more about this, but in a nutshell, digital agency builders has four components. You've got dabs sites, Dab community, Dab Academy, and DAB mastermind. So what I'll do is I'll briefly summarize each one of these and then I really want to dive into the Dab Academy today. So Dab sites, job sites are going to be your own agency website that is done for you, prebuilt for you. So for example, all you do is you go buy a domain name which costs like $7 at Godaddy.

00:25:10: In fact, there is coupons out there. You get domains for like a dollar or $2, so you go spend a few dollars, you buy a custom domain name. Maybe I'll buy Chris record.com for example, and then what you do is you go in and you map that domain name to your agency site. So what happens is I simply go in and says, what domain name do you want to use? I choose Chris Record and I map it over and now Chris record is connected with that website. Then I go through and I choose which template I want. Oh, I want my site to look like this. I click on the template and so now I have a site completely built for me. Chris record.com built for me. I've got a site template that I love. Then all I do is fill out a simple form. I add a logo, a business name.

00:25:51: I fill out a little details like what phone number, what email, what stuff like that, and then press submit. I have an agency site completely built for me in just seconds. Okay. This is how powerful the system is. It is called digital agency builders. These are called the DAB sites. You're going to have your own site and if you, if you don't have a domain already, you could just buy one really simple. I get Chris Record Dot Co, Chris, record dot TV, Chris, record, dot net, whatever it is. Okay. These dabs sites are where all of this is going to live. Okay, so what's going to happen on these dabs sites is you're going to have bonus page already built for you. You're gonna log in and you're going to be able to change your affiliate link on all these offers, so you're going to get a prebuilt site with everything there.

00:26:31: You're going to go swap out your affiliate link inside here and it's going to be completely done for you. This is revolutionary and the reason we're doing this is because this is what people want. We've been interviewing for so long teaching for so long. People really want systems right that are in place to be able to help them make money. Then once they have a system, I can train them on how to use that system properly, how to, how to advertise, how to market, how to drive traffic to their website, how to do branding, all of this kind of stuff. Once you have a system in place, I can walk you through step by step by step how to make money online and how to be successful, but without a system, you're doing this by yourself at home, without help, without mentorship. It can be hard, it can be frustrating.

00:27:14: That's the power of what we bring to the table. We're here to make your life easier, so that's dabs (Digital Agency Builders) sites. The next on the list is Dab community. Dab Community is because I don't have 20, you know all the hours in a day to help every single person individually, so what I've done is I've assembled a community, a network of other people that are in these agencies, and then you guys can all kind of collaborate and help each other and learn how to use the system. That way you're not in, you know you're in business for yourself. Don't get me wrong, but you're not in business by yourself. Okay? The next one we have is the DAB academy. This is the area that I'm able to provide a lot of training for you. As you can see, even right now, I love training. This is what I would do even if I wasn't getting paid.

00:27:56: I'm very passionate about training. I love it. That is going to be one of the places that I can train. That's what we're going to be able to bring in guests and help them train you, and then the last one there is dab mastermind, dab mastermind. If you've seen lately, I've been having a masterminds at my house, having masterminds around the country. At first he called on the penthouse mastermind, then we call it the Lifepreneur mastermind, but the topics were all over the place. We decided moving forward, the topics are still going to be all encompassing, but they're all going to fit under that agency umbrella, so every single mastermind we do is going to be a different topic underneath that agency. So one, one week we might teach, you know, a marketing strategy. Then the next week it might teach a sales strategy, you know, the next week it might teach, you know how to be able to drive traffic or advertising, whatever it is.

00:28:40: So Dab sites, Dab community, Dab Academy, and DAB mastermind. Alright, let's dive into Dab Academy. For today's presentation. I want to be able to show to you. Then I want to get back to the wraps. Okay. Dab Academy is a six week program. I've been working extensively on this and you guys have noticed I want a little dark on social media, haven't been posting much. That's because I've worked my tail off making this as good as possible. So it's a six week program. Week one is startup, week two is set up, week three is services week, forest strategies. Week five is sales, week six is scaling. Those are the six s's that we're going to cover. Let's break each one down. Week number one, agency startup, some of the topics that we're going to include are going to be whether you should do a niche agency or at general agency, whether you should do it solo or with partners, whether you should do it local in your market or nationwide or international, whether you, uh, and then how to set goals properly.

