Build Certainty

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Build Certainty

Watching the Brexit drama continuing to unfold (how can you not!) is a reminder of how events outside of our direct control can fundamentally influence our lives.

The best laid plans of companies employing tens of thousands of people are being washed away by decisions taken by political institutions. Certainties for their employees are evaporating.

Brexit is just the most stark example of how external factors can force decisions and subsequent actions. It's very live so we can't help but be focused on it. What it does bring to our attention is that there can always be some external influence on our workplace.

We can be successful in our own position and be earning a good salary. The company can be pleased with what we are doing for them. It can seem a successful partnership, but ultimately an external influence can blow that all away.

There are lots of reasons to consider using your talents to build a lifestyle under your own control. The ideological and political direction of governments and resulting effects on the economy and impacts on even the longest of careers is certainly one to factor in.

It's got to be worth looking at the options

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