A Low Point on the Journey to Freedom

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Hi everyone it's Chris here, I hope you are are all well today with your families and loved ones.


I just wanted to share with you where I am at the moment, this week has been very very difficult from a work perspective and resulted in a bit a crisis of confidence this week.

The result of this was me sat on my couch at 3:15am because I just could not sleep at all, my mind was just racing with how lost I felt in general at that moment.


Yesterday I talked about the impartance of a good work life balance, or in my case my work life imbalance and the destructive impacts this can have on your health, your general well being and the impact on those closest to you, friends, wives, children etc.

My current work life imbalance is affecting me in many ways, my body is telling me that I cannot continue this way and my wife has told me categorically that if I continue this way I will be dead by the time I am 50, and she is correct.

So at 3:15am this morning at the height my melancholy I put a post on the undefined members page about where I was at that exact time and how I was feeling, which was lost....

The moment I posted it I regretted it, my expectation was to get a polite response reminding me that this was not the kind of content expected, basically a gentle kick and a telling off.

Then shortly afterwards I got a comment from one of the members that surprised me, she thanked me for being open, honest and basically said HANG ON IN THERE, IT WILL GET BETTER.

The another comment saying the same thing, and another, and another, comments from people I have never met but are part of a likeminded group who are hell bent on taking control of their own time and their future prosperity.

I have been getting comments, support and encouragement from that one post in the early hours of this morning all day and it has totally blown me away.

To be honest I am a pretty shy guy and being a typical British gent we are not prone to letting our feelings show but the response I got confirmed that I am with the right like minded people and that I will succeed.

I know I am not the only person out there who is in a similar type of situation, in fact there are people out there who are in far worse situations than me and probably coping with it a lot better.

My journey with the undefined is in its early stages but from what I have seen and experienced so far I cannot wait for the rest of the journey.

There are 3 key questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Do you want to take control of your own time?
  2. Are you stuck with a work life imbalance?
  3. Do you want to take control of your own future and prosperity?

If the answer to 2 of the 3 questions above is yes then maybe the undefined could help you achieve your goals.

Should your curiosity be aroused and you want to learn a little more then feel free to have a look by accessing the link below at your own leisure.

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I hope you enjoyed this update and see you all soon, it will probably be next week as tomorrow I am off to Rome for a short break with my lovely wife, yooo hooo.


Chris Forster 

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