00:29:36: So like with your agency, I'm going to talk you through how to set up short term, mid term and long term. Then we're going to talk about whether you should start as a sole proprietor or whether you should jump into getting an entity like an llc or something like that. Next, how to create an agency umbrella, so literally the reason we're doing digital agencies is because it's an umbrella that's all encompassing. You can have your affiliate offers in there, you can have your trading in there, you can have your consulting in there and you can collect money in there. The agency umbrella is going to let you do so much stuff. You're gonna. Love the power behind that. Next, starting as a beginner with no skills before you actually set up your agency. We want to make sure that you understand how to do it.

00:30:15: As a beginner. A lot of the things that stopped beginners from getting started is they think, why would I have an agency when I'm not skilled yet? Well, we're going to teach you something called agency arbitrage, which means you don't have to be the one delivering the services. In fact, you don't ever have to talk to any customers. You don't ever have to show your face. Your agency can be no different than an affiliate link, right? There's a way to set it up. The last thing here is going to be mindset. How to have a multimillion dollar business mindset because too many people will join into something like a business opportunity and they'll treat it like a little fly by night thing. We're going to help you treat this serious because if you do this right and you follow the blueprint and the system, you'll be able to set yourself up for years.

00:30:55: We do not want to get you off on the wrong track. So week number two, agency set up. Okay, we're going to help you set up your agency website, your dab site. We're going to get your branding in place, help you get accustomed logo, help you get a domain name mapped, how to get a phone number, not so you don't have to use your personal cell phone. How to get a phone number where customers can leave voicemails, they get transcribed, stuff like that. How to get a branded email address. So instead of using like you know, Chris Record@AOL.com, you'd want to get something like your name at your agency Dot Com. A customer support. How to handle when support tickets come in contact forms for people to be able to contact you, how to set up a merchant account like a paypal or a stripe or something like that so you can accept money, cannot how to connect the social media profiles so you establish some presence for your brand, a legal disclosures at the bottom of every page if you're going to be advertising, you need the proper legal disclosures and then tracking codes, you know, be able to show you how to put in a facebook pixel, google analytics, basic stuff like that because you're going to want to retarget every visitor that comes to your site.

00:31:59: So what's cool is that there's no coding needed for any of this. To set this up, you're literally just filling out a form. Okay, very, very cool. We've been working on this and it's very exciting. Week number three, agency services. So these are now services that you'll be able to offer from your site, will be rolling these services out individually as DAB sites, roll out agency arbitrage. This is a service where you're learning to be able to arbitrage other people's services and basically resell reseller of other people's services. Funnel building right now is huge in demand. Every business out here on the street, I'm on the Las Vegas Strip almost. No, none of these businesses have sales funnels. Sales. You can learn that skill. You can do that. Copywriting consulting, article writing, email marketing, lead generation, search engine optimization, getting sites ranked, social media management, ECOMM sites like shopify, Youtube, marketing, facebook advertising, viral video campaigns, logo design, logo, animation.

00:32:59: Now these are services you can have on your agency site, but you might be thinking, wait, Chris, I'm not confident enough in these skills to be able to sell them. Well, don't worry, we've got a really cool system with Dab. Okay? Each one of these services is going to come pre installed on your web site with a nice little page outlining all the details. Okay? But you don't have to feature them on your site, so when your agency side, there'll be a section that offers services that you can offer. Just check the ones that you want to show. Also, if you want all of them to show that's not a bad thing because when they go to a learn more or go to purchase it, the second option is instead of letting them buy the service, they can get on the wait list for it.

