Contemporary Woman

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Who is the modern woman, and is she happy?

Greetings to you all women out there, I salute each and every one of you. You are the bold diligent enthusiastic busy members of our modern society, you need to be recognised every day for your hard work.

The woman of twenty-first century is this dynamic being who is using all her resources to have a good life. She will challenge all traditional boundaries, and defy easy she would not accept less.

Being a woman I resonate with you, my pain and distress are the same as yours. I work hard and push all my limits to live a quality life. Recently though, I made big changes in my life.I want to share my story with you hoping that I inspire you. You diserve to be happy and fulfilled.

I will start my story from the top. I am a mother of three working full time as an accountant; I have a busy stressful lifestyle, rushing always, my husband is not there for me whenever I need him. In addition to my career, I take care of my household and childcare responsabilities. Last April I got sick my body was not capable to take any more. I decided to take some time off from my work, I asked my boss for a sick leave. I was suffering from severe anxiety, depression, burnout, I was hurting extremely. Four months later my wish was granted to me . I can’t forget my last day at work. Something inside me did not want to leave that place, I loved my job so much, I had nice relationship with my colleagues, and my boss was kind and understanding. I felt defeated, underachieved, guilty and scared.

The first couple months were very hard, full rest, and a mix of anti-depressants where not doing any good. It took quite some time before my body fairly responded and let go of the stress.

Whilst I was home resting lots if self-work took place. I started to reflect on what got me there, what was I missing. One of those days, our cousin from Dubai reached out, he told me about the SFM, the business module that he found on line, he made 7000$ within the first month. I was very sceptical and disbeliever , so I used all the excuses out there not to embark. Three months later something inside me couldn’t just forget the SFM, so I decided to give it a try. My excuse was if he made money out of it, why shouldn’t I. I got so much personal development out of it, that I did not expect at all. Today, my perception of things is completeley changed, my mind set, the way I look to energy of money. I am a different person on so many levels. I found my purpose, and I recognise my core values. Time is not an issue for me anymore. I started my online business; where I make passive income that runs for me even when I am asleep. I choose my work schedule and vacation time, I avoid traffic and save time and gaz money. I am fulfilled.

When you decide to make a change you need to take a risk if you don’t risk it you won’t grow, without the change you will certainly miss out. The golden opportunity is there you need to grab it.

The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.  
Mark Zuckerberg
I wish that my article inspired you. Find courage and change your life. Be happy.

From my heart to yours, love and regards.

Have a good life!

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