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Are you satisfied with your life?

This article discusses a life which is not fulfilling due to different reasons and the consequences related to this. It mentions who is mainly responsible for and tries to show that there are ways to gain financial and time freedom. It challenges the reader to take his destiny into his own hands and live a happier and fulfilled life.

Do you sometimes feel that your job neither makes you happy nor fulfilled despite your passion and giving one hundred percent? It has nothing to do with you. Let's say you are a teacher. The education system once planned to create a laborer: a good teacher is potentially exhausting. It didn’t pay well, lacks a clear path for a career. You do not get enough time to socialize with your family, see children grow. Year in and year out you experience a few changes. The school system is not flexible and capable of producing enthusiastic students that excel not only academically, but also creatively those who rely on themselves and are self- employed.


Naturally, you start to be frustrated and disappointed observing this reality. On a personal basis, this is even worse as your efforts do not reward you fairly. You start living a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. You seldom travel and see the world, do not buy things for your kids according to their needs and wishes due to financial constraints. You have neither economic nor time freedom. Continually sacrificing time freedom means lost family moments, not observing children growing up and not be helpful when they need you most. You get a sense of being trapped in and no way out living 30 days billing cycle. You start wondering if that is all life has to offer you. You wonder if you have to wake up in the morning unmotivated with a feeling of loss of control. You hesitate in your capability of taking a radical decision which could enable you to regain interest in your life.

Are you responsible for the problems?

These problems have nothing to do with you. You are brave hard working, loving parent. You hate to tell your children that you can´t afford to buy things they need and ask for due to financial constraints. It is the system that is not supporting you despite your efforts.

Could you do something about it?

You have excellent potential within yourself. You are capable of changing this challenge to your advantage and transform yourself. You just have to do things differently this time. In this digitalized age there are plenty of possibilities. By investing some time in yourself, you could learn and develop skills to build an online business. It is not as difficult as it may seem to be. This measure could help you regain your confidence, retake the time and financial freedom you lost.


There are plenty of help to get started and live your life the way you want and create a more comfortable experience for your family. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. Redeem your rightful place. I was once in the same situation as you and tell you this from my own experience. I took the first steps in this direction, and they lead me to promising successes. If you need to know more and need help, I will be delighted to assist.

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