00:33:43: You can say, this service is in demand. If you would like to be on the waiting list and have us contact you, fill out this field here, so even if you're not good at the service yet, like funnel building, you might be good in two months, three months or whatever, so they can go in and they'll fill out to be a lead to be contacted as soon as a spot opens. Now that you have a lead of a client interested in building a funnel, you can either improve your skills, get comfortable and do it yourself, or you can farm that out. You can go on and find somebody who's an expert at building funnels and say, listen, I've got a lead of somebody who's very interested. They own a restaurant. They want a sales funnel. I'm not confident enough. If I refer you that lead, can I get a kickback and I promise you everybody out there, we'll give you a kickback they would love to, so you can just basically have these services on your agency site and then you can find somebody to fulfill them and they could all be referrals or the third option, let them buy the service or let them contact you for a quote, so you've got all those options.

00:34:40: Option number one, don't even show it at all. Option number two, show it, but with a waiting list so you get leads. Option number three, show it and let them either contact you for a quote or let them actually buy it right there. So these are some prebuilt ones that were in the process of doing. We'd love to expand this out as we grow next week. Number four, agency strategies. Now these are really cool. These are kind of like services, but these are the strategies that you can use to grow your agency. I'm animated logo intros. I'm going to come back to that in just a minute. Social media audits, social media audits is really cool. I love doing them even for free. I'll just take a business and I'll go look them up. How are they ranked in Google, Howard? How do they look in Yelp, um, how to, how many subscribers they have on their youtube channel, how many views, how many followers on instagram do they have a facebook fan page?

00:35:27: What's the engagement like? So you basically take these 10 things and they're prebuilt on this little form. You take these 10 things and you give them a social media audit and you can say, hey, you're, you know, one out of 10 when it comes to youtube, but you're ranked seven out of 10 when it comes to yelp and you're ranked 10 out of 10 when it comes to google. So you can literally go through and give them a social media audit and say, based on this audit, you're doing a good job in google. You're doing a good job in youtube, you're doing an okay job on instagram, but you're doing very bad when it comes to facebook. You're doing very bad when it comes to list building. You doing bad when it comes to funnels. These are areas that we can help you out in, so it's really cool.

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00:36:03: Social media audits, viral video campaigns, because businesses are paying like twenty five cents a view. It's crazy. You can learn how to get views for a penny each or less held their videos, go viral. You dummy courses you to be courses is really cool. It's a great way to be able to get clients. I'll show you how to be able to do that. Men Create your own membership site, build your own sales funnels. Youtube tutorials. Okay, so for example, let's say that one of the services you offer is you know how to set up shopify stores. Let's say you set up shopify stores for clients. Well, I'll teach you. You go on youtube and you create little tutorial videos showing people how to do the thing you do. Okay? It's called giving away the farm. People used to be against it, but it's worked incredibly well for me.

00:36:46: For example, I'm right now, I've got steel in the background. I'll use him, so steals a videographer and one of the services he offers his videography. He'll go film things. They'll go edit things, stuff like that. That's how I hired him. It was a service he offered, but in order to market that service, he has to get himself out there. So if still went out and taught for free video tips, Hey, here's the cameras. I suggest. Here's the lenses I suggest. Here's the lighting. Hey, here's some cool editing techniques that you can use. Hey, here's some of the videos I did. Let's do a case study here. Here's a video I did will break down a 10 minute case study on everything I did and how I did it by him teaching for free. He suddenly now exposing himself and everybody knows who he is.

00:37:25: They know him, they like him, and they trust him because the value's there, but I don't want to do it myself. So even though I just watched all of his videos on the right lenses and the right lighting and all the greenscreen backdrops, if he's available for hire, nine times out of 10 people would rather pay the expert then try to do it all themselves. So one of the best things I'm going to teach is teach you how to go out there and create little mini courses on Udemy. Create little youtube tutorial videos, give away free value in whatever niche or expertise that you have to be able to get sales. Uh, what's next? Instagram growth hacks. You know, you're going to be able to show people how to grow their instagram consulting strategy sessions. That's another big one. Digital business cards. I'm not even going to touch this, but this topic is really cool and you're going to be able to help a lot of people with that press publicity.

