Best 7 Tips on How to Get More Readers For Your Blog

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Have you been writing amazing blog posts yet you feel like your talking to dead air?

How to promote your blog to get more blog readers Well, JoAnne here and in today's blog post I want to share 7 sure fire ways to get more traffic to your blog.

What spurred me to write this blog post today, was a conversation with my six figure blog mentor and coach that I'll share the snippet below. The bottom line is if you are new to blogging and looking to be successful you have to spend just as much or more time promoting and or syndicating your content as you do writing your content. Here is chat with my mentor where he explains why:

Okay, so let's get started, now before I get into the details and give you clear keys to success with each of these tips, let me quickly summarise below these best 7 ways to attract more traffic to your content.

The Best 7 Tips on How to Get More Readers For Your Blog:

  1. Make a guest appearance on someone else's blog
  2. Network with others digitally
  3. Advertise your blog ( there are free and paid strategies here!)
  4. Leverage Social Media
  5. Create Viral Content
  6. Search Engine Optimise Your Content
  7. Create Good Titles

So let's look at each of these strategies to get more traffic for your blog in more detail.

Make a Guest Appearance on Someone's Else's Blog

Guest Blog on Another Blog to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

This strategy is particularly valuable for those whose blog is new as it allows you to showcase yourself to an existing audience on someone else's established blog as a guest blogger.Usually, when you are a guest blogger, you are allowed to include a byline that links back to your blog. This does two very important things for you: 1) gets you the exposure that helps not only to attract traffic but to build your credibility and 2) create a good backlink to your site.

What are the three keys to succeeding with being a guest blogger?

1) Consider giving your best content away! Wait, hold up, I can hear you saying What!!!! Hear me out! If you are getting zero to little traffic to your blog then how will you be able to best convince a) the other blogger to publish your content and b)their readers to come to your site. There's your ah-ha moment. Now does it make sense? You put out your best bait in the ocean where the fish are swimming to attract them into your pool to populate your "pond".

2)Be very strategic in the blogs you choose to guest blog on. You want to pick blogs that have the right types of readers that would then see value in your content. Also, instead of targeting the A-listers who get like thousands of requests daily for guest blogs, look for those up and comers, those B-listers and reach out to them as you are likely to get more yeses.

3) Guest blog multiple times and on multiple blogs/ sites. It is so often that people do something once and don't get the results and then give up. Well although this may not happen with this strategy, you will get multiples in your results if you do multiple guest posts for the same site as it increases your exposure and reinforces your brand, expertise and authority to those readers. Then do that on a couple of blogs and not only does that allow you to multiply your impact within the readers of that blog that may actually even read both blogs but it also increases your opportunity to get in front of fresh new eyes that then can come over to your blog.

Network with Others Digitally

Network with Other Digitally to great value connections for your blog visibilityHave you ever heard the phrase let your fingers do the walking? Well that's what I'm suggesting here, with the beauty of technology, rather than going out to network with people physically, look around online to connect with like-minded communities to make your blog more visible.

Simple strategies in this area are:

  • commenting on other blogs or articles with a link back to your blog (at your discretion)
  • answering comments on your blogs 
  • emailing other bloggers about your content that you think might interest them
  • email and introduce yourself to other bloggers in your niche or in complimentary niche's
  • link up to others in your niche
  • link to your own blogs in your blog
  • participate in other blogging projects, challenges, forums and groups

What are the three keys to succeeding with your digital networking?

1) Be prepared to give more than you expect to receive:- Have you been a member of those facebook groups where people share their content yet no one actually goes and reads or comments on the content. Therefore, people are just in effect spamming the group wall. Well, be that person that does different! Yes, still share your content but also look for bloggers whose content complements yours or is in the same niche as yours and make a point to go read, comment and socially share their content as well as give them any valuable feedback that you can.

2) Have an elevator pitch: - people's attention span are getting shorter and shorter these days so be ready and able to communicate what your blog is about and why someone would partner with you in an interesting soundbite.

3) Look for win:win scenarios: - As you let your fingers do the walking and you connect with other content creators, look for potentials for win:win partnerships. So for example, you may connect with someone in your niche that does amazing photos or infographics, perhaps you can partner to do a series that would benefit both of you.

Advertise Your Blog

Looking to attract traffic to your blog? How about a virtual billboard?There are several ways to get the word out about your blog through advertising, both paid and free. For example, there are sites like Ibotoolbox where you could earn points free daily and then use them to place a banner ad announcing about a recent and relevant blog post on your blog to the IBO toolbox community. I talk more about IBO Toolbox in my blog on My Top 3 Social Networking Sites for Entrepreneurs.

Advertising, if done correctly can then also move into more of an organic reach and growth in your blog post visibility with for example promoted posts on Facebook. Other sources of advertising could be Bing ads (they give a $100 credit for new accounts so your first $100 spent is on them), Google AdWords (they also sometimes give credits for new accounts, I got a $75 credit when I first started with them, you may have to call to get it now), Press Releases, Submitting your blog to indexes and directories or StumbleUpon Advertising.

What are the three keys to succeeding with your blog advertising?

1) Instead of pointing the ad directly to the home page of your blog, point to a landing page or a lead capture page which offers a lead magnet in exchange for that individual giving you their email address. Some people do this as a pop-up or overlay on the actual blog post. Execute this in whichever fashion resonates with you, however, pointing people to a landing page increases your opportunity to collect their information and thereby add them to your blog subscribers.

