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Day 1 - Alderwind - Reboot My Life

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The "Alderwind Reboot Your Life" podcast:

undefined Hello, fellow life adventurer! David Alderwind here!

Today is Tuesday for me, and I had an idea. Ideas are not new to me. I have projects bigger than I can achieve by myself. I was thinking about you today. I know, that seems a bit odd because I don't know you, but here you are getting to know me. 

This blog is an introduction as part of a 90-day series dedicated to rebooting one's life. I'm doing something a little different this time around as I've started a new scalable business. I mention it because if you are reading this right now most likely the technique I'm currently using myself may be of interest to you and you can explore it and take a "next step" for free. You need a dream and vision bigger than the reason that inspired you to read this.  Keep reading, take the next step (laugh!)

I'll share some action steps for you based on what I did today - as "Day 1".

I know a bit about "rebooting" life. Not quite two years ago today as of the time of this writing I was in a high-speed auto accident which occurred two days after I launched a 30 million dollar fundraising project to begin the process of bringing Domestic Violence to an end. At that moment at 2 am in the morning - everything about my life rebooted.

Three months ago, the woman of my dreams told me that she believes we are not going to make it. Oddly enough she has a concussion too; only she's one year into her recovery. I write this while I am "dream bridging" which is a technique I use when rebooting one's life while keeping a door open to an existing dream while preparing for the reality of a new dream.

That is my present life. Throughout my life I could discuss losing a home to foreclosure, career or business failure, discovering I have health problems, hearing about your daughter "ran away," not to mention the occasional "unexpected" pregnancy. It seems I've become and expert of sorts around rebooting my life. 

I could discuss my Alderwind Rule of 3, and the Pizza/Pie Agreements related to suicide and suicide prevention. I'll be making that information available for free soon. Stay tuned, subscribe, follow - lets stay in touch.  I could discuss now to navigate a foreclosure or financial disasters with peace of mind.  I've helped people save their homes, stay in their home years longer than they were planning all with the intention of rebooting their lives.

I can outline for you how to "fight" a credit card lawsuit by those who bought your debt for pennies on the dollar.

I've spent most of my life being an IT/Business Consultant. I've lived in a million dollar country estate, I've been in the top 2% "career" wage earner status. I learned a thing or two about life and living. I can confirm that "money won't buy you happiness," neither will "poverty" or being "broke." Let's just leave those cliche's alone because I'm more interested in sharing with you how to craft a new life moving forward.

Many people find themselves "out of control" - like being thrown over a cliff, over and over again. I can attest to a principle that until you are "out of control" - you have no need for divine intervention (laugh). I respect all people's beliefs / non-beliefs. Any principles I mention may have a foundation in a belief system from "somewhere" around the world - laugh. Let's agree that it's up to you to validate/invalidate anything that is principle based. My suggestion is to do/try first before judging something one way or another. (I have a whole book about that process which will be written someday!)

One of the first things I'd like you to know is that you are not alone in this life experience.  Let me share a note I sent my soon to be 18 years old youngest son just last night on Facebook.

Background: He had his first "relationship" this last summer. Oddly enough ten days before that relationship we had a "consulting" session about this and hooked him up with some information about dating. He complained, "Dad, I've been on a lot of 1st Dates".

To his surprise, my insights began to him and his "being," which was re-enforced by the training I hooked him up with. 

Note: if you are on a quest to find the relationship, or create/reboot the relationship of your dreams you've come to the right place. I've already done that, and I have updated information to share which I believe will be revolutionary. For now - don't date, focus on getting your life in order which means...getting YOU in order before you make the mistake of rushing into yet another relationship that will cycle you through a familiar pattern that you need to "reset and reboot" moving forward.

Back to my son...I thought he hit a relationship home-run based upon what he was looking for. Then things started to shift a bit. I've told my kids: "in any long term relationship, give yourself three years to test the waters...if you get married, then give another 2 to 3 years BEFORE have any children...only if you and your partner have established yourselves first."

You can get engaged after three months of dating, but have a plan and honor it (or) you'll set yourself up for some of life's most expensive, and heartbreaking experiences which are more painful than you can comprehend.

It turned out that my son's girlfriend appears to be a survivor of some form of domestic violence/abuse. Listen up - almost all of us are undiagnosed survivors, often even witnessing violence or abuse is enough to trigger some deep seeds of issues within us. (Yes, I'll be writing about that over time too.)