00:38:12: You know, there's ways right now that you can get businesses written about in Fortune magazine, Forbes, entrepreneur, Inc, fast company, you know, all these different kinds of business insider. There's all of these different big websites and there's authors that write for these sites. Well, there's ways that you can pay to have these off offers, right, about your companies that you represent. So if you get a, you can get this client exposure on all of these online sites, get them some articles and link popularity, ranked well in Google. All you have to do is pay for it, and you mark up that service, that strategy to your clients. Now, review sites. This part I love. In fact, I love it so much. Let's take a quick pause and let's talk about review sites. Okay? So imagine right now that you had your agency, okay. And your agency, um, and it's all your MC built. The whole site is built. And imagine you had a category called reviews, okay? And under this category there's things that you review, okay? Let's say your review restaurants. Okay? Let's say you reviewed travel locations, like hotels, let's say your review golf courses.

00:39:25: Oh, let's say you review whatever it might be, right? You can even interview like Internet marketing courses, whatever it might be. Okay? The bottom line is you have an agency and you're able to set up reviews. So what we're going to be doing is building you the ability to be able to just fill out a form for each one of these things and press publish and then it's going to publish that review. Okay. So you're going to literally just choose a category like let's just take golf courses. I'm going to choose a category called Golf Golf courses and I'm going to go fill out this form, no coding needed, upload any pictures or any videos I want with it, press submit. And now I have a page where I have reviewed a golf course. Now, why is this important?

00:40:10: Legal Disclaimer, I'm not an accountant, I'm not a lawyer. I don't have any ability to give you any sort of licensed financial advice, legal advice or accounting advice, tax advice. But I encourage you, go ask your own accountant and ask them this. Say Mr. Accountant, Mrs. Accounting. Um, if I go to 10 golf courses and go play golf at 10 golf courses and then I take pictures, maybe some videos, and I review them for my site with the intention to make money from ads which will provide you with ways to monetize this. I have, you can tell them I have an agency and on this agency I have review pages and my intention is to make profit from these pages. So I need stuff to review. So Mr. Mrs. Accountant, if I go to a golf course, play a game of golf and then come and review it with the pure intention of making profit. Is that a tax deduction? Is that a ride off

00:41:07: to build this, make it profitable and day and make money? You ask them, right? Because what if you could flip instead of just going out socially instead of just going out to a restaurant and going out socially, how many of you take pictures of your food or better yet, how many of you make fun of other people when they take pictures of their food? Right? Because people do it. People take pictures of their food and it's funny, right? Well, what if you were making money by taking pictures of your food? Every time you go out eat, just take some basic things. When you're walking up, take a picture on your phone of the front of the restaurant. When you go in, take like little pictures like you don't have to be fancy. Just take little pictures. Go in. When your food comes out, take your pictures, take a picture of the menu, and then when you go here in the form, upload those pictures.

00:41:48: Put the name of the business, the location of the business, what kind of star rating you give them? What do you want to say about it? What are some of the things we both get it automatically populated thing right here and promote that business. Now, watch what happens as you're doing this. Now talk to your accountant, but in many cases the day to day activities that you used to do, if instead you started doing them for the purpose of making money on your review site, you can take normal day to day personal expenses and turn them into business. Write offs again, consult with an accountant on that one, but it gets even better because after you've reviewed all these restaurants, okay, after you review all these different restaurants or golf courses, whatever it is now you can go to, you can call them or contact them and say, have your assistant contact them, or you can access your sensitive you want, but have your assistant contact them and say, Hey, I'm Chris.

00:42:40: Record from record reviews is in town. He's looking for a couple restaurants to review on his side. He currently has 22 restaurant views. It's a very popular site if you would like to be considered with a restaurant or view. Here's his terms. Okay. His terms are, he will write the review for your restaurant and he will submit it to you and you will get to approve it or deny it. So for some reason you do not want to feature it on the site, you can choose to deny that if you want, but what's required is he's going to be in town, he'll have two guests with them. He's going to need a good table. You don't. You can't let the waiter or waitress know that he's reviewing, he wants a regular experience and the meal needs to be comped for two guests, no alcohol. It needs to be included.