2) Congruency and relevancy are key- when writing an ad for your blog ensure that the messaging in your ad is congruent with the content that people will click through and see. Particularly if you do take them to a landing page where you would like them to take action and enter their email address. If your content isn't congruent with the original ad, you will end up getting a low ROI on your advertising investment because your actual viewers that stay around might be minimal.

3) Track, track, track! If you do end up spending time, money or both to advertise your blog, be sure to keep a regular tab or track of your results. Most importantly, use those insights to switch around your advertising spend to ensure you are getting the most return for your spend. 

Leverage Social Media

How to increase traffic to your blog with social mediaDo you agree that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a haven for traffic? If so, plug into these existing traffic geysers and share your content to attract traffic to your blog. I often do short videos on Youtube, sharing some highlights from my blog post and then inviting viewers who want all the goods to come to read the full blog. There are many different strategies and sites that you can leverage. 

In summary, there are two key types of social media sites that you will want to leverage, a) social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and b) social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Pocket.You want to be sure that in your strategy, you are covering both types of social media sites.

What are the three keys to succeeding with your social media reach?

1) Avoid being the posting ghost by sharing in groups and then disappearing, instead, participate and please with actual valuable comments and feedback besides "great job" and "good post".

2)Learn and respect the rules and culture of each social medium. Before going crazy and sharing your content, take the time to get a lay of the land and review any rules associated with the platform and or subsection of the platform before sallying forth. This can save you from putting your foot in your mouth plus give you more results for the time you invest.

3)Have a posting schedule that incorporates resharing on the same platform. So for example, you may share your blog today at 9 am, tomorrow at 4 pm and then next week at midday. This will allow you to likely get in front of different audiences and or get someone who meant to read it on the first share finally clicking through and reading it. Note that I spaced out my shares in my examples as you want to avoid spamming.

Viral Content

Attract more views of your blog with viral contentI know that on first blush, this might appear difficult. You might be saying, JoAnne, I'm new to online, won't making viral content be super difficult. Well not necessarily. I actually covered this topic in an older blog post specific to videos, even if you aren't doing videos, I encourage you to take a read through and glean some pointers from How to Make Your Video Go Viral.

Also, really consider what you would define as viral for yourself at the stage you are at, it may be a much smaller number than the millions of views that some other leading blogger might get when they go viral. 

What are the three keys to succeeding with viral content?

1) Take the time to analyse existing viral content in your niche. Look at the titles, structure, content, length etc and then define what you believe the formula was for their success then duplicate it in your own style and words. 

2) Consider how you could piggy back off of existing viral content. We see this a lot on Youtube when people record videos of them responding to or discussing viral content. 

3)Avoid getting caught up in trying to go viral. Remember at the end of the day, you want to attract quality traffic so although it will definitely be a boon to have a couple pieces of viral content, what really will give you long term success is consistent quality content.

Search Engine Optimize Your Content

How to increate traffic to your blog through search engine optimization seoIncrease the people that discover and visit your site by structuring your content optimally for search engines to find and crawl it. This includes such things using keywords strategically throughout your content in titles and in paragraphs, naming all the images in your blog post with relevant keywords for your article.

You want to ask yourself, when people are looking for content such as I will share in this blog post, what are they typing into google, yahoo and or other search engines and be sure to include those phrases logically and prominently in your blog.

What are the three keys to succeeding with seo in your blogging?

1) Focus on long tail keywords- These are keyword phrases that are traditionally 3 words or more. This is particularly important if your blog is new,. Focusing on longer keywords would be where there is less competitive for you to rank and therefore be visible for. I did an entire video training series of on keyword research and application. Check out my Keyword Research Playlist on Youtube for more guidance.

2)Avoid overstuffing and instead use keywords logically and reasonably in your content. The Search Engines are getting more and more refined so people who stuff keywords phrases illogically in their content actaully get penalized. Don't be that person.

3) Go for low hanging fruit at first. Even with your long tail keywords, you want to focus on ones that have average to low traffic starting out so rather than focus on a long tail keyword that has over 100,000 views that might attract thousands of newbies just like yourself in your niche, focus on 5 that have 10,000 each and do a blog post each targetting one of those 5 phrases.

Create good titles

Attract readers to your blog with attention grabbing blog titles

I know this might seem like a small maybe obvious step for some of you. However, titles are the key to attracting people to read further, to them clicking on your link to see your blog post so spend a few extra minutes crafting a good one. There are several tools to help you do this including Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor

What are the three keys to succeeding with seo in your blogging?

1) Be Bold and Different: Take a look at the blog titles of other similar content and see how you can make yourself standout by being unique. If you know you really put together an exellent blog, then be bold enough to declar that in the title!

2) Consider adding humour or a hook: Consider adding a question or something that would cause the person to want to know the answer or more that can be found in the blog post. Also humour is also a great tool to attract people to your blogs. I remember seeing a blog post recently that said- How to Improve Your Blog Posts (because, really you know they suck ). I don't know about you but I would click on that title over all the others that I saw any day.

3) Be You: when you craft your title, especially when you are using a blog title generator, consider if is consistent with your style or the style in which you plan to write the blog post. Similar to your advertising, your blog title is like a mini ad for your full blog so ensure it is congruent.

Well, that roundsup the 7 best ways to increase readers and subscribers to your blog. Have you been using some of them successfully? Which one is new to you or for you still to try? Comment below, I'd love to hear your stories.

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To your success


JoAnne Mbonigaba, Freedom Mompreneur by Design, passionate about helping moms create a viable digital business so that they can create a plan b or plan a to live a more fulfilling life with more time and options!

p.s: I trust you found value in my blog giving you the best 7 tips on how to get more readers for your blog, if so subscribe below to be notified of my upcoming blogs.

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