What Is Important To You?

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Money, Money, Money, Money, Right! Well, not exactly. Let me explain.

Growing up, I was the youngest of four. Eight years younger than my brother and eleven to my sister. I beamed with pride and awe whenever we were all together. I'm not sure exactly why I just remember feeling excited. These early memories determined what was most important to me. Family, Connection, Human Well Being.

To master your life, you need to get clear about what you want to dedicate your life to. And dedicating your life to something requires you to be clear on what you value most. Setting random goals doesn't work.

Everyone is about setting big goals. Weight Loss, Career, New Years's resolutions, five-year plans, in fact, the current western psychology is saturated with the idea of setting goals. But if your heart is not in it, you will go nowhere. You might lose a few pounds, but unless it is meaningful to you, then be assured those pounds will pile back on.

There is nothing wrong with goals, but without your stamp on them, they are meaningless. Inside you are values that you hold dear. And when you align those values with your goals, that's when the magic happens.


You need to determine what is the most important to you, and then set goals that align with these highest values.

What YOU value will be different to what some else values. That's why certain things work for some and don't for others.

What you Value is your trademark. It is your energetic blueprint. It is who you are. It is what you're about. Dedicating your life to your highest values will not only excite you but will inspire those around you.


Determining your highest values:

Step 1: Schedule some uninterrupted time with yourself.
Go somewhere that inspires you. Take a pen and paper. What is your biggest passion or problem?

Step 2: Leave your kids and mobile at home. Seriously, if you want to access your highest values, then you need no intrusions. What area of your life do you want to radically change or improve?

Step 3: Do Not Judge. What you value, is what you value! It is you! And it is valuable. You are a unique signature of creation, with specific qualities. Being clear on what your highest values are is liberating. Who or what inspires you? Why?

Step 4: Set goals and prioritise them staring with your highest value, cascading down to your lowest value. This way you are giving your time to what is most important to you! 

Step5: Visit your visions and goals daily preferably alone, somewhere where you can let yourself go. Feel, smell, see, touch, live the goals as though you already have them! And above all feel the Gratitude as though you already have them!

Step 6: Let go. Letting go of what is not valuable to you. If you cannot Let go, then delegate. It will free your energy up to focus on what is most important to you.


Now you are rocking! You are clear on what is most valuable to you. You have created goals that align with your highest values. And you have delegated your lesser values, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture.

Remember, It's your life. One and only. When you make what is the most valuable to you a priority, then, the world will act accordingly.

- Sotir Ivanovski


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