Accidents Happen When Least Expected; Online Income Can Save You On Rainy Days

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Have you ever hurt yourself in an accident and had to stop working, while you concentrated on recovering from the injury? If so, it may have made you a bit worried or stressed because you were not able to make income then?

The very thing has happened to me. The very next day after I had written the previous blog, my first blog for this year, I attended a ballet class. I was tired from chronic lack of sleep, but I thought I can use some exercise after being dormant for a week during the year-end, new years holidays. Then, towards the very end of the class, I felt pain in my left knee, couldn't keep standing and fell to the floor.

I went to a clinic and had an X-ray taken; fortunately, my bone was not broken, but the ligament seemed to have been injured. I was provided with a pair of crutches and was to wear a knee supporter. Even with the help of these gears, I was miserably immobile, barely dragging myself at a turtoise pace just to get from point A to point B that was only 500 meters away.


I was devastated of getting hurt in a ballet class, something I had never expected. Furthermore, I was somewhat worried of not being able to fly to Dubai this weekend to attend Dr. Joe Dispenza's Week long Advanced Workshop, which I have been looking forward to since last September; attending Dr. Joe's workshop to finally overcome multiple chemical sensitivity and sensitivity to infrasound so that I can finally start living a LIFE.

Although I was worried, my determination to recover no matter what so that I can make it to the workshop as planned was stronger.

The next day after the injury, I went to receive a massage and chiropratic treatment in hope to get better, even  My knee was aching big time and was not bending at all before the treatment. However, after an hour and a half of treatment, my left knee loosed up a little, and I was able to bend it up to 90 degrees inward, while lying down on my stomach. 


The second day after the injury, I stayed in all day, trying to get as much rest as possible.

The third day after the injury, I felt like I no longer needed crutches. As if to back up my hunch, it started raining before taking off for another massage appointment. Naturally, there was no way for me to hold on to crutches on both sides and use an umbrella at the same time. So I took a chance and decided to leave the crutches behind, relying solely on the knee joint supporter. 

To my pleasant surprise, I was totally fine without them, and made it to the clinic in one piece. Thanks to the seasoned massuese, the field of motion of my left knee expanded significantly. Now, my knee would bend up to 90 degrees. I was also able to keep myself in a reverse table top pose for about 20 seconds, putting my body weight evenly on both feet. 


And today, the fourth day after the injury, my knees almost touched my rear with the help of the massuese, while lying on my stomach, though my knee still hurt a little. By the end of the session, I was able to walk around the room even without wearing the knee support! I did wear it back on, on my way back just in case. I am blessed with the opportunity to experience first-hand, that believing is seeing, instead of seeing is believing. 

Believing Is Seeing

So despite the unexpected and rather debilitating injury, I am recovering quite rapidly. I am confident that I can depart as scheduled this coming Saturday.

All this while, I was not working, but was not worried because of the sense of security that I am going to be okay, that whatever I need will come to me when needed. This kind of mentality, or the sense of abundance is something that have become almost second nature to me as a result of studying and practicing what I have been learning from the online business education I am taking. 

It not only teaches me the practical skills to literally set up an online business from scracth, but also supports me mentally and emotionally when I am going through tough times. Having access to sincere, dedicated and experienced coaches has been a tremendous help for me. I have much more ways to go before I can truly become financially free relying solely on online business income, but I know that this is going to happen sooner or later, and this faith is what keeps me going no matter what. 

I would like to invite you to check out my website for more information on what I am learning:)

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