the change in business from 40 to 50

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My life in business from 40-50 was when success started to happen, the company was growing . The company was profitable and our personal life materially got better. This was the time of the 2008 crash and due to the business I was in we benefitted from these market conditions.

3 steps to create more

1) Planning is key to business

You now have your business up and running, your initial start up plan must be to some degree working. Now you need to plan for growth 1- 5 years. Growth comes from sales in some shape or form. Have you planned your sales ? how much do you want to grow this year 1, then 2 etc ? The most important step have you wrote these plans down ? It is vital for any business to write down your plan or goals. When you have decided your goals then you can formulate what you need to do. How many more sales do you need ? which equates to how many more customers you need.

2) Keep working towards the plan

Once you have your plan you now need to take action, persistently and consistently. Income producing activity on a daily basis is so important. Therefore now you have your plan of how to increase your business you need to take action , break down what you need to do daily to achieve the growth you are looking for. Do you need to invest profit in staff or equipment ? are the market conditions good to invest ? in other words are you confident of the market you are in will give you a return on your investment ? and by so doing are you giving your customers real value ? and helping them to achieve something they want from your business ? IF NOT CHANGE YOUR DIRECTION

3) bumps in the road to watch for

Keep a constant eye on your market , do you live eat and breath your market ? do you understand it, the trends up and down ? if the answer is NO then you need to get this knowledge you cannot guarantee success on hoping you have got it right !! Knowledge is a key ingredient, just listen to the most successful business people talking they understand their market, their products and their customer base DO YOU !!  

I will be posting further blogs to follow on with this information to look at where we go from the questions posed today. Blogging is my new passion, I have fun coupled with happiness and fulfilment.  

I want to thank you for reading my blog, would you please share like and comment. 

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