Any of this sound familiar?!


I cracked open my first beer of the evening at about 8pm that night. Having been caught in the all-too-familiar traffic jam on the A27 I calculated it had taken me about 100 minutes to drive home from work. That wasn’t unusual. Still, this was just another Monday night, two or three beers in and I’d feel better and forget all about it, right?

Not this time. I wasn’t sad so to speak (ok, maybe a little), but I didn’t feel like crying or anything like that, I just felt disappointed. The need to anesthetize myself each and every night when I got home from work felt almost like it was because I felt… well, like I’d been lied to. After all, I’d done everything ‘right’. I’d never got in trouble, gone to Uni, got in shed-loads of student debt, done well in my studies and then ended up teaching at the University that I studied at. That’s ‘good’ by societies standards, isn’t it?! I honestly don’t know anymore. In that moment slumped into my sofa, holding a pint size can of Stella like it was my saviour, I begrudgingly called bullsh*t on my current career being a remotely good job.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it, when you have a ‘good’ job, well…. Define ‘good’. Does that mean making just enough money each month so you can numb yourself sufficiently after work each night to temporarily forget about everything that happened that day? Does that mean not sleeping a wink on any Sunday night, laying there in fight or flight mode preparing for the utter nightmare that will inevitably unfold the following day? Well, that’s about all this ‘good’ job gave me.

To make myself feel better I’d always study some form of self-help program or get lost in a ‘Law of attraction’ video at least once a day. I always remember hearing these lines like ‘live life on your own terms’ or ‘take control of your life’, which in principal sounded great, but how exactly the hell do you do it when you work a job you hate around people you can’t stand under a boss who seems to despise you?!

Ok, we’ll answer that in a sec, but first really quickly back to the story. By this point I was probably two or three beers in, the amount of beers in that begins to temporarily lift your mood and have you thinking ambitious thoughts for a second or two. I had a thought running through my head at this point, that people who followed this day-to-day routine I was currently in were sheep, and at that very moment in time I was nothing more than a sheep myself. I remember saying something aloud at that moment;

“How do I do everything the polar opposite way to how everyone else on this treadmill is doing things?”. Little did I realise how powerful a question that would end up being.

Traditional jobs work in the way that you turn up somewhere dressed a certain way, complete the tasks that you are told to complete, go home at night, wake up the next day to do it all again and get paid for your hours of completing tasks at the end of the month. Agreed?! Obviously there are some alternatives to this model as in many sales roles you can up your money that you take each month based on your performance. Either way, we trade our time for money, it’s hard to disagree with that.

So what’s the opposite to that? How can we make money without going through this process of turning up somewhere for the approximate 50 years of our working lives? Well, we live in a digital age, correct? So why not make the computers do the hard work?

Had I have learned this earlier on, I sure as hell would have exited that job within the UK public sector a lot sooner than I did.

Making money online has never been easier than it is today. Question: Have you heard the term ‘affiliate’ thrown around in marketing before? Any idea what it means in the grand scheme of things? Well, it works as follows;


In essence, that’s the long and the short of it. If you are an affiliate, you don’t need to have anything to sell, nor be anything to do with the actual selling of anything.

There is no luck and no maybe in being able to make money as an affiliate, look at the world around you! The biggest store in the world (Amazon) has no products of its own to sell, and has affiliate sellers sell everything on the site. This system is way more profitable for all involved, and outside of Amazon this is becoming the future of Commerce. Why am I telling you this?! Well, because this industry is at the very beginning stages and the future looks very very bright! (Brighter than it does for workers in the UK public sector anyway, ouch).


So what do we do and what is the answer here? In order to learn new skills, we need the right education. With the right education we can set up these systems and have them working for us. In just a sec I’ll give you access to a completely free training series which will fill you in step-by-step on how to do this. But first, let’s be totally honest for a second.

Will you be able to build a six figure side business in a week? No. If you’re at a stage in your life where you believe headlines like that, I highly suggest you go and see someone. However, the affiliate model not only works, it is the world around you. Every minute you spend online you are skating around a rink of sales funnels, all with affiliates sitting there ready to be paid commissions when people click. And moreover, this very system here makes it possible for you to earn high-ticket (big commission) sales. Very high in fact! More on that in the video series…

I know how overwhelming and how far away and distant something like having your own online income stream feels, but consider this for just a sec. Could having an affiliate side business bringing you an online income be something that changes your life? Well, you’d be another one of thousands across the world if so. In this age that we live in now, ‘the laptop life’ is a pretty common thing, and it’s only going to become more so.


Get educated, be around a community of likeminded people on the same journey, put the work in, make some mistakes and test what works and what doesn’t. It’s really as simple and as straight-forward as that.


Technology has changed the world we live in dramatically. Is it about time that you changed with it?


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