A long story shortened, my son made a wise decision and ended the relationship. True to expectation the DV/A virus (Domestic Violence/Abuse virus) reared it's ugly head, and he's been enduring revenge, gas lighting and all sorts of not-so-cool issues which are ever so common today because people are hurting and do not know how to "reboot" their lives.

Perhaps you and I can change the tide of that deeply troubling trend. Are you open to using whatever it is you are going through right now as a springboard to help and teach others how to navigate what you are experiencing?

A thought that changed my life...I've shared this in detail on one of my podcasts, let us just say it seemed that the Universe was suggesting it was time for me to leave the planet.  It's a great story, and I'll have all of that nicely organized soon for you to access easily. The thought that saved my life was "David, everything that you are going through right now will be of service to others later."

Here you are, benefitting from my choice to stick around. What sucks for you right now is if you were contemplating leaving the planet, you now have the idea that is perhaps rebooting your life could be viewed as "on the job training" for helping others.  To late. Idea planted.

Are you still reading this? - Let's me share with you what I shared with my son, remember he's dealing with abusive behaviors from someone he cares about, and who cares about him and things went off the "deep end."

"Love is hard.

Even when someone has hurt you, your anger just masks the love.

Every person you ever feel love for; you will always love them because the nature of Love is eternal.

This is both beautiful and sucks at the same time.

My advice regarding (name removed to protect the not so innocent) is to simply love her knowing all that she is doing this because she is deeply hurting and had a f*****-up life so far.

There's no reason to respond or react to her.

Don't let anger cover your love, instead, let wisdom...that is something you have from this experience.

Adventure in life awaits you in a f*****-up world that has many joys and many hurts.

I can tell you will survive all of the hurts ahead of you!

Your ability to feel the hurt is awesome as it empowers you to feel some of the greatest of life's joys imaginable.

If you establish yourself first before getting intertwined in any relationship, you will bypass some of the most horrific pain and suffering imaginable as well as unnecessary struggles moving forward."

I cleaned it up a bit. This was voice transcribed to him while I was driving home late last night.


Be of service to someone else in need:

- this could be many things. My Day 1 Example:

Today I woke up early to drive a single mom and her daughter to a bus stop. Today was the beginning of my week. I do not like getting up early, but I do it because it feels good to help someone else out.

Today I decided to accept a 90 Day Blogging Challenge on this platform. I spent some time thinking about who YOU are and why you'd choose to read this. Instead of just helping one person...when I publish this I could potentially help 100's of millions of people. Knowing that humbles me a bit, do I dare share my truth with you? Do I?  I dare.  Hey, there is a "MAC Book Pro" as a prize. Contests are fun. I'm not a MAC person, but I noticed the 6 and 7 figure coaches/founders use MAC's...which leads me to:

Be OPEN to change your routine:

If I win the MAC Book Pro, I'll consider it a sign from the Universe to give MAC a spin for my laptop lifestyle revenue streams. I am literally at a coffee shop before my "work" creating this little piece of the digital real estate. What you need to know is I have created a gateway for you tell your story.

By telling your story, you open the door to helping others. By helping others and being of service and value, you open the door to creating a 4, 5, 6, 7 figure revenue stream by simply giving your current life and struggles a little bit of higher purpose than simply experiencing it. The bigger the mess and life challenge you are facing the better the story. The better the story, the bigger the impact on the lives of others. You may not have considered viewing your "problems" that lead you here from that perspective.

You owe me (smile), I'd like you to consider taking on a "scalable" business challenge like I am doing and do it with me. I'll have a link at the bottom of this blog you can visit.

Get your body in motion somehow:

I have a health club membership. It is where I shower, steam, sauna, hot tub, and sometimes do exercise. I am a bit frugal in that I don't pay much for hot water at home, and the money I save I invest in having a healthy environment to go play in from time to time. I'm not a workout person. In need to lose some weight as of the time of this writing.

I read recently that "top performers" in any area of life work out in the mornings. (yuck) I decided to try it since I got an early start in my morning. I didn't push it. I let my body guide me. I have learned my body will want to "push it" when it's ready. For me, this is about getting the habit of getting into the club. 

Today was a rarity as I did it in the morning. Steam, sauna, hot tub and long hot shower after work is a great way to end any day. For me, my day ends at 11:30 pm, and after an hour drive I get home at 1:30 am unless I stop by the club and enjoy a relaxing time, then I get home at 2:30 am. My "job" is not scalable. It's a good job that I enjoy. It is part of my personal business plan. 

