Calling online marketers 2020: Why Convertri landing pages are cuter than a kitten. or...The top 5 reasons why I am in love with Convertri.

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Right, I am going to just go for this.

I want to get it off my chest.

I want to tell you a secret I’ve been carrying around with me for months…undefined

... I just want to get it out there…it is cuter than the cutest of kittens...

I ruddy well love

Convertri! (a landing page builder...but much more)

yes maybe i am a bit sad, but it is true. 

As an online digital marketer and new to this world of marketing, all that building of landing pages and thank you pages, I was a bit flummoxed about what to use as my platform.

I did some research and thought…

Do I go for the well-known ones….?

I’ve heard of the famous ones like ClickFunnels (for me way too expensive) and Leadpages (Cheaper but not as flexible and easy to use),

but they didn’t offer me what I wanted.

I wanted easy to use, simple to build lead pages and thank you pages.


I wanted to pay less monthly, than some of the other main companies but still, have a cracking good system that loads fast and makes life, a bit easier for me.

As we know loading fast is one way to ensure that your leads convert quicker.

Who wants to wait around longer than a few seconds for a webpage to load?


Then by chance, I was recommended an agency called Convertri, by my academy mentor Stuart Ross.

Stuart said this particular platform was one of the best on the market and he was so stoked (made up, ecstatic for non-UK people) by this landing page builder he was using it within his own company Digital Business Lounge

So, I took a look and I was totally bowled over.

So I thought, why not share that, take it out there to help other poor sods like me floundering in the dark, trying to get ahead with stuff that isn't any good.


So matey' are my top five, great things about Convertri and why this is a great landing page builder.

I'll try and balance this out, as after all nothing is perfect, but so far I haven't found anything I want to improve.

“Heh, Jeff is this builder expensive?”

Price is important after all.

I'd say Convertri is middle of the road on price.

You might as well know before you read any further.

But if you are serious about building great landing pages and having a page which is easy to build and load, then the price is so very worth the hours of not having to stare at a screen and trying to figure out how to build something.

Convertri is so easy, it helps you do everything.

The price is worth it.

Yes, there are cheaper options out there but if you are serious about being an online marketer, then this is worth the money.


Convertri Pricing:

How much you pay is dependent on which package you buy, which really is dependent on what type of business you have.

Personally, I have gone with Pro (see below), I could probably go with Standard and still get everything I want, but I’m future proofing myself, I’m thinking ahead.

Convertri Standard – $59/month

Convertri Pro – $69/month

Convertri Agency – $199/month


What do you get for these prices? Well, see below.


now that is out the way,

the top 5 things about the new love in my life...Convertri

1. Convertri has blistering load times.

Which means you'll have the fastest pages on the internet, giving you better conversions and more profit, for what you are trying to sell.

Why do they load so fast?

Convertri says that it has something called, Accelerated Page Technology.

In simple terms, this something fancy which means it leaves it's competition standing still and a bit sad, crying in the fastness and awe of Convertri's fantastic warp speed like... speedy speed.

At the end of the day, this is something you need to look for in a decent landing page builder.

Slow sales pages kill conversions.

Convertri says that their pages load faster than anything else on the internet.

This makes a big difference.

They also have evidence to show that their pages load within 0.13 of a second when other platforms take about 5 seconds.

‘Every second counts’ as some dodgy UK 80’s game show used to say.

If you have faster page loading times, then you’ll get more leads.

More leads equal more sales.

It is not rocket science, is it?

Going with Convertri as your essential business friend makes total sense.

2. They have a great sales funnel builder!

Wow and let me say it again...


This is what sold it to me.

Hands downs.

For those who don’t know, but if you are reading this more than likely you do. Let me explain.

Basically, it means that Convertri has a place where you can build your sales funnel and visually link it all together, like a mind map.

I love this because when I am building I can see exactly how everything fits together.

You can draw out your funnels as if you were sketching them on a whiteboard.

You can see what you have and the flow of the funnel, I like this visual design, seeing the work I am doing.


You can build any type of funnel you like.

For example, you can go for a Software funnel, Information, Webinars, Affiliate selling and your own products and check out area.

Unlike other funnel builders, you don't need to be all linear about it either (a bit dull and a bit yawn).

No Sir or Madame ...linear it is not!

You can mix things up a bit.

For example, if you have a questionnaire or response type landing page, you can send the person off to bespoke second pages, based on their answer.

Convertri also offers built-in split testing, where you can test out the effectiveness of different funnels. Then adjust sales pages based on the feedback.


You can build in and create multiple up-sell chains to suit any customer based on what you are selling or providing.

Building these funnels feels, (dare I say it), is actually fun, with Convertri.

3.  How you build the actual pages is totally brilliant.

Dependent on which package you go with is dependent on how many free templates you get.

These are a great place to start.


Convertri has really invested their time and money in this area and it shows.

They have different categories of style, for example, Spa type landing pages, Cosmetic industry, technical industry.

You get the idea.

So, if like me you are a novice, then it gives you a great starting point.

Once you are in the template, you can change things around.

Or just create your own from scratch, with loads of free images to choose from.

Convertri also offers a range of cool tools like countdown timers, and 2 step opt-ins for your customers, that other platforms just don’t offer.

They call it an 'Intuitive page builder', which in simple terms means it works for you, it does what YOU want it to do.

As I said before, it is easier than building a web page in WordPress.

And that’s easier than I ever thought it would be.

You can move images and text boxes around on the page, you can line things up easily, so it looks visually attractive.


The sign in boxes talks to your email autoresponders like Aweber or MailChimp.

If you want to change things up a bit, maybe change some text?

Well, you just go in and edit it right there on the page.

