Are You Managing Your Time or is it Managing You?

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Do YOU manage your time or does your TIME manage you?

This is a question we need to ponder because even though we think we manage our times it could be the other way around. 

If you are constantly finding yourself short of time in meeting your objectives? You need better Time Management

If you are exhausted and overworked yet feel unaccomplished? You need better Time Management

If you are experiencing burnouts and can't seem to keep up? You need better Time Management

Getting more freedom in life necessarily means getting more effective with your time, because as you manage your time more effectively you have more of it to go around.

Think about it, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and all the greats have TONS of work they need to complete in their day, yet like you and I they also have only 24 hours in their day. How do they get it ALL done? Time Management.

But managing time is not just about getting more productive with your time and getting through checklists, it starts with a vision of how and more importantly WHERE you want to spend your time. Every time you plan your day ask 3 simple yet powerful questions:

1. What is the big picture vision of my life?

2. What do I need to do to move in that direction?

3. Is the work I have assigned myself aligned with my vision?

If the answer to any of these questions is a No then revisit your priorities and take this as an opportunity to ask some tough questions to yourself.

Are you heading in the direction you want in life? Are you living a truly fulfilled life that YOU want to? Have you been struggling with managing time because you are spending time doing tasks you do not want to?

If you need some inspiration watch this short video by Brendon Bruchard about "Simple Time Management" as he gets into the big picture stuff but also the daily planning.

It is important to realize that our time is precious before we do any of this. When I realized this simple fact I valued time more than anything, when I valued time I started to follow my big life visions and goals, when I did that I found I had more time than I thought.
It is very possible to love what you do and all have all the time to do it. Time management could lead you to exploring bigger questions of life that perhaps you had not thought before and if that is the case jump in and ask: What really makes me HAPPY?
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