Attitude Is Everything

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If you had to pick a word from all the thousands of words in the dictionary which would influence your life the most, which would it be? Experts call this word the most important word as far as the results in our lives are concerned. The magic word is Attitude!

It is our attitude towards life which will determine life’s attitude towards us, we shape our own lives and the shapes of them will be measured by our overall attitude.

Attitude is the foundation of success, the very starting point of all achievements. If our overall attitude towards life is good, we will obtain good results. If our attitude towards life is just ‘so so’ we will live in a world that’s not particularly bad nor particularly good just average. However if our general attitude towards life is Excellent, the chances are our thought vibrations are predominantly on a positive frequency which means we expect good luck more often than bad. Our results in life are a reflection of our overall attitude.

We determine our attitude when we get up in the morning and set out for a new day, and our days all the years of our lives will usually reflect and give us back what we really expect.

Attitude controls our environment and our entire world from the occupation we choose to work in from the people and relationships we choose to be a part of.

Our attitude will determine how successful we are at whatever we working towards.

If you have a poor attitude towards learning and feel you already know enough from your schooling or college education the chances are you aren’t going to have anything more than your already getting.

Ignorance is the one thing which causes problems for most people in the world, simply not knowing and believing that we already know enough but our results would show something completely different.

A good attitude starts with accepting yourself for who you are and believing you are exactly where you are in life because of the dominating thoughts which have got you here.


Winning attitude -

Our attitude will determine if we’re lucky or not. One of the most frustrating things is seeing the same person win time and time again and wondering how on earth it is possible. Well let me tell you my friend it’s not incidental! Winning requires a winning expectant attitude, those who win consistently expect to win despite the competition they may be up against they aren’t in it for average results, they know exactly what they want and they know they are going to get it, it is definite goal.

Losing attitude -

However if you are somebody who goes through life living defensively, crying out to what appears to be a cruel world, blaming people, circumstances and the economy for your misfortune, the chances are you aren’t going to have a great deal of good luck throughout your life.

You’ll find a lot of people using the term ‘its just my kind of luck’ or ‘its just the way it is’, indicating that their luck is generally bad that they expect the worst. This defeated attitude towards life is the reason why people continue getting the results they don’t want. Just remember - we tend to get what we really expect from life.

Where’s your attitude at?

Do you feel the world is treating you bad?

If your answer is a quick YES your attitude is GOOD. If your answer is NO then your attitude is BAD. If your having trouble deciding your attitude is probably AVERAGE.

How can my attitude be altered?

- Firstly What is goal/life purpose?

- Secondly Get an idea of the kind of lifestyle you want to live, where do you want to live? what do you want to own? What industry do you wish to be a part of? What kind of relationships do you want?

- Thirdly Get an idea of the kind of person you would like to become from an attitude standpoint once your goal has been reached, write down all the qualities you wish to possess as a person.

- Forth Do not let people or circumstances control how you feel. There are going to times in life when you feel like giving up but this is usually a sign that you are on the right track and must persist.

There are also going to be a lot of pessimistic people who will try and bring you down and tell you its not possible but do not let their limiting beliefs effect your attitude. Keep it good at all time and be the optimist.

Respond to situations rather than react to them. If somebody says something that you don’t agree with that may even upset you, don’t let their poor attitudes effect yours, shrug it off and let it go. Reacting to a situation means that the person or situation has control of the way you feel and can sometimes be destructive and influence the subconscious mind which becomes habitual to negative emotions. Start getting in the habit of responding rather than reacting to people and situations.

- Finally Start acting like the person you will be once your goal has been achieved from an attitude standpoint. Walk, talk and conduct yourself with the attitude that you are already in possession of the good that you desire and start believing it.

‘The greatest discovery of my generation is that humans beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes’                                                                                         William James

Raise your level of awareness and begin focusing on having a good attitude towards every situation in life. It may seem difficult at first if you have always expected bad luck, you may feel sceptical at times but I promise you everything you have ever wanted to come about is already a inside of you. Whether you choose to continue working a 9 to 5 job which doesn’t serve you as you hoped or given you fulfilment you desire. There are many way to change your life and all starts with a positive mental attitude.

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