Change is inevitable... except from vending machines

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Change is marmite

Whether you're lucky enough to get it from a vending machine or it just happens, change is all around us. It can be something we strive for in ourselves or hope for in others. Change is marmite - you either love it or hate it :)

Change happens

Think about the changes around you over the past 20 years, I remember a time when I had to go to the library to find out information. How many changes did you see coming, or like me, how many snuck up on you? .

The internet has changed everything we do

As Mark Abadi wrote in 11 dramatic ways the world has changed there have been some major changes. In no particular order, here are my top 5:

  1. Buildings are reaching unimaginable heights - Burj Khalifa is an eye watering 828 metres (2,717ft) tall
  2. The internet has changed everything we do - When was the last time you bought something substantial before researching it online?
  3. Social Media rules - I read a headline today "Two YouTubers get married" :)
  4. Mobile phones are almost mandatory - Remember how amazed you were playing Snake? Now you expect your gaming experience to be optimised for your smartphone. Oh and you want to make the odd voice call :)
  5. Self driving cars are here (at last) - Still in its infancy and despite the sad stories of deaths and injuries involving self driving cars, considering how far we have come from the days when early cars required someone to walk in front of it waving a red flag, I'm optimistic

When change happens

Five years ago I wanted change. I had a loving and supportive family and a job that paid the bills. I had no backup plan, no money in the bank and no idea what to do. At the same time change was happening to me and many others in work: pensions disappearing, doing more with less and pay freezes to name a few.

I decided I would no longer fear change I would master it, after all it was inevitable. I learned how to use and communicate change the right way and started helping others understand and master change offline and online. 

Ask questions about the change

Doesn't matter what it is, where it is or how it's come about. If it affects you - take control.

  • Politely and constructively ask questions if you are not understanding why the change is occuring.
  • Be clear on what's in it for you and others. 
  • Constructively feedback improvements to the change or obstacles you see for the successful change.

Sorry there’s nothing I can do about vending machines :)

This is relevant whether you are working for a boss or yourself; whether you are considering moving to a new role or a new adventure; you work offline or earning online. 

Please join me in my next post ‘Old ways won’t open new doors’ as I share more on how you can master change and help others embrace it.

Thanks for your time.

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