00:43:21: Just a traditional appetizers, entrees, desserts, and standard nonalcoholic drinks for a party of three and do not let the waiter or waitress or staff know that we are reviewing the restaurant. If you're open to that and then you get the chance to read, read and approve or deny the review first. If you're open to that, then let us know and we'll schedule something. Think about the coolness of this. You can do the same thing with golf courses. Same thing with restaurants. Same thing with hotels, same thing, and they will comp it for you. Okay? Your agency as the agency umbrella gives you this kind of potential to be able to have an agency that's running affiliate offers, viral videos, services, getting comps and all kinds of places. Tax Deductions. This is what I'm talking about now. I'm not going to cover all that in today's video.

00:44:06: I'm just scratching the surface, but this is what we've been working on. So let's go back to the TV and let's look at week number five. So we can number five, we're going to get into sales. Okay. How do you submit, like we just talked about the restaurant thing. How do you submit these proposals? What is the legal contract? So you've got to send them over a legal contract. What does that look like? What's the template for that? How do you overcome objections? So when a client says, well, everybody's hitting you up with these services, how are you any different? How do you. How do you take notes? How do you turn those into yeses, right? Customer reviews, how do you get better customer views? How do you get case studies? High ticket sales? Well, like for example, I'm going to give you a case study of how a, I did a quarter million dollar client.

00:44:47: I'm going to talk to you about that high ticket level. Some clients out there will are glad gladys spent 30 or $50,000 even a month with you to help them. We're going to talk about invisible selling. Invisible selling is amazing because you might only be getting a $2,000 a month from your client, but you might be making an additional $5,000 a month invisibly. I'll show you how that works. We're going to cover tax, legal, and accounting when it comes to sales, how to set up a business bank account so that the clients can work directly with your business. It also creates a level of, um, uh, you know, protection over liability for anything personal that you might have. And then sales scripts, we're going to cover some actual scripts you can use to start to sell. That's week five and agency sales week six agencies scaling. So now you've got a successful business.

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00:45:30: It's growing. How do you scale it? We're gonna talk about outsourcing. Outsourcing is really cool. For example, all those services that I named it, the client paid you right now, you can go directly to upwork and go find those services. We might even look at that in a second. Uh, how to build a team, how to delegate tasks effectively. As you know, I've been running teams of people for the past several years. At what point the team got up to as many as a hundred employees. Uh, so I know how to delegate tasks. I've learned a lot about that. I'll help you with that. Agency software. What software should you use for your agency to be able to help automate things? A joint ventures. How do you, how do you JV and partner with different other businesses? The same way that a real estate agent might partner up with a loan officer.

00:46:11: They're in the same industry. They offer a complementing services but noncompeting, right? A real estate transactions need alone. These lenders need an agent so you can find in your agency these complimentary businesses and joint venture with them, uh, how to manage partners, how to work with partners, and eventually selling your agency. If you build this up and you've got a beautiful done for you site affiliate offers, traffic, revenue, you've got everything. There's people that will pay you like five times your earnings a seven times their earnings, much that for your agency and at some point you might want to say, hey, I just want to exit travel for a couple of years. Nice big payday. So that is that. That's the program right there. Let's go back to remind you of what we could do here. So what I want you to do is go to wrap funnels.com rap.

00:47:01: Go back to right here, go to this side right here, rap funnels.com, and I want you to register to this Webinar, right? Everything you need is right here. What I'm going to do on this Webinar is I'm going to break this down in detail. We're going to go through the course. We're going to go through the what like how we're laying out the sites. We're going to go through the flow. We're going to go through this process. You have to be approved. If you are in life prenuer all in member, you're already preapproved and everybody else that wants to learn more, get on this webinar. Now, this webinar will max out, so register here, wrap funnels.com. Go here and these always max out. If you've been on my webinars, you know that it always says no seats available. That's because Goto Webinar only allows 1000 people, but that's good for me because I can't have too many people because on that Webinar we're going to allow 100 members that are not currently live prenuer all in members.