If you want to move buttons around, just do it, quickly and easily.

You can build whatever you want.

You can do everything and anything, just drag and drop.

You can create something beautiful.

You have full control over how your page looks.

You pick it up and move it.



Child's play really.

I like simple.

I like easy, so many things we do these days are over complicated.

I felt that when I use Convertri, it looks like they have thought...

‘okay, let's make it simple as we can for our customers, no overcomplicated layout, nothing that will make them stressed, let’s give them easy to use, user-friendly software’.

You get the impression they think….

‘Let’s not show off and show how Tech savvy we are.

Let’s not confuse those non-technical bods and make them call us for help,

let's free them up to just get on and do, what they need and want to do’.

That’s so rare. It's rarer than the rarest of steaks on a Saturday night.

It is why they have my custom.

No, they give us digital marketers a break.

I love Convertri for that.

I just want to say here, for the record…

During all the stuff I’ve been doing online for my business over the past few years, Convertri is like the high school lesson YOU LOVE to love, to go to.

The lesson you never dread turning up for. They don’t give you homework.

There’s no exam.

But you get a kick-ass grade at the end of it.

Some of the other features are the ability to clone the pages you create.

You can clone the landing page and then tweak it for split testing, this saves so much time.


It is so quick as well. creating a landing page can be done really fast.

I took a bit longer at first, when I first started out, a couple of hours because I had longer landing pages and I wanted to get it just right.

But now I can knock one up very quickly.

Within an hour and get it up and working very quickly.

This means that I save time.

Convertri also has a drag-and-drop facility, this means that you don’t need any coding or rigidly fixed templates.

You can build exactly the page layout that you want, not what someone else thinks you should build.

Additionally, Convertri has a page importer which allows you to import a page that you have sitting on another platform so that you do not have to create that page from scratch in Convertri.

That is great news if you have a favourite landing page sitting on an old website or other sales funnel site.

It is recycling your funnels, which is good for saving your time and the environment, actually no, it can't save the environment... I got a bit carried away there. 

Another great feature and if you build web pages, you’ll groan when I say it...”is it Mobile friendly?”

Well yes thank goodness it is!

How many hours have you spent trawling through the mobile version of your webpage, tweaking and adjusting for hours at a time?

With Convertri you do what you need to do for the desktop page, it tells you that you need to look at the mobile-friendly version.


You click on that and with a few small adjustments you have a mobile-friendly version up and running.

Having mobile-friendly pages is so important these days, over 50% of the traffic of the web is on mobile, you want to hit the floor running and not waste time rebuilding a new page just for mobile.


4. You can build Amazing Fast-Loading Websites

If you want a website rather than a landing page, then you can use Convertri.

I tend to have my own websites and then use Convertri to build my landing pages, but you can host the website within Convertri.

Convertri allows you to put multiple pages on a single domain so you can build them into a website for your business that loads like it was already there.

This is so much better for SEO and Google traffic.

Facebook, for example, don’t like us sending traffic straight to a landing page on its own, it is becoming harder to do that.

So, having a website type landing page, that feels like a website, is a major plus.

5. And lots of other cool stuff:

I like the fact that it is so easy to link your WordPress website with Convertri.

You just install a plug-in on your WordPress site and use a URL type link to put into the page you are using and then hey presto, the page automatically links to your website.

This is super Uber, tuber, luber fast too.

For example, when you make changes to your landing pages, you save and publish, within seconds Convertri speaks to your WordPress website and the page uploads and refreshes.


It is no different as far as I can see, than updating and refreshing your pages within WordPress.

You can track your conversion much better with Convertri. They use something called a SnowPlow tracking system.

This means that Convertri gives you the most accurate real-time analytics available.

Better analytics means better data, which means you can adjust landing pages to maximise your conversions and sales.

This powerful online analytics, show you just who is buying and what they are buying.

Essential information for marketers!

Convertri allows you to sell any number of products that you want to because it has an integrated shopping cart.

This function allows you to create 1-click up-sells, set up subscriptions, trials, and even use bump offers to get your funnels working, it's like your own personal shopping assistant.

Some things that could be improved…. are:

You know at this point in time, I can’t think of any really. I really can't, I'm not just saying that.

I’ve been thinking all week about what I would change.

Nope, I can’t.

You let me know in the comments below, what is it that you would change after you’ve had a go yourself.

But you know, I don't think you will find much wrong with it.


Convertri has been going since 2016, so they are a relatively new company, but they’ve moved so fast, they have served over 2 million pages in that time.

They have supported millions of $$££ in sales.

And they consistently release new updates every week.

You get a great informative and often amusing newsletter sent right into your inbox every week with the latest updates and tips. Their customer team are great and respond fast if you have a query.

They are supportive, but not in your face.

They feel very modern in their approach.


As an online digital marketer, I feel that they fit with how I want to work at this time.

They suit not only the newbie just starting out but the very experienced who have been there since the beginning (i.e. My mentor Stuart Ross).

I like them and if I didn’t, well I wouldn’t be spending my money with them or writing this article.

Here is a shot of a page I built. It took me only a short while and in fact, I actually enjoyed doing it.


If you have used WordPress, well it is easier than building a Word press web page and that’s much easier than it was.

I wish all web pages were like this.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself for free.

Take a free trial and see for yourself today.

Click here for your 14 days free TRIAL of Convertri.

A one-time offer just for you, dear reader.

Click now and see for yourself.

Don’t you want to have easier to build and very fast sales funnels?

Yes, well don’t we all?

Have a go and leave your comments below, I’d love to hear them.

If you want to check out more of my articles about being an online digital marketing person, check out my blog

Good luck.

Jeff James.

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