An alternative to mlm downlines and or traditional network marketing team building

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An alternative to network marketing / 

- avoid the pushy recruiting

Are you in network marketing and getting sick and tired of the traditional downline building techniques?

Freedom Mompreneur by Design

JoAnne, here, and in today's blog, I want to share an alternative to the traditional way of building your network marketing team and or downline where you can avoid the pushy recruiting.

Are you new or not so new to network marketing and struggling to build your downline? You know, what your sponsor may be afraid to tell you is that it's getting harder and harder to build year after year using the old business model/ techniques. And in fact, what I would like to propose to you is that the times of chasing people, cold calling, house parties or networking events are dead.

Now, before I go much further, recognise that these statements might be heresy to some so listen if you still believe in those traditional methods, then totally respect that and honestly this blog post likely isn't for you. 

However, if you are someone who is open minded and perhaps already seeing the signs and are therefore looking to build your business using newer and more effective strategies then I encourage you to read on.

After learning about these new techniques from my mentor Stuart, I had several aha moments and really wished that I had heard and known this sooner. It could have saved me so much pain from people hanging up in my ear to saying some really mean things to me! At least now I'm in the know! 

Now, would you agree that for any business, the lifeblood of it is it's customers and thus our ability to consistently acquire customers is crucial to our success in any business? Great, then you know that to succeed in network marketing, you have to get good at acquiring customers. 

An alternative to mlm downlines

Now, let's think about what's happening in the world today. Ask yourself, when you were looking to plan and book you next vacation? What were some of your first steps? Or perhaps you were looking for a tutor for yourself or a family member in a subject area, what did you do? 9/10, I can guess that you will respond that you searched online or started in some shape or form by going online and perhaps googling what you need. 

You see, times have changed and now more and more people are starting online and doing more and more transactions online from initial research to the actual final purchase of the goods or services they require. 

So, given this, what if I told you that now there is a system that allows you to tap into this trend and avoid the traditional network marketing methods of building your mlm downline so you can build your business AND avoid the rejection, avoid chasing people and or feeling icky after cold calling or prospecting others and having to use pushy sales technique.

What if I told you that this new strategy/ system could really be applied to any home based business. You could reduce the one on one's and facing the uncomfortable sting of rejection that comes with being a network marketer and you could have this system, ie (not you!) completely on auto pilot.

Well, don't take my word for, check out this video from Stuart where he explains in details exactly what is possible.

To your success


JoAnne Mbonigaba, Freedom Mompreneur by Design, passionate about helping moms create a viable digital business so that they can create a plan b or plan a to live a more fulfilling life with more time and options!

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p.s.s: I trust you found value in my blog giving you a little more insight into how you can effectively plug into current trends and have a viable alternative to traditional mlm downline building techniques, avoid feeling crushed or burnt and be attracting people to your business on auto-pilot.