00:47:54: We're going to allow 100 additional spots to be able to participate and we're going to show you how you can do that, how you can join with us, how you can be part of this early move here. So I'm very excited. This is a very exciting concept. On that Webinar, I'm going to break down in detail the vision of life manure, the vision of our flagship product, digital agency builders, how the sites are going to look, how they're gonna, work together, how you can have your own site, or you can have your own rap funnels, how you can have your own done for you affiliate offers. I'm going to break it all down. The last thing I wanna talk about here is I'm going to show you the potential, um, on your own time. You can go to this site right here, up work.com on your own time.

00:48:34: Go here, go to upwork.com. And literally there are freelancers, outsourcers that are great at tons of skills. Whatever it is you want. So let's say that a client is willing to pay you for, let's say logo design. You just go up to the top and you type in logo design right there and you can search it and you could find all these different freelancers. Okay? And you can make it us only if you want to work with somebody. I'm, I'm in the United States. So it asks if I want to work with other people, US only or I can change it and I can do an international wherever it is. And then there's like lots of filters. Look at all these filters. Um, how much have they earned? Meaning, how much have they been paid on upwork? If they've made over $10,000 on upwork, you know that they've been doing this for awhile.

00:49:17: Job Success Rating, 90 percent success rate, hourly rate. Look at this $10 and below you can find logo designers for $10. And below is crazy, right? How many hours they build, all this kind of stuff. Last activity, any category filters applied. So right here you can just kind of go through. Um, let's do, let's do people that are 30 to $60 an hour and look, it's going to change it. So here's Lauren, $50 an hour. Uh, so what I'll do is I'll contact low lauren and I'll go look at our portfolio and I'll go look at this stuff that she's done. I'll contact her and say, if I were to give you a logo design project, how long would it take you to design the logo? Right? On average? And she might say four hours, let's say, so your $50 an hour, so you charge $200 for a logo design and she might say roughly say instead of paying you hourly, can I pay you per logo designed, kind of pay you $250 per logo and maybe you give me like three revisions.

00:50:10: And she goes, okay, that sounds fair. So now you've contracted $250 a logo with Lauren. So now you turn around and on your site you offer logo design. You use our preset template, you offer logo design, but you charge maybe $500. This is called agency arbitrage. Lauren is going to be the one designing the logo and you're going to be the one finding the clients that want logos and middle manning in between. So what happens is they pay you $500, you turn around and you get lauren contracted to do the work. Okay? So now Lauren gives you the first version of the logo based on what your client wants. You go back to the client and say, here's the first version. Do you have any feedback? Do you like it? And the client didn't say, member client, you have three revisions. The client goes, oh, I'd like it to be like a different font.

00:50:54: You go back to Lauren and go, I'd like it to be a different fun. Lauren gives it to you. You give it back to the client. Go, do you like this font? The Congo's? I'd like it blue. You go back to Lauren, can you make it blue? You go back again. The client goes, done, boom, transaction, done. You Pay Lauren, the 2:50, the client's already paid you. You've collected the money on it, maybe collected half upfront, right? Whatever it is, half upon completion, and then boom, you made $250 for doing what? For Middle Manning, a couple of back and forth emails, but you don't just do this for logo design. Look at all the different types of services that they offer. You can do this for marketing services. Design services, article writing, you could do this for blogging, you can go to these big influence entrepreneurs and say, listen, your busy, but you have big influence and I noticed you don't have an active blog.

