Building your Base in Online Marketing

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   Plant the Seed

I understand the training from SFM mentors now when starting out in the online marketing journey. Being one of the new guys in the market I have been taking in alot of information and trying to apply it in building a following. This field will definitely test you as a person in several different ways.

   I place my first ad afew days ago which was a exciting moment for me to see if I had what it takes to make aliving in this online marketing world. Reminding myself not to get discourage but to learn from what happens over that time frame.


   Even though it may sound like a cliche I found my victory throughout the process. I reached a huge market learning their age , area, and that men seem to like my message more than women from that particular ad.

   Increased the views to my landing page alot quicker then the process was taking starting out which showed me that I can make it in this new journey of my life. The biggest lesson learned now and going foward is now to master conversion rates of those website visits now. 

   With all of that being said my advice is to please invest in yourself , learn from that process, and share the wealth. Never stop the learning process also whatever it maybe. My mentors and community truly help you emotionally , knowledge, and experience in this marketing world. CLICK HERE Come experience a group that really wants to see you succeed! 

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