Starting Your Online Business-Eagles and Chickens

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                undefined    What is it that stops

many of us from our own online business?

   What would an Eagle have to do with a Chicken, or with a business? Many obstacles can face an online entrepreneur. When starting your online company, the Eagle in this adaptation of the story can help us understand the power of our dreams and conversely, the seduction of negativity. 

   Starting Your Online Business-Eagles and Chickens

      A forest bordered the rural farmstead in this story. It was the same part of the farmstead where the henhouse and its yard were established, and at the edge of that forest stood the tallest tree of them all. It towered over the chicken yard and the rest of the forest trees. This same tree is the one that was chosen by a pair of mating Eagles and their nest had two Eaglet eggs in it which were close to hatching. Before that could happen though, one night a severe storm engulfed the farm and surrounding areas. In the early AM hours, ferocious winds from that storm had whipped up in strength, beating down on the area, and upon the farmstead. The old tree with the Eagle nest in it, strained and creaked in the fierce wind, and then started to topple. The two Eagles were terrified and tried to fly away from the nest but were caught in the branches, getting crushed and killed when the tree fell to the ground. The force of the tree hitting the ground had also caused the eggs to be ejected from the nest. The first Eaglet egg flew into the air and broke into pieces when it smashed into the hard earth of the chicken yard, but the second egg landed in a soft patch of grass and the momentum caused it to gently roll toward where the entrance of the hen house was. 

     After the storm ended, when the first rays of sunshine started to appear, the oldest hen carefully stuck her head out of the hen house and ventured out, followed cautiously by the others. She noticed the Eaglet egg and somehow got it to her nest on the floor in the hen house. Once there, she treated it as one her own eggs and a few days after, that egg hatched with her own eggs hatching shortly after. Some days after, the farmer took note of this odd looking chick and thought it might have been one of the Eaglet eggs that used to be in the Eagles' Nest. After the storm, he found both of the dead Eagles and the ruined nest when he was doing the clean up from the damage and figured that this chick egg must have somehow survived all of that. Thanks to that the old mama hen, this eagle hatched and the farmer allowed her to continue to raise it. Soon though, the differences were obvious.The young Eagle grew in strength and soon dwarfed the other chicks.

     .Starting Your Online Business-Eagles and Chickens

     The young Eagle grew up with the other chickens and acted like a chicken, and even tried to look like a chicken. One afternoon, the young Eagle was outside like normal with his brother and sister chickens, and all the other chickens he knew were all outside together in the yard with them. He was contemplating again on how he felt like he was all alone, like an outsider, like he didn't belong there; but on this day that feeling seemed to be a lot worse than on other days. Every day, the chickens would peck at the dusty dirt in the yard to find any feed that was missed or bugs that might be hidden and on this day, just like the other chickens did, the Eagle also flapped his wings too but he did it a little harder this time. His bigger and stronger wings kicked up a lot of dirt and dust went everywhere. The Eagle gloried in how strong his wings could flap, but the chickens of the yard bitterly protested against what the Eagle was doing, including his brothers and sisters. After the dust would settle, however, they were all too happy to take advantage of the seed and bugs that were exposed. The overly aggressive wing flapping of the Eagle was absolutely frowned upon by the other chickens, as was any unnecessary attempts at the short hops of flying around in the fenced yard. This simply disturbed the routine of their day too much. This bothered the Eagle a lot and while sullenly contemplating this, a glint of sunshine from above caught the young Eagle's eye, but this was unlike the sunshine from any other typical sunny day. This time, something was different and although he didn't realize it, a hidden force inside of him was coming alive.

     Starting Your Online Business-Eagles and Chickens 

     The young Eagle looked upward and noticed another bird flying that looked like him. It was another Eagle. Instead of flying on by, it noticed the young Eagle on the ground in the chicken yard and it watched him from above while circling the farm once. After it finished circling the farm, it lifted it's head and sighting the hills beyond the farm again, it resumed the path it was on and flew away. The young Eagle started flapping his wings with all his strength. Such a cloud of dust stirred up in the yard that every chicken was protesting, squawking, and running away. The Eagle felt his body being pulled up and along the ground toward the direction of where the other Eagle was. He lifted off the ground higher and higher, eventually clearing the fence of the chicken yard. Soon he was at the treetops, then above the farm, and he circled the farm while peering down at the chickens in the yard as they became smaller and smaller when he climbed on the currents of air. Looking at all the chickens one more time, he felt a strong gust of wind moving him along as it caught his feathers and lifting his head, he saw the other Eagle off in the distance. That Eagle was soaring up high on the wind currents. The young Eagle understood now. He trained his eyes on his new destination and without even looking back at the farmhouse, he soared off in his new direction to join the other Eagle in the distance, forever leaving the farmstead in his past.


     When starting your online business, it can be very easy to lose sight of your dreams due to where you currently are. It does require bravery on the part of an entrepreneur to step out and take risks on their dreams. For me, I can recall how loved ones and friends around me would often rebuke me or be critical of my plans to better myself, saying things like "That won't work." -or- "It's probably a scam." -or-"If it's so great, why aren't more people doing it?" It would have been easy to agree with their negativity and give up on my dreams, but that would have meant that an important part of me would have died. They may have meant well but they are like the chickens in the yard. In their case, they also have a self-imposed imaginary fence that keeps them there and prevents them from doing better in life. They did not like me 'flapping my wings' and disrupting the yard. In their minds, it was better to be still and play it safe.

     Instead, I ventured into some small businesses. Although I did have some success there, they truly were not scalable and they ran me, not the other way around. The 'chickens' around me gladly wanted to take part in my successes and would credit it all to good luck, being careful to add that it does not happen too often. I had to close those businesses as the limited success came at too great of an expense. I also stopped asking the 'chickens' for advice. A friend of mine who became well off thanks to his company he started, gave me some advice. He asked, "You want to see your dreams go somewhere? Then stop taking financial advice from broke friends". That was a  -wow-  moment and very true. Don't go to chickens to ask how an Eagle should fly. I have seen other people do well in life, like my well-off friend, with time freedom, the ability to live out some of their wildest desires and who can write their own paychecks. I had my own dreams like them and I knew then that I was an Eagle like them, but I seemed to be stuck in a chicken yard. I stopped worrying about those around me and using wisdom, I sought out a good online business that I could do. 

     Starting Your Online Business-Eagles and Chickens 

     I thought to myself "Like I learned in college, 'starting your online company' was not some kind of catchy phrase." Instead, it represents a wonderful and exciting new market where I can create my own online company and use it to do well. Not caring about the 'chickens' in my yard, I flapped my wings even harder and took off, literally leaving the yard and leaving them in the dust. I don't want my face in the dirt pecking for crumbs so I have opted to fly like the Eagle and feel the wind on my face with no limits on how high I can go. I had to let go of the toxic environment that I was in and gladly learn to live in a new environment that fosters my success. If you are not a 'chicken in the yard' but you have dreams like I do, and the drive to act upon them, then you need to find out what you have been missing. Free information for the start-up of your online business lies in wait for you, yours for the taking when you click on the link below. The answers you need will be explained there for you in a free 7-day video series. The obstacles have been removed so there truly is no excuse to prevent you from being a bold entrepreneur and inquiring within. This is a first step in learning how to fly like an Eagle instead of being grounded like a chicken. Much success to you on your journey!   

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