Cause And Effect, Which Side Are You On?

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Have you ever wondered how you ended up exactly where you are right now? The house you live in, your occupation and the kind of people you surround yourself with?

Did you know there are 2 sides of an equation which determines how you live your life, and it’s up to you which side of this equation you wish to follow, the cause or the effect.

I’m sure you have reasons as to why you live the way you do?

Well of course you do, things don’t just happen incidentally, something or someone had influenced you in some way throughout your upbringing and relationships to make certain decisions which have determined the quality of your life.

You once made a subconscious decision at some point in your life to either live life on the cause or the effect …

So which one are you?

Throughout this article, I want to share with you the formula of cause and effect and explain the difference in the way that people behave from both sides of the equations and how to change your state in an instant and get tasks done and avoid procrastination.

What is cause and effect?

The law of Cause and effect is the relationship between actions and events, things that happen where one is the result of the other or others. Whether by man or nature this law still applies. For every cause something occurred for that thing to happen.

e.g. too many people were walking over the wooden bridge at once, so the weight of the people caused the bridge to collapse.

Once we start to understand the concept of this law is when we start to take full control of our lives and start living the way we want.

What if I was to tell you - 'You are the cause of everything that happens in your life' Everything that surrounds you in your environment is what is in harmony of the vibration of thoughts you choose consciously or subconsciously

You choose your thoughts and you decide how you want to live. The quality of your life is going to depend on which side of the equation you predominately follow, the cause or the effect.


95% of people are living their lives on the effect side of the equation. These people choose to blame their misfortunes on people or circumstances.

For example - You quite often hear a lot about children who leave school with poor grades and when they get older they blame their parents, teachers and schools for not having opportunities they may get now days for education. They then live the rest of their lives blaming the things that happened to them in the past and don’t really live the way they want because they choose to let circumstances dictate what happens to them, they have no control of their emotions and choose to react to situations rather than respond.

When you live your life on the effect side of the equation you are essentially living your life as a victim in fear and limiting beliefs. You may find it difficult to make decisions because you fear the unknown. When you fear the unknown it is nothing more than your ignorance which creates that fear, simply not knowing.

Quite often these people tend to hold onto theirs pains and misfortune which stay with them for the rest of their lives, and they do not learn to let go of them.

Our stories are ultimately our emotional baggage which blocks us from getting what we want. We look back at our past results and whatever we fear is the result of something which has affected us at some point throughout our life. E.g. rejection, being bullied, failing to pay bills and ending up with debt, not getting the job that we want.

All our emotional baggage is what stops us doing what we really want, once we identify the things we are afraid of, we start to learn what has caused us such pain and how to overcome them.


On the other hand, 5% of people who live their lives successfully are living on the cause side of the equation, meaning they choose to take responsibility for their actions and don’t blame people or circumstances for their misfortunes.

We can’t guarantee that we are always the cause of everything that happens in our life. however, if from an attitude standpoint we take responsibility as though we are the cause of what happens to us, we can then start to take control of our lives

People who live their lives on the cause side of the equation choose to respond to situations rather than react, they learn to make wise decisions quickly and efficiently. They do not fear the consequences of their actions, they have the courage to take on risk and do not fear failure, they choose to embrace failure rather than see it as defeat. To them failure is only feedback.

When we focus on being on the cause side of the equation we learn to become a leader and begin to influence others. We become more empowered to change our actions and get new results.


Every person on earth is driven by 2 twin forces the desire to move away from pain and the desire to move towards pleasure.

When was the last time you put something off that you know you should have done?

‘I should start exercising and going to the gym more but I don’t have the time’                     (I’m going to use the gym as an example because most of us can relate to it)

Imagine its 6am, you decided the night before you were going to go the gym to work out before heading off to work. You are extremely pumped and enthusiastic the night before, but wake up with a completely different mindset at 6am. You wake up feeling tired and find it difficult wanting to get out of your nice warm bed.

Pain thoughts which lead to procrastination – it’s too cold outside, I’m too tired, its dark outside, I will need to scrape the ice off my car, the gym will be too busy.

Pain thoughts to take action - if I don’t go to the gym I won’t lose weight, if I don’t go to the gym I will become lazier, if I don’t go to the gym my membership is a waste of money, if I don’t go to the gym I won’t live as long.

Pain thoughts should be things to focus on that we do not want to come about which we use to motivate us to take the action, so that it does not have to come to that kind of pain in the future.

Pleasure thoughts to motivate us – If I go to the gym I’m going to feel pumped after, if I go to the gym I’m going to feel more energised, If I go to the gym I am one day closer to getting that 6 pack.

There you have it, a whole load of reasons which will determine whether you take action or not. When we focus predominantly on our pains 90% of the time we procrastinate and put off doing what we know we should do.

Because pain is an emotion which we don’t want to experience, our psychology records it in our mind so that whenever we come across a situation which could potentially lead to that pain again, we instantly tell ourselves why we shouldn’t do it, either consciously or subconsciously. We then start to make excuses for ourselves to put it off.

Such as – I’ll go tomorrow instead, I don’t really have the energy today, I have a lot of work to get done today.

Quite often when we put things off (procrastinate) we are often in a state which is on the effect side of the equation meaning we associate pain to the given task because fear is in control of us. Future pain which we have not experienced is fear. When we focus primarily on pain this is essentially what makes us procrastinate.

Focusing on the right kind of pain such as ‘if I don’t go to the gym I will... ‘we are thinking about all the things that could happen if we don’t take the action. Whilst doing this we can also start to focus on our pleasure outcomes.

Pleasure is the greatest emotion of the mind and ultimately what we want to move towards our entire lives.  When we start to use are imagination we can begin to create an image of kind of pleasurable things we will have if we take action.

Such as – having that HOT summer body for the beach, feeling confident, feeling sexy, inspiring others to get in shape, being a role model and leader.

Using our imagination to focus on the outcome in the future is the most powerful and effective way to avoid procrastination. When we combine the right kind of pains and pleasures together is when we start to become unstoppable. We learn to overcome fear and start to live our lives on the cause side of the equations taking full responsibly for our actions and being in control.

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