The New Version Of Success...

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The word Success is probably one of the most widely used words in Business. Particularly in the Western World. It conjures images of financial and business achievement.

Businessmen and Women wearing Armani suits carrying expensive looking suitcases brimming with what I imagine to be stacks of bundled hundred dollar notes. Deals, meetings, clever negotiations in large, fancy rooms behind closed antique doors. Power, Greed, Boardrooms, Affairs, Money...

Growing up, I watched my fair share of television.

I watched movies and series portraying Corporate America and the game they called success.

It formed a perception of what success was in the world and how I needed to be to achieve it.

The type of person I needed to become, beliefs I needed to adopt and the sacrifices I needed to make to achieve it.

Like most, I chased the idea of success. And that idea was money.


I didn't know any better. I just blindly followed societies perception of what success meant, thinking that this was how I needed to be. I didn't know details, the only thing I knew was that I had to make a lot of money if I wanted to be successful.

My focus was "how do I make a lot of money?"

I went out looking for businesses, opportunities, seminars, franchises, that sold the promise of making lots of money. I stumbled, fell, lost money, friends in my pursuit of success. Time passed. And with it, change happened. And through it all, I made discoveries.

Success, I have learned is not about money. It's about what it means to you. It's about what is important to you. Success for me is living a life I love from a space of personal well being. It's about Integrity, Human and Spiritual connection, Freedom, Well Being and Fun.

Finding your success is a personal journey.


What is valuable to you may be different to what is valuable to someone else. You could be passionate about skin products, well being, nature, the planet, science, bicycles, travel, a particular lifestyle, having a family, it could be anything.

I love creating. Expressing myself musically and through the written word. I also love freedom, the ability to work when and where I want, earning as much as I want. And I love helping people. 

It's not easy. It's very very challenging. But the skillset and opportunities far outweigh the hard work.

The New Version Of Success is about YOU. It's about knowing exactly who you are, and what values are important to you. And it's about pursuing that with complete transparency, honesty, and openness. Gone are the models of hidden fees, and charges. Hiding secrets and marketing strategies. Presenting yourself honestly and with integrity allows the buyer to make up their own mind about you.

The market is open. Information is readily available. And the only difference is how aligned you are within yourself and what you value. How important is what you hold dear to you? Because the greater the meaning it has for you the greater the belief the marketplace will have in you.


It's time to transition. Shift your mindset. And that shift starts with taking a true account of who and where you are right now. It's time to air out old outdated beliefs and systems and adopt new ones. Beliefs and systems that will benefit you and the world.

The world is awakening.

It is changing. And you can be at the head of that change. You can be "The New Meaning Of Success!"

And when you are...The world will follow.

- Sotir Ivanovski  

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