Consistency is Key...and Here's Why

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If you pick a random group of people and ask them what they think is the main key to success, chances are this old chestnut will appear high on the list: work hard.

Now that's not exactly the wrong answer. After all, there are people who have achieved success in one form or another by working their butts off. But if you were to ask the same question to a group of people who, say, have already achieved much in the business world, you can bet your bottom dollar that the majority of them will answer this instead: consistency.

Believe it or not, working hard is the easy part. It can get the job done at some point, but in and of itself, it's not always going to propel your business to sustainable success. Consistency sounds like a simple concept, but it is actually the most difficult to pull off. But if you apply consistency across all facets of your business, most probably the rewards will be more than you imagined.

undefinedWhy is consistency in business so important?

The best thing about consistency is that it provides you the benefits of accumulated work. There's a certain comfort in knowing that all the work you do, from the most menial to the most strategic, all add up to something.

Of course, there will be times when putting in the hours doesn't give you the desired results. That's perfectly fine. Because guess what? Consistency doesn't require perfection. It only requires that you stay committed to doing what you've set out to do. Want to increase the visibility of your brand through blog posts? Decide on a publishing schedule and stick to it. Thinking of launching an email campaign? Send those emails and respond accordingly to every feedback that comes your way. Don't quit at the first sign of trouble. As long as you know you're using a well-organized and well-thought-out strategy, good things are bound to happen, even if they don't come as quickly as you expected.

Now let's get to the specifics on how consistency can work wonders for your business.

undefinedIt provides an accurate benchmark with which to assess strategy and track progress

Consistently putting in the work – be it blog posts, email campaigns, or banner ads – provides you with the relevant data which you can study and assess in order to determine if your overall strategy is working. If you spend an inordinate amount of time goofing off, you won't have consistent enough data required to track your progress and figure out the tweaks needed to generate reliable output.

Increases and maintains brand visibility

For any brand to stay relevant, it needs to make a steady flow of information available to both potential and existing customers. This means you have to put out blog entries, newsletters, ads, etc. on a regular basis. If your brand is represented across a wide variety of social platforms, customers will trust that they can always go to you if they're ever in need of your products and services. If they spot irregularities in how you present your brand, customers will almost always go somewhere else.

Creates momentum for your business

This brings us back to the idea of accumulated work. The great thing with consistency is that it puts your business in a position where it can only build on itself. If you stick to your core strategies and are undefinedintuitive enough to make the necessary tweaks that can help your business adapt to the ever changing times, then the only direction for your business to move is forward.

Promotes customer engagement

According to a Forbes Insights study called Customer Engagement: The Best of the Best, the biggest companies around the world have built their marketing strategies with customers being the main focus. By using every tool and platform at their disposal, these companies maintained a steady engagement with consumers. Many of us don't have the financial resources to keep up with these big companies, but the study provides undeniable proof that customer engagement is an essential element in maintaining and growing a business.

Consistency requires discipline, commitment, and careful planning. As stated, it's not easy. If it was, then everyone would be successful. But then again, no one starts a business venture just to be a part of the pack.

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