A Short Story About Time and Money

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A young woman, Mary, beautiful, endearing and every bit as full of life as the brimming youth within her. She had been ready to be a mother for a very long time so when she got pregnant she had already chosen the names of her children, but she was in for a surprise. Much to her joy she gave birth to twins. Two healthy little boys she named Time and Money.


Although Time and Money were twins they were nothing alike. Time was gentle, patient and had an air of wisdom to him that was present even at a very early age. He didn’t seem to be bothered with the pace of the world around him, he lived with joy however he was and with whatever he had indifferent to all the worldly nuances yet he showed care for all that was around him.


Money, on the other hand was boisterous and mischievous, he was always looking for something to claim his own and all that was his was never shared with anyone else. He cared little for his brother, his mother and did what he pleased when he pleased. As selfish as Money was, he was his mother’s favorite. She favored him not because he showed her more affection but he was what she thought everything that a boy should be like. She was proud of his competitive nature and saw his selfish traits as strengths, strengths that she despised Time for not having.


The boys grew up fast, Money left soon as he turned into a young man leaving his family behind to pursue his dreams. Time stayed back, but Mary did not want Time as much as she wanted Money. In some ways she despised Time for the departure of Money.


Time cared for his mother throughout the years, staying by her side through the good and even more so during the tough times. Even though Time was on her side when things got bad, all Mary wanted in those times is to see more of Money but Money nowhere to be found. As time went on, the neglect that Mary showed for her Time piled up. She had disregarded Time for so long that one day even Time decided to pass her by. He left, blessing his mother and praying that she would see more of what she wanted to see, Money.


Years went by Mary got older, her fondness for Money never weakened just as much as her disdain for Time. Her age had started to catch up with her. She could no longer move as she once did, even the mildest of chores became a painful affair. The day came when Mary fell ill, unable to move she became a prisoner in her own bed. Then just as he had disappeared, Money showed up without warning. At first, Mary was ecstatic to see him; more of Money was what she had wanted all her life. But with Money came problems. He had no care for his mother, in fact his intentions were only to take from her whatever she had left.


With days passing her condition got worse. Mary realized that her need for Money had always brought her pain as he was never around, but now when he was abundantly present in her life it brought her even more pain. Money became the source of her misery, she sought affection Money gave her indifference, she sought care Money gave her disdain, she sought peace but all Money could give her was restlessness. In her lonely nights, as she lay in pain she thought of Time, she remembered how much of Time she had when she was healthy and how much she could have done with Time while all she kept seeking was Money. Now, the more she saw Money in her life the more she longed for Time.


As she inched closer to death, Mary could wish for nothing but Time. She realized how much she had taken her Time for granted, constantly choosing Money over Time and forgetting what really mattered. As much as she groaned in agony to have a little more of Time back, she never did. The day Mary died, she went with only one wish in her heart to have seen Time more precious than Money and to value Time for the value it held in her life.       


We all have a little of Mary within us, we seek what is not ours while ignore that is ours, we value what is infinite while disregard which is finite, we create more of less while we are blessed with less of more. Although Mary’s story is fiction it is a recount of countless true stories of our common human condition. When it comes to time and money, we all start with valuing money so much more than time but as life reaches its twilight time has a way of showing itself as the only currency worth saving. What if we lived our lives paying attention to the limited time we have here? Would we live life differently, would we reach more for our dreams, would we create the life we really want. Because in the end, the real end, we may all seek more of Time which Money could never replace.

In the comments below, share what you do that shows you vlaue your time on this planet.

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