Collaboration is an agreement

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Working Alone

Being alone means not getting a fresh point of view and not sharing the joys and tribulations of business. There is a solution and that is collaboration. You might be collaborating already in some form, however, you need to get the best you can from any collaboration and know where it is possible to collaborate.

Hand shake colaborate 


I long time ago I found the definition of being in business was an undertaking for a pecuniary profit.

This means in fundamental terms it makes a profit. This might take a while to achieve however with collaboration the time frame between spending money and making money might be reduced.

The Phases

1.       You have an idea

2.       You look at how you provide your product or service

3.       You determine what your product or service will provide a solution too

4.       You identify who you will help with your product or service

5.       You identify where those people hang out and identify any barriers they may have to use your product or service

6.       You look for the strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats that your plan and your competitors are having to supply that market

7.       You maximize strengths minimize weaknesses look for opportunities and develop strategies for threats including dealing with risks including insurance

8.       You find out and comply with the regulation and law of your Government locally, nationwide and globally

Sounds dead easy……… not.


This is where collaboration can assist you. At each of the points above, there are people that can assist you either at a cost or as partners. I found as an example that in this 21st century I have to collaborate with cloud providers for learning software marketing design and hardware. I found that I could not do it alone!


Learning Solution

So I partnered up with an organization that I could earn and learn with. It taught the marketing skills that I needed as well as the tools. I partnered up with a cloud software provider for my accounting business as well. Both of those give me residual income.! I have also partnered with others for specific jobs and that has enabled me to thrive!


So collaboration it is worth a second look! and for a free offer for learning and learning click!



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