00:51:37: I would love to help get a blog designed for you. I've got an article writer that's going to go through your youtube videos and be able to start writing content based on what you're already teaching out there and then what they'll do is the right content and all you have to do is approve it. I'd love to be able to build your brand on the blog, a little bit of bill to build your presence. Here's my charge. It's completely hands off. All you have to do is approve them and at certain point you can auto approve and say, this looks good. I'd love to have you as a client, and then if we do get on blogging, I'd love to get in some other stuff and there you go. Middleman. It middleman it right there. So there's so many things you could do. Okay? Go to upwork, look at all the different services you can do. It's amazing. Now the last one I want to talk about is. This is a really cool one. Okay. This one is called logo animation. Okay. Logo animation, so most businesses have a logo.

00:52:36: Okay. If you go, if you go to almost any business, any website like upwork, they have a logo up there on the top left, but while most businesses have a logo, very few have an animated video version of their logo. Why would they want one? Well, because every time they upload a video of any kind, a sales video to their page, a video on youtube, video on facebook, anything. It's really cool to have an intro. It adds credibility. It makes them feel good. It makes them look a little bit better, but they don't know how to do this themselves. That's a skill that people don't have. They don't have the software, they don't know how to do it. Here's the good news for you. There is software that you can get a few different types of software that you can get for like anywhere between like 50 to $100.

00:53:17: You can buy software. Also, there are outsourcers that you can use if you want something a little bit more complex and again, then you're like 100 to $300. Okay, so literally you have outsourcers and you have software that will do the job for you. All you need is a logo, so check this out. You go and you find businesses that have a logo. You download, you don't have to talk to them, you download the logo, you run it through this software, it spits out an animated intro for you, and then once you have that animated intro, you put a little watermark on it and you send it over to the client and you say, Hey, I really liked your work. I've seen your stuff online. I went ahead and did an animated logo for you. If you like it, I'd be glad to take off the watermark and just give it to you for free.

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00:54:01: All I'd love is a testimonial. That's it. I'll give it to you for free in exchange for testimonial you down. They're like, heck, it's free. Sure, and so now what happens? You've got a testimonial here that once, twice, three times, four times, five times. Now you've got little testimonials. This, hey, Chris Record's great. My animated logo was great. It was timely. I love it. Now, instead of giving it away for free, now I can go to a client and I can say, Hey, 100 bucks and I'll give you this logo. My normal cost is $5. I'll do it for $100. So now what happens is you start doing these animated logos, but here's the cool thing. I right click and download this logo. I go in here and I press submit and within a minute I've got an animated logo intro that I can email to the client so I can make 100 bucks for a minutes worth of work.

00:54:41: It's an Austin strategy. This is going to be built in to your agency website. Now we've even got a pricing strategy for it. Okay, so I'm just going to give you an example. You've probably all seen these pricing charts. You know where it's like, you know, like this is like a good deal. Let's just say this. This deal is for one logo, this one is for five logos and this one's custom. Okay, so let's say you've got pricing. Okay? And let's say one logo. Let's say one logo is $250. Okay? Let's say, uh, let's say five logos is $500 and let's say custom as you can either put a quote like 2000 or you can just put a quote. Okay? So why is this important? Because on your website, if you have a page that shows examples of your work testimonials from these free people and then it shows these prices.

00:55:42: Well if it's $250 to do a logo or 500 for five or 2000 and you're going and you're willing to give it to them for $100 because you liked them already, that's a huge deal. Okay? So what happens here is they get one logo. What? What you do as you say, simply upload your logo, choose a theme, like an animation theme and submit. And then this one, maybe you give them like a 72 hour turnaround. I'll have your logo back to you within 72 hours. Okay. This is $250. If they do five logos, then it's only 100 each. Now you've got to kill our deal. So instead of 250, it's $100 each. If they do five same process, they have the same three steps, but they get to do it for all their logos and maybe there's more themes to choose from. So all they do is they literally go and they pay the fee after paying the fee, they go to the thank you page, upload your logo, choose which theme you want, Upload Logo Number to choose which theme you one Logan, number three, choose her steamy one and that's it.

