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There was a time when I had more time for myself, my friends and especially for my family because I was unemployed, doing nothing that time, but having had all this time, I was still not happy. Why? Because there was no improvement in my life. My family, was broke and I couldn't do the things that I love.  That is, be able to travel around the world on holidays with my family. And achieve all my set goals.

I then decided to search for a new job because i was told several times that time is money. That means as long as I stay home doing nothing, I will get nothing so i searched for a new job and got one. Sooner after i started this new job, I started finding it much harder to motivate myself to actually work.  Why? because there is bullying, stress, discrimination and time restricting. Even some of the holidays I booked do get turned down by the company and I have to work 60 hours a week.

This made me feels more unhappy, unfulfilled, sad, and even more like a slave. I wish I could stop going to work but I couldn't because there were bills to pay. How do I set myself free from this situatuion? Though I were making enough money to feed my family and pay bills, I sitll wasn't happy with my job. I always knew there was something out there I could do to have both time and money. Whereby I could also have quality time with my family especially my 8 months old daugther.

So I started browsing the internet and I came across a group called SFM, I read briefly about them then got offline. A few days later while i was still searching, I came across an advert which was about the same group SFM and this time, I decided to try it but when I got in, it wasn't a mather of just trying. On the contrary, they rather inspired, empowered, taught, mentored and trained me to become an online entreprenuer. NOW I AM ON MY JOURNEY TO ACHIEVING AND FULFILLING MY VISIONS AND PURPOSE.

Even though I haven't quit my job yet, I am able reduce the hours to 16 hours a week. I now have most of my time back with my family as well as my business online is working for me. Dear reader if you are also experencing same or want to set up an online business, then I RECOMMEND you click on the banner below to get started.

Thank you for making time to read. Watch out for my next post. GOD BLESS YOU.       


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