Affiliate Marketing Explained

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"You see that guy running to catch his train, all disheveled with coffee cup still in hand?

He's going to be late. Does he actually want to go where he's going or does he think he has to?

If he truly wants to go there, then run like the wind my friend.

If not, then stop, think, there is another way, another life, a digital life!"

After the 2008 crash and subsequent recession, many companies around the world had to down scale their operations in order to survive. Outsourcing aspects of their businesses created  huge savings as large expensive offices were no longer necessary. The digital boom has made this possible on a scale which was inconceivable 20 years ago. Companies  now employ many thousands of experts across the globe at a fraction of the cost and hassle. 

Out of this change grew affiliate marketing. Simply put this is promoting a company's products and services on-line through a variety of mediums and getting paid a commission on completion of a sale. For those of you in the sales industry 'Dah' I here you say. This is what we have been doing for hundreds of years! Absolutely but now you don't have to go anywhere and your market place is approximately 2 billion customers.

Now, like any new industry, there are a lot of idiots and bad employers out there. You need to study to do this effectively just like any other occupation.

By far and away the best in the industry are The Digital Experts Academy. These guys have got this sussed! There are many others out there such as Clickbank for example but they pale into insignificance compared with Jay and Ross's DEA .

As a student I worked in McDonald's, Sainsbury's, on building sites, de da de da de da. Often to the detriment of my studies and I watched as the well off privileged students could go home for holidays and really focus on their education.

Well, with 3 children setting of to Uni over the next few years, I am preparing 3 discreet affiliate marketing businesses for them to operate whilst at university to pay for their maintenance and fees. They will not rack up huge debts and might just come out with a profit!

Again,  DEA or SFM are the best and the company I am using.

Roger Moisan

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