Choices you make...

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Sometimes it's a hard pill to swallow when we get told that our lives are how they are based on all the choices we have made. If we aren't happy or we're having a difficult time it is not easy to hear that actually we have created it. What is really exciting though is that just as we have created it, we also have the power to create something different by thinking differently and making different choices.

I've gotten to the point in my life where I've finally woken up to myself and realised that I have to start doing things differently if I want to create a successful online business.  

I'll give you an example. In February I purchased a ticket to one of the biggest dance festivals in the world and was planning on going with all my friends this weekend for 4 days of well, carnage to be honest. I knew I was going to party hard and totally wipe myself out which I knew would take days and possibly weeks to recover from, putting all the little pieces of my fractured brain and body back together. As much fun as I know I would have had, I knew that going was going to be counter-productive to my goal and my vision. Living that lifestyle ruins all my creative juices, makes me tired, grumpy and unmotivated.

So I was faced with a go and carry on with the same sort of choice I have made for all my life that has gotten me to where I am now, or to just go to Brussels by myself for the weekend, do some writing, work on my business and feel rejuvenated afterwards? Hmmm... Well, seeing as I am sitting here in a coffee shop in Brussels writing this currently you can see I chose option 2. 

You see, I have really realised now how much I want to create a better life for myself and to build my online business. So I know that I have to do things differently and make choices that are going to keep me on my new course. I've adopted a habit before making any decisions now, stop and conciously ask myself 'Is this going to help get me closer to my goal?' If it's not going to keep me going in the right direction I have to think about whether or not it's something I really need to do or perhaps it's time to make a new choice. 

I feel like people, including myself in the past forget to STOP AND THINK about what we are doing. We just become creatures of habit and start running around acting in robot mode based on all our mental patterns and programs that we have created throughout life and from having certain experiences. If we don't become concious and aware of what we are choosing or thinking then we can just continue on the little mouse wheel going around in circles and creating the same situations and reality for the rest of our lives.

Until...WE WAKE UP! Wake up! Think about what you are doing. What do you want? Are the choices you are making helping or hindering your goal or journey in that direction? If they are, then make new choices. 

I've been kidding myself for a long time thinking I could create something different in my life while I was still hanging around with the same people and still doing the same things all the time. I still love and will spend time with my friends of course, but certain areas of my life I need to change if I am really serious about building my business.

Perhaps it's time you looked at your life and what you are thinking about, doing and who you are spending most of your time with. Are these things, people and activities in line with your goal? If not MAKE NEW CHOICES!

With love and your best interests at heart,

Avalon - coming to you from a bustling little coffee shop in Brussels xoxo

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