MJ DeMarco would suggest I quit it and dive full time into the digital real estate world which is scalable compared to my career. I'm just not open to doing that which is why I've chosen a scalable business platform to build from anywhere in the world.

I have friends in various aspects of medicine, and the healing arts and the consensus are unanimous. You either use your body, or you lose your body's function. (Use it or lose it - in every aspect of living). Do something different today.

It may seem cliche but seriously take the stairs, park at the far end of the parking lot and use an extra couple of minutes walking. When taking a break today, for a walk. Set a timer at work to go off every hour and stand up and do a couple of squats, or stretches - something different today, something that feels good to you and your body. 

Set aside the "no pain, no gain" idea. 90 days from now that may motivate you, but today is day one which is about transforming disruption of your life.

You've been disrupted; you are here to reboot your life! My little suggestions here I want you to do from this day forward. If you miss something, no problem, the next day is a new day, start fresh. Hold the intention; you'll get better over time. Every day becomes a "reboot"!

We can't can't change the circumstances of why you are here. We can change how you approach little habits that will lead to your life trending in an amazing direction.

A wonderful distraction just walked by my table. She's a dirty blond, healthy with awesome boots. The noise of her stride caught my attention. I've mixed feelings about this. I've spent three years of my life practicing "Mental Monogamy" one of my other digital real estate products I am working on publishing.

I mention this because I am "rebuilding" or "re-establishing" and I am of value and bring a lot to a relationship. It is one of the first times in 3 years I have even noticed another woman. This is because I am writing the chapter about how to "unbind" yourself to someone. It is a chapter I was hoping to write a test through helping others instead of my personal experience. 



Try that here: Video Intro - 5 Steps To Success Online - Video Plus Free 7 Day Video Boot Camp)

Right now I am working on mastering driving traffic to my digital real-estate. I'm being coached and am working on a platform that empowers me to learn while I earn. Down the road, I can upgrade my training to include publishing my digital products and creating my systems.

All of this training, coaching, and infrastructure I was able to plug into which was developed by people who specialize in helping people like you and I, to start from zero, reboot our lives and grow into a 6, or 7 figure scalable revenue stream. It's more than just that. It is mastering the skills necessary to be independent of their platform. It has a ten-year track record and is quite impressive.

In early September 2016, the love of my life shared her "truth" with me. She doesn't think we are a good match anymore. The details are irrelevant, what we've navigated together during the last three years has been amazing with both of us having concussions.

It was a curve ball that brutally ripped through my conscious and subconscious like a hollow point 44 magnum round bouncing around inside my mind, body and spirt. I was working six days a week all last month, and I was fully financially vested in my relationship which suddenly simply wasn't anything I could stand on. My "dreams" ended, shattered, broken, blown up. Over the cliff, I went.

I did pray in my way. The essence was "I need something to reboot my life with, something to dig into and take my focus away from this stunningly dark experience." I came across some information like I am going to share with you on the link below. Something about it felt right. I took the next step to explore it.

I can tell you that "dream bridging" really helped me through last month. I can't wait and see what is going to happen before I take action "falling forward" in my life. I can keep the door open to healing and resolution while I prepare for to create a new dream moving forward.

Seriously, if I establish a 6 or 7 figure scalable revenue stream based upon digital real estate assets like this blog posting that will fit nicely into recreating a new life with the woman of my dreams moving forward. I think I know who she is, but she is no longer recognizing me as the man of her dreams, and she's been very clear about that. I'm "bridging" an old life with a new one.

Most people wait for everything to be "right" before diving into something new. I think that is a commoners approach to life in living. I'm turning my life situations into digital real estate products that serve to provide value and help to others; this, in turn, opens an unlimited revenue possibility by inspiring others to do the same.

Wow, you've hung in there. I am honored. Here is your reward. Welcome to Team Alderwind - I know that something here is making sense. I call people like you "Champions" because you are open and willing to hold the intention of helping others, even when perhaps you are the one in need of help. You are a Champion.

Here is your reward - take the next step which I've set up to be free for you:

Video Business Intro - 5 Steps To Success Online - Video Plus Free 7 Day Video Boot Camp)


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Brightest of Blessings to you!

"Neither you nor I can change the world. However, we can change OUR world. If enough of us change our world, the WORLD will change."

- D. Alderwind


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