00:56:44: And you do this for five logos. They can upload all five and then over here custom a custom quote right here would be disliked and fill out a form and then that's where they're like, I want my logo to do this and that and say, okay, I'll get a quote for you. And then what you do is you take this information, you go to upwork and you go over here and you type in let's just it and logo animation, okay, you type in logo animation and you're going to find somebody like these kinds of people that can do animation and you can hire them. Or here's another really cool thing. There's a site called videohive.net, and you can go to videohive just like this. Their sites like this videohive, okay. And then right here, all these different things just put m logo, Stinger logo, stingers, and I still search.

00:57:35: You're going to learn all this and there's just all these different types of ones you can get. You can get any one of these, you get to see them all. Just play one right here on the screen. It's an animated logo right there, giving you a bunch of different styles. Cool. Like little stuff like that. And then it eventually turns into a logo. So you could literally just have these templates and then boom, their words come on it. Modern batter. So you can just have these templates on your site and you can say, hey, would you like your logo like this? People don't know this exists, right? It's he gives go to any one of these. Okay, here's this one. And you see all this stuff flying around on the screen. It all comes together. Boom. The logo pops in the middle, a little glare comes over with the ball.

00:58:14: They show it again, a slightly different style. They usually show you like two or three styles, stuff like that. So literally that's how simple it is. You can get a quote, you can say, hey, here's all these fancy logos and you can charge a thousand $2,000 for that. And then all you're doing is you're going to basically spend $15, you're going to buy the file and then you're going to go over and find somebody who has the ability to be able to edit it, you know, and it shows everything is built directly inside of after effects. So the program that they are using is a program called after effects.

00:58:46: You just type that in the search bar aftereffects instead of a logo animation after effects, and here's all these people that are specialists with after effects and you talk to them and you say, Hey, if I buy one of these off of theme forest and I give you the logo and that, how much would it, how much would you charge? I had people that were charged that were very good. They were charging 20 bucks for that, so $15 plus 20 bucks. I'm in it like let's say 35 or $40 and I'm over here and I'm able to charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for the same service arbitrage. All I'm doing is I have a website that's set up to collect money and I know where the solution is for the people to do it and I'm providing a valuable service to the end user because otherwise they would have already done it.

00:59:25: So the cool thing is is that you can set all this up and by having this right here, you can tell people, hey, if you buy the $500, even if you only have one logo today, don't worry, contact me when you want to do the rest. Because remember when they fill this out, it's only taken you a couple minutes to do it and you can do a 72 hour turnaround per logo. You guys, this is the future. Now in a nutshell. Let me give you the. Let me give you the big picture of what we're doing here. We are about to roll out the public launch of Lifepreneur and the flagship product digital agency builders Dab. Okay? And what we're gonna do is we're going to give you a dab site. We're going to give you access to the data community. We're going to give you training and the academy, and then access and ability to come to a DAB mastermind.

01:00:07: We're going to give you all the different tools wrapped up in one. We're focusing more on a done for you solution. And we're starting with something very, very creative, which is a rap video funnels. Let's go back our rap funnels, giving you the ability to be able to have access to our wraps, have access to our bonuses, have access to the offers, have access to the ads to be able to drive traffic. If you are interested in being part of this, what you need to do is you need to visit rap funnels.com, rapfunnels.com, and register for the Webinar, attend live with us. We're going to be selecting the first group after we get that first group going, get them the information we need. We'll see if we can open it back up. But that's it. That's all that you have to do. So I've spent some time with you today.

01:00:52: I've shown you behind the scenes what we're doing, what we're working on, how we're doing it all, and I'm excited about it. So if you have an interest in getting your own agency as an umbrella, having arbitrage services having done for you sales funnels where you don't need to know any code, you just click a link, map your own domain name to it and drive traffic using $5 a day ads. If that is a dream system and you're, you're excited about what we put together, let me know in the comments. I look forward to reading every single comment. Feel free to direct message me and most importantly, go to rapfunnels.com. When you do, it'll pull up a nice fun little site like this, read it, register for the Webinar, make sure that you are registered and I look forward to seeing you Tuesday, July third at 6:00 PM Pacific, 9:00 PM Eastern. Would that be insead? I had last year with you guys